Less work, more work

My week starts with less work, and as it ends, more work comes.

Since my time is usually ahead of the buyers, my weekend is usually extended until Monday.

Right now, I am working on transcribing a manual from PDF file to a Word for this buyer, I have worked for 4 chapters already, with an average of 20 pages per chapter with some images.

I just got the next chapter I need to transcribe which is 85 pages long, but I was told to start at the 31st page since the other provider is working on the first few pages of the chapter.

My rate for this is $3.00 per hour, which is good enough since some of the providers working on the same assignment only gets $1.00 or $2.00

My other assignment, is the research of different distributors in Queensland. I am wondering if he needs just the list or he needs it with the website and email. That I have to ask him.

The third assignment, I haven't started on it yet but have been working with him for the past six months, is to submit contents to different social bookmarking sites.

I am still waiting for other assignments from other buyers, hopefully they will give it to me before the end of the week.

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