December 2008

Working on my Birthday

I turned 28 last 18 December 2008. . .

How I celebrated it??


I have not been able to work for 4 consecutive days. Attended a Christmas party, participated in a 2-day bazaar, and went to Duty Free Philippines. With too much things to do, and a lot of pending works, I had no choice but to work on my birthday.

I worked the whole day, full-time, was able to finish resolving the IPs and research the contact information of each company.

I am still working on the beverage list, I am now on Victoria, but still updating the Queensland list

I still need to update the online store for the new products needed to be uploaded.

I need to finish these by the end of the week.

I only have today until tomorrow morning to work on it, I have a birthday party to attend on Sunday

Working on my birthday is not something new to me, I usually don't celebrate it on the day itself (sometimes not at all) as everyone is sooo busy these days, with Christmas less than a week from now.

I just want to thank everyone who remembered me, sent their birthday greetings and wishes for me

I also want to thank my bhebheng for the pre-birthday surprise.

Back to work . . . .

A raise, a Christmas Bonus

Working freelance and at home made me miss a lot of things about working on private companies like
-- having a set of friends who can ruin or brighten up your day at work
-- having lunch or night-outs with these friends
-- bi-monthly salary
-- company parties like launch parties, christmas parties, etc.
-- and of course the usual 13th month pay and the most awaited Christmas Bonus

For the past two years, I have missed these things already especially just recently when I attended the company party of my Fiance's company and saw everyone really having fun, partying, dancing...

Just recently, I found out that I will be getting a raise on my rate from different buyers and also a Christmas Bonus from two buyers.

A raise is something I am looking forward to, but the bonus? It was definitely an unexpected gift from them.

I didn't know that a bonus exists in the freelance world. . .

Work From Home Advice For Newbies - Some Important Soul-Searching Questions to Consider

I got this article at Ezine

Author: Leon_Lioe

In today's competitive and long working hours environment, more and more people are considering quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and starting their own business from home. While this can be a positive spirit for a person to pursue what he or she really wants in life, it should be carefully thought through. Starting a business working from home is not as easy as it sounds. While I agree that there are many great opportunities around (yes, even during economic downturn) that you can evaluate, the more important factor is to start evaluating ONESELF first!

The first step is to do some self evaluation and soul-searching to better understand yourself before making a final decision to quit your day job and become your own boss. This is a very important step as most self employed or business owners failed not because that the opportunities given are not good enough but rather they are lack of focus and self-discipline.

Only when you are open up and explore your inmost self with honesty, you will know whether working from home is something that is right for you.

Below are some self evaluation tips and soul-searching questions that you need to consider carefully before deciding to quit your day job and work for yourself, especially if you are a newbie and have never ventured in any business opportunity before.

1. What is your personal mission statement in life? As Stephen Covey wrote in his popular book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", the second habit he talks about is "Begin with the End In Mind". He recommends formulating a "personal vision statement" to document one's perception of one's own vision in life. What do you want to accomplish in your life? One effective way to write your personal mission statement is to visualize the day when you die. What do you want your loved ones and friends to say and remember about you? Another approach is to write your own obituary. Without a clear personal mission statement, you will quickly lose focus and direction in your business.

2. Are you self-motivated? Perhaps one of the most crucial qualities for people who are self-employed to succeed. Without self motivation, you will always find yourself putting things off. You won't be able to accomplish anything as there is no one there to motivate you or watch over your shoulder when you're your own boss. So if you are not a self-motivated kind of person, earning money working from home is definitely a NO-NO for you.

3. Are you persistent? Understand that there is no "instant gratification" when you're doing your own business. You won't get a paycheck every month like you do in a 9 to 5 job. Initially, you may need to work very hard for little rewards. If you're not persistent or don't believe in yourself and the business, you will have find yourself given up very quickly. Of course, it is possible to earn good money with a home business but, you need to remember that it will take hard work, time and persistence to achieve success.

4. Are you financially responsible? A very important quality for all business owners. When you're your own boss, you're a CEO, accountant and finance manager. You're responsible in managing and controlling your business budget. When you start making profits, you need to know how to manage it wisely. Often times, you will want to put a portion of your profit back into your business to help it grow and expand further.

5. Are you hungry for success? If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to think and behave like one. Understand that business is not the same as hobby where you can take it lightly. If you treat your business like a hobby, you will never be able to achieve true success. A business needs to be worked at seriously and professionally, you can't allow personal things to get into your business. Remember what the headline in Donald Trump's Apprentice show say? "It's Not Personal - It's Just Business".

These are just few things you need to consider carefully before you start telling yourself that you want to quit your day job and start earning money from home on your own. Make sure you really know what you want to achieve in your life. What is your personal mission in life? Ask yourself some soul-searching questions and answer them honestly. So, take the time to do a thorough and honest self-evaluation first before making a final decision to quit your day job and work from home. Hope this article is useful for you.

Less work, more work

My week starts with less work, and as it ends, more work comes.

Since my time is usually ahead of the buyers, my weekend is usually extended until Monday.

Right now, I am working on transcribing a manual from PDF file to a Word for this buyer, I have worked for 4 chapters already, with an average of 20 pages per chapter with some images.

I just got the next chapter I need to transcribe which is 85 pages long, but I was told to start at the 31st page since the other provider is working on the first few pages of the chapter.

My rate for this is $3.00 per hour, which is good enough since some of the providers working on the same assignment only gets $1.00 or $2.00

My other assignment, is the research of different distributors in Queensland. I am wondering if he needs just the list or he needs it with the website and email. That I have to ask him.

The third assignment, I haven't started on it yet but have been working with him for the past six months, is to submit contents to different social bookmarking sites.

I am still waiting for other assignments from other buyers, hopefully they will give it to me before the end of the week.

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