A raise, a Christmas Bonus

Working freelance and at home made me miss a lot of things about working on private companies like
-- having a set of friends who can ruin or brighten up your day at work
-- having lunch or night-outs with these friends
-- bi-monthly salary
-- company parties like launch parties, christmas parties, etc.
-- and of course the usual 13th month pay and the most awaited Christmas Bonus

For the past two years, I have missed these things already especially just recently when I attended the company party of my Fiance's company and saw everyone really having fun, partying, dancing...

Just recently, I found out that I will be getting a raise on my rate from different buyers and also a Christmas Bonus from two buyers.

A raise is something I am looking forward to, but the bonus? It was definitely an unexpected gift from them.

I didn't know that a bonus exists in the freelance world. . .

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