To Our Little Angel

A post from Ayie (my fiancee) for our little angel

From the very beginning I loved you,
As I made plans to hold you and rock you:
You were tiny and helpless as you lay in mom's womb,
But something went wrong and soon you were gone;
My young heart was broken, my tears fell like rain,
I'd never known such heartache and pain.

I wonder who you look like, me or your mom,
Do you have my smile and his eyes?
Would you have been big and tall or tiny and small?
We had dreams for you that reached to the skies.
Thanks to Jesus, I'll see you in heaven.

We'll hold you in heaven someday,
When Our trials on earth pass away;
The angels have rocked you, the Father watches over you,
I know you're waiting for us;
I never could hold you or tell you "Goodbye",
But We'll hold you in heaven someday.

and this one is from me...

You Are My Little Angel,
Up Above In Heaven Now,
I Wish That I Could Hold You,
If Only There Was A Way How...

You Are Still My Little One,
I Keep You In My Heart,
I Know Someday I'll See You,
And We Wont Be Apart...

But Until Then I'll Think Of You,
In The Rain Or Shine,
I Will Keep On Loving You,
You'll Always Be Mine...

So Take Care My Darling,
In Heaven Up Above,
And Until I See You,
I'll Send Up All My Love...

Messages from family and friends

When I got out of the hospital, I posted a new status in my facebook account:


thanks to all my family and friends the d care, support & love you have shown me,ayie and our little angel, for the past 3 days...it would take us some time to cope with what had happened but i know God has another plan for us,a very special one...

to my family (the whole oquindo clan!), never ending talga ang support as always, never fails! love you all! (special mention lang, wlang magtatampo ha!, to my nurse and cuzin toptop, hehe kaht pasaway ako, remained calm habang nagwawala ako sa hospital room, salamt sa pagbabantay maghapon at pag aalaga)...

to the kaladkarins, who cried for us as well with had happened, truly you proved us na true friends kayo, through thick and thin talaga, kahit xmas party natin super txt pa rin para maka-update what's happening na sa kin, walang wifi sa ospital! hehe...

to bes, love you, alam mo na un...

to my other friends, salamat ng marami...

to ayie -- bheng, kaya natin to!! pagsubok lang to! love ka namin ng little angel natin...

to our little angel, we might not be able to see and hold you, we were excited to have you. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! we will miss you! and for sure we'll always think of you...


i received, again, tons of messages. i managed not to cry everytime i receive a message in my inbox, in my facebook wall, or even in my cellphone. here are the messages in my facebook wall.

teary eyed naman ako... yeah, everything happens for a reason. pagaling ka ng husto.

get well soon...

get well soon....

Rachelle Therese
remember that you and ayie still have each other, you have your very loving and supportive family, and we are always here-your friends to stick it out with you no matter what.

pagaling ka kaagad liv, be strong, keep the faith, maybe its not really meant to be , for now...but soon another blessing will come.

love you girl !

Sis, isipin na lang natin, may magandang dahilan bkt nangyari ito. Hndi pa nga cguro ngaun ang right time. Don't lose hope.. At least may real angel na kayo to watch over you. Be strong. We'll pray for you.ingat lagi!

hi ne,hope everything is ok...God has a reason why it happen,be strong...in return youll receive what is real for you and ayie...always here for you. Cheer up!

get well soon livs... intay lang, i'm sure kapag tamang panahon na, another blessing will come sa inyo ni ayie. tc...

be strong and tama god is have a reason for everything... take care!!!

Christine Everth
Hello nene and ayie, we are always here for you. **hugs** to you and ayie. can't say more.. we are very sad too with what happened.

Mae Yu
...Getwellsoon livia...!!!try to have another one...

ingat ka lagi....

Dave Vergel
God will always be there to lead you... God Bless you always...

get well soon Liv, kay nyo yan ni Ayie...may God give both of you the strength...we're all here for both of you...hugs =)

To Ate Ne: HAHAHAHAH!!!! wala un.....NAKADIAPERS KA NAMAN eh..hehehhe

To Ayie: GAwa na lang ulit....Famous line " Di kp pde bumangon Dahil Mahihilo ka" ....

I know that ur little angel will watch over you forever.. Ninang Liv, me and my 2 little angels too .. esp ur inaanak.. we are just here for you.. love you...

Jalysa Miriella
get well soon,ate!


tnx 2 all my family & friends 4 d care,support & luv u have shown me, liv & our little angel,4 d past 3 days....

kay MAMA na kahit na alma naming sobrang kinakabahan eh tawag ng tawag at text ng text kahit maha...l

kay PAPA at kay BOSS na kasama ko ngantay at ngpuyat sa hospital...... See More

kay top na parang nurse at doctor ( on call ) at the same time

sa mga nurses at doctor na ngbigay ng knailang pagaaruga kailanga at pacencya nung panahong kailangan nmin...

sa mga taong ndi nkapunta pero alam nmn nming nandayn lang kc ngpaparamdam nmn

sa mga KALADKARIN......walang kupas na supporta sa amiin MARAMING SALAMAT...each time na kasami nmin kau lalo nyo lang pinapakitang ndi kmi ngkami ng sinasamahan....SOLID

to liv---> bheng tulad ng sinabi ko sau...pagsubok lang ito...as long as we have each other I know kaya nating lagpasan ito...


here are messages in my facebook inbox


ganon pala ang nangyari,really sad dont worry if hat the consequences and complication will happened,lets pray n lang next time everything will be alright, ngat ka lagi, and have rest for the meantime, kain ka mabuti para makabawi ka okk.pagod ka din. pahinga kaw ha, sunod okey na okey na. GOD BLESS.

hi, i saw your post. hope you and ayie will be ok soon. i'll be including you in my prayers. God bless!

I'm so sad for both of you.

I know gusto mo na magka baby matagal na kaya lam ko na super saya mo nung nalaman mo na preggy ka. Si ayie, as far as i know H.S pa lang kami sinasabi nya sakin na ayaw nya magka baby kasi he's scared na matulad sya sa father nya, pero the mere fact na he accepted the responsibility of being a father sa baby nyo, lam ko na yun ang pinakamasayang nangyari sa kanya.. I am truly sad for you, ayie and sa baby nyo.

I can't tell you "I know the feeling so be strong", kasi hindi ako naka experience ng nangyari sa inyo, Pero I know the feeling of loosing someone you love. and it really hurts. All I can say is; embrace the emotions, embrace everything that is happening right now, this is the better way to get over it than pretending to be strong. If you have to cry it out loud, do it.

If there's something I can do, seriously, just ask me. I haven't prayed to God since he took my mom away from me, but tonight i'll ask him to take good care of your little angel.

kmusta ka na? d ko alam yung nangyri sau. nakita ko lng post mo. get well soon. i will pray for your fast recovery and to your little angel. God bless :)


I have already deleted most of the text messages I have received, so I won't be able to post them in here.

I am posting this because I just want to say thank you to everyone. Those messages have kept and helped me to be strong, and made me realize that a lot of people cares for me.

Again, thank you!

Sadness. . .

At the end of October, I found out I was pregnant. I am so happy and so excited. Well, everyone got excited by the time they got to know it. I had my prenatal checkup and my due date is supposed to be the 3rd of July 2010.

Come end of November after my trip to Subic, I had spotting which eventually led to bleeding. I was bed rest for 4 days before the bleeding worsened.

Friday, December 4, I was rushed to the hospital where I was checked, had an ultrasound and all the tests needed to know the reason of the said bleeding. I was supposed to be on my 9th week yet when I had the ultrasound, it was found out that it only measures 4 weeks and there was no fetal pole inside the gestational sac.

After further analysis and tests, my doctor said that it was a blighted ovum. He explained it to me and I also did some research on it after I got out of the hospital

Saturday morning, I was told not to drink or eat anything as advised by my doctor because I will have to go on a Dilation and curettage procedure or also known as D&C, in tagalog it is called "raspa". I really didn't know what it is. All I know at that time is I'm pregnant but no fetus was found. They have to remove the sac so as not to cause any complications on me. I cried for an hour or so until before the procedure. I even refused to go into the operating room and have anesthesia without first seeing my doctor. The procedure lasted for, I guess, only 30 minutes. I was awake the whole time it was done. I stayed at the recovery room for 2 hours before I got transferred back to my hospital room.

When I get back, there were tons of text messages from my friends and family. They have been sending messages the whole day asking me how I am, what I am feeling, sorry for what happened, and all those things. All I can tell them at that time is "I'm sad".

When I got out of the hospital, we (me and my fiancee) have been staying at my parent's house so I can fully rest. A week had already passed, and still I can feel the pain and sadness of losing my first child. I'm trying my best to be strong and to move forward. . . . . . .

"A blighted ovum (also known as “anembryonic pregnancy”) happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Cells develop to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself. A blighted ovum usually occurs within the first trimester before a woman knows she is pregnant. A high level of chromosome abnormalities usually causes a woman’s body to naturally miscarry."

What causes a blighted ovum?

A blighted ovum is the cause of about 50% of first trimester miscarriages and is usually the result of chromosomal problems. A woman’s body recognizes abnormal chromosomes in a fetus and naturally does not try to continue the pregnancy because the fetus will not develop into a normal, healthy baby. This can be caused by abnormal cell division, or poor quality sperm or egg.

What is a D&C Procedure?

D&C, also known as dilation and curettage, is a surgical procedure often performed after a first trimester miscarriage

source: american pregnancy


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Fr Domie Guzman's Message during PCS@97 Mass -- Part 3

We come to the third line:

(3) Strengthening a Community of Peace and Justice

Initiative for goodness, for excellence, for fullness of life – visions of Jesus, Son of God who came to be Son of Man – made relevant today means championing Peace and Justice. These are what everyone prays for… what everyone sees as need and want.

Fellow PACONIANS, listen to what St Paul in the First Reading today wrote: “I am convinced, my brothers and sisters, that you are filled with goodness, that you have complete knowledge…” (Romans 15:14). One book I read which I could not forget is one with the title: “All We Have to Know, We Learned in Kindergarten.” Exactly, what is Peace? What is Justice? What is a Community of Peace and Justice? PCS with its well-rounded Christian education has given us a lot of paradigms – moral standards, religious and Christian thoughts, social norms – that make us see what peace is, what justice is, what community of peace and justice.

PCS@ 97 calls us to recommit to the concrete cause of building communities, being peacemakers and doing justice… at a time when in this country we lament how injustice and corruption are many times initiated and engineered by graduates of prestigious Catholic educational systems!

We just have to let that complete knowledge, that goodness in us flow…

How? This is the big question.

Our Gospel today about Jesus praising the dishonest manager for his plans and actions – I tell you – presented me a problem. How can I link it with the theme of our PCS@97… Sustaining the Mission of Jesus Christ the Son… Strengthening a Community of Peace and Justice!!! What has a dishonest manager in the Gospel to teach us about sustaining Mission… about Strengthening a Community of Peace and Justice?

Jesus solves the problem and gives us the answer. Jesus praised the dishonest manager because although dishonest, he was brave to do everything to save himself, his future. He risk bravely for this.

Yes, St Paul rightly says: “I am convinced you are filled with goodness and complete knowledge.” But what we also need is the boldness to risk – for goodness, for peace, for justice.
Everytime I go home to my parents’ place – in that apartment at Jose F. Nieto Street where I grew up… I pass by that small bridge along Apacible Street… between Leroy Street and the buildings of Justo Lukban Elementary School. That bridge means much to me… because I crossed it 4 times a day every school day… from my parents place to PCS. I could stop there a little to see bancas and small boats passing under the bridge to bring goods to the Paco Market. I was sad seeing the canal disappear… because of shanties that have mushroomed. I wonder whether I would be able to see at least the waters of the canal unhampered by unsightly shanties and a rather unruly crowd of settlers. One Sunday, I went home and I saw: cleaning has begun… someone has got the brave heart to risk… to initiate… and it became possible.

Fellow PACONIANS, this is what PCS @ 97 challenges us: yes, thank we must our God for nobility, for distinction, for history that makes us proud… but forward we must move with brave hearts and clear vision to live what we have learned about Jesus, about his Gospel of goodness, peace and justice… WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO RISK.



Fr Domie Guzman's Message during PCS@97 Mass -- Part 2

The second line of the theme reads on --

(2) Sustaining the Mission of Jesus the Son…

Our celebration of the Eucharist, especially the proclamation of the Word of God, reminds us: our program is not to just to count days and years and say “Yehey… we’ve come this far.” (Tutunga-tunganga… resting on our history… and laurels.)

Jesus’ words from the parable of today echoes and re-echoes: “Give me an account of your service…” These verses from the lessons of God’s Word in our Eucharist bring home to us the familiar lines of our PCS motto: Noblesse Oblige! – Your Nobility, your Dignity is great and great, therefore, is your responsibility.

PCS @ 97, PCS @ 100 less 3… is a call not just to thanks… but to account… to be committed to what makes PACONIAN a dignity. The spirit invites us to also move to commitment.

What commitment?
And what makes being a PACONIAN a dignity?

I revisited and flipped through the pages of the commemorative souvenir edition of “PCS Gazette” that my batch – Batch 1978 – issued during our Silver Jubilee homecoming on December 6, 2003 (6 years ago). I opened my Facebook Account and tried to browse the profiles of my batch mates whom I have reconnected with through the current technology of the internet. From these, came my impression – what makes a PACONIAN a nobility and a dignity:
- Living Faith that makes us believe in God and goodness wherever life brings us
- Dynamic Faith that makes us joyful as we go and shine at our own places of destiny, and corners of competence
- Faith that makes us go for excellence in everything – in family life, career, etc.

This is the Vision and Mission of Jesus the Son: He who is God became Man, Son of God and Son of Man… so that Man may see fullness of life… and he said: “I came that you may have life, life to the full” (Jn 10:10).

PCS @ 97 – starting from the celebration of Jesus’ memory in the Eucharist – reminds us: as Jesus says – DO THIS IN MEMORY – so… LET THE MEMORY OF WHAT IS UNIQUELY PACONIAN LIVE AND BE RELIVED… sustain the mission of Jesus: fullness and excellence of life.

We are called to re-commit…
Like the enterprising manager in the Gospel of today: let not the bad times overwhelm us. Pessimism or Pragmatism is not enough for a true-blooded Paconian!

Like the enterprising manager in the Gospel of Jesus – we should be committed to the initiative of goodness.

... to be continued

Fr Domie Guzman's Message during PCS@97 Mass -- Part 1

From kinder to 4th year high school, I only went to one school, Paco Catholic School.

Last week, my alma mater celebrated its 97th Foundation Day. With it, I want to share the a wonderful homily of Fr. Domie Guzman (PCS Class '78) during the Eucharistic Celebration of PCS Foundation Day last Friday, November 6. Aside from Thanksgiving for PCS@97, he calls on Paconians to come together in 2012 to celebrate PCS@100.

It's rather a long homily so I will be breaking it down into 3 parts. The next 2 parts will be posted in the next 2 days.

PCS @97
Friday , 31th Ord (Yr 1)

Romans 15:14-21
Psalm 98:1, 2-3-4
Luke 16:1-8

One thing I learned in taking exams is that at least not to get “O”… one must follow instructions. When I received the invitation of the Board of Trustees, Msgr Cirilos, the Admin, the Faculty and the Staff of PCS, I read: on the welcome page of the invitation… a three liner theme… the spirit of celebration. So, let me follow instructions and draw my reflections along those three lines.

The first line in the three-liner theme says –

(1) PCS @ 97

What could this probably mean for us?

EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION is how we refer to this first “activity” of Day One in our anniversary program. A common English word that we use in church-oriented circles, this word – we know very well – was Greek. Rooted on “Efkaristein” which means thanksgiving – pasasalamat.


Indeed, there are many things that make all of us offer “Efkaristein” to God this first moment of our two-day program. One, we thank God for the weather. Unpredictable a lot of times and threatening for us who have experienced Typhoon Ondoy, weather this morning (though not entirely pleasant) has made our gathering possible. Two, we thank God for the blessings of health… seeing that a good number of important attendees this morning are not that young! Three, we thank God for the gift of seeing each other – alive. While the month of November is traditionally a month to commemorate those people who have departed (and this year, we include Fr Carlos into that list) , these two days of November (6 and 7)we celebrate Paconians who have come to say: we are alive, we are well, we are doing well.

We gather in thanksgiving this morning, above all, because as the first line of the three-liner theme states: PCS@97. Yes, PCS is 97 years old. This is not just adding another year to PCS history. This is telling us: we are moving ever closer to a countdown to the centennial… yes, PCS is 97 years … and we are just 3 years away from the important landmark: PCS @ 100. 3 more years. So… we say: Thank you, Lord… and as we thank you this morning, we come with the hope and the prayer… may we all – all of us who are here -- come to experience that fullness of time, that great foundation day, the jubilee of all foundation days. May we come 3 years from now to gather and thank you for PCS @100.

This is what makes this morning special
This, I believe, is the first movement of the spirit for us.

....to be continued


While visiting and reading blog posts yesterday, I came through a post about ShortTask.com. Being someone who works at home, I got curious about it and checked the website.

ShorTask.com is based on the idea that there are still many work at home jobs that cannot be fully replaced by technology. There may be many websites that offer online jobs, but it isn't enough, there are still many companies or businesses looking for people to work with them doing short assignments or short tasks.

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This is my trial post for ShortTask. I hope that I would get paid doing this task. If I do, I will be working on their other tasks.

If you are interested, you can register as Solver (someone who do the tasks) or a Seeker (someone looking for someone to do their task) at Shorttask.com

Give in to Giving with 24 Cups with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

My friends and I frequents Starbucks and Coffee Bean every time we meet. There wasn't a time that we don't go to either of these coffee shops after dinner or after movie.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a promo entitled "Give in to Giving with 24 Cups with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf"


Anyone can take part in helping to different advocacies. Every time you complete a ticker card you get to enjoy a Limited Edition The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal.


1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of any Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based, Tea-based beverage qualifies you to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 12 boxes, with corresponding drink assignments. These are as follows:

-- 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large)
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5. Promo period is from November 4, 2009 to January 31, 2010

6. Giving Journals may be claimed all throughout the promo period until 60 days after the promo period has ended.

A notebook for you means your help for others.

The Green Sea Turtle

Being part of WWF-Philippines, I usually get updates in my email and my mail about their projects or anything about the environment. This time, I receive a postcard about the "Green Sea Turtle"


The Green Sea Turtle is one of the few marine species that eats seagrass. Through constant but controlled browsing, they keep grass beds pruned and trim. This encourages new growth and ensures that seagrass beds, vital nurseries for juvenile fish and invertebrates, are kept healthy.

Unfortunately, the Green Sea Turtle might not be around long enough. Their population has dwindled down due to centuries of hunting, land development, marine pollution and accidental fisheries bycatch. It is now classified by both IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) as endangered and is protected by Philippine law. Without the Green Sea Turtles, the marine food chain unravels. And we will have no fish, no food.

WWF has been continuously acting to protect the Green Sea Turtle in the Philippines and throughout Asia Pacific. WWF guards against the hunting and collection of turtles and their eggs in the Turtle Isles, the Philippines' largest sea turtle rookery. WWF also works to reduce accidental turtle bycatch. It was found that simple, inexpensive changes in fishing technology, like convincing tuna long-line fishermen to shift from lethal j-hooks to safer circle hooks, can drastically reduce sea turtle mortality. So far, over 144,000 circle hooks have been deployed, saving many turtle's lives.

Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas, Inc.

Congratulations, you are a Top 25 Provider on oDesk!

I got this email yesterday from Odesk. Good thing I always check my spam folder, if I haven't, I wouldn't have read this email.

Odesk is a a Marketplace and a Workplace. oDesk solves the core challenges faced by online workteams.

If you have read my past posts, I have been working through Odesk for one year and seven months now. I have worked on different assignments already: data entry, market research, project management, link building, image editing, etc.

I am so happy to know that I am one of the Top 25 Virtual Assistant on Odesk.

The email they sent me:


The post at Odesk:


The badges I can post here at my blog or anywhere:


BF asked me what do I get for being part of the Top 25. I said "bragging rights, of course! hehe!" and being a part of it would mean a plus point for my profile, I can land more assignments and projects.

Congatulations to my fellow Filipinos who are also part of the Top 25 Virtual Assistants! Way to go everyone!

Thank you Odesk!

Thank you also to my past and current Buyers who have trusted me to work on their projects and I promise that I will continue doing my best on every project assigned to me.

Top Entrecard Droppers - October

I have been busy and at the same time a bit lazy to post and to drop EC cards lately.
This is to thank the Top Entrecard Droppers for my blog for the month of October.
Thank you for continuously visiting my blog and dropping ECs.
Thank you also for my constant visitors.

1. Jean sQuared - 30 drops - Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever


2. Wirez and Circuitz - 26 drops - computers, internet, technology, gadgets, movie trailers free downloads


3. My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf - 24 drops - Take a look inside my thoughts, my heart and my hobbies. This is me...so sue me.


4. Funky Town Disco Music - 23 drops - Funky Town Disco Music 70s 80s Funky Soul Jazz Pop Music, Old Vinyls Record. If you do not like the usual music, this is the right blog, welcome. Who was born with this music, hardly forget..and others,enjoy.


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A Woman Remembers

7. Grampy and You! - 17 drops - A Christian Grampy Blog. Almost retired finding new projects to do and share.

Grampy and You!

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Big Love Blog

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Funny Roadwork Sign: You'll Never Get To Work on Time

I came across this image earlier and find it really funny.

It's bad enough that roadworks causes too much traffic but seeing this sign would let you think or react in two ways.

a. To get pissed off because you'll be late to the office or

b. You'll just laugh at the sign

Image Source: funnyphotos.net.au

God wants you to know

On this day of your life, Liv,
we believe God wants you to know ... that you are perfect as you are.

God doesn't create faulty life. No. Everything created by God is perfect, and so are you. So stop driving yourself mad with endless ways to improve, and just accept the glory of your being as is.

I'm perfect! Thank you God for making me perfect. :D

Corregidor tour

This is a scheduled post.

By the time, this is posted, I would be at Corregidor with BF and 4 of our friends.

This is my 3rd time to tour Corregidor.

The first time was last year 2000 (I think), it was only a day tour with my family.

The second time was last 2005, overnight vacation with BF.

Now I am back for the 3rd time with friends.

I'll post some pics and some kwento (story) about my tour as soon as I get back.

My Thursday

I started working around 6am, and have been working the whole day. I felt sad and alone at the same time. Working at home sometimes can get you lonely, especially in my case that I am by myself most of the time. Mid afternoon, I was already thinking of asking BF if we could eat dinner at the mall or somewhere as long as its out of the house.

Good thing that my BF's ccompany was one of the major sponsors in the SEIPI 25th Anniversary. So, I went with him to the party slash oktoberfest celebration of SEIPI, he was able to get an extra ticket so I can come with him.

We first had our dinner at Market Market. Yeah, I know, we are going to a party. BF and I usually eat first before going to a party since we don't get to eat a lot when attending parties.
After dinner, we proceeded to NBC Tent where the party is being held. We had a hard time looking for a parking slot so we had to go around the area lots of time, we decided to go around for the last time, and if we can't find one we'll just go home. Fortunately, we saw a car leaving his parking slot.

We then went to the party, there were a lot of attendees, all coming from different companies. NBC Tent was so full last night. The theme of the party was German inspired, the buffet was situated on both sides of the tent, all serving German cuisines. There was also overflowing beer. We got this huge souvenir mug from SEIPI.

We searched for the table reserved for their company, but, we found out his officemates had left already. Maybe they just decided to eat and then go. Haha! Eat and run!

I texted my bestfriend, she was also there, SEIPI was one of their clients. We saw her walking around, and when she saw us, she told us she's already tipsy, we only had a little time to talk. She was ushered by one of her friends in the stage to join the ongoing contest, which was to Yodel! She was the last contestant, I was not surprised that she won, because she was good! After the contest, she went back to where we where standing. We said our goodbyes already as BF and I have no plans to stay since we really don't know most of the people there.

While getting out of the parking lot, I told BF I want to eat at Contis. I have been craving for a Contis' cheesecake for almost 3 weeks already.

He ordered Oreo cheesecake.

I was torn between Mango Bravo, Choco Overload and Oreo Cheesecake as well. Mango Bravo won! It was really good! It was so big, I was not able to eat the whole slice, I had to bring half of it home.


The Safe Players

Last month, I answered a quiz posted at facebook. The quiz was sponsored by Go Nuts Donuts.

The first 350 people to take the quiz will be given GCs.

My quiz result is I am one of

The Safe Players

You like sweets but you do not eat them as much since your afraid that it would ruin your diet.You hesitate to get that piece of donut or another scoop of ice cream but actually, you are dying to get another round of these sweet, delectable treats. You're probably also the type of person that eats sweets if you see that your friends are eating some and it makes you crave for sweets like hell! Go Nuts would like to thank you for answering our quiz. As the "Safe Players," we would like to give you a Gift Certificate to satisfy your hidden sweet cravings. Email us your complete name, address and contact numbers at: godoe@gonutsdonuts.com. ***The GC's would be given to the first 350 people that take this quiz

This morning I received an email from Go Doe informing me that my GC us on its via. They will e sending it via snail mail. I used to love Go Nut Donuts, but had to limit myself from eating too much donuts or sweets lately to lose weight.

But as soon as I get the GC they will be sending, I will definitely use the GC, buy donuts, and eat!

Fitness First Megamall

It's been 2 weeks since my last workout. Yesterday, I decided to do some cardio workout at Fitness First Megamall. It was my first time to try their Megamall branch, as I frequent Fitness First Eastwood (my home gym) and Fitness First Manila.

I gave my ID card to the receptionist and then she gave me an access card for the locker. I asked where is the locker room located since it was my first time in their branch. At first, she did not answer my question, just stared at me. I repeated, and this time she answered, but I was wondering if she really works there, she doesn't know exactly where it is located and she's having a hard time giving me directions. Finally, she just said "diretso, kaliwa" (straight, left). Well! I think I like the one at Fitness First Manila wherein the receptionist even toured me inside the gym, pointing out the facilities, and guiding me until we reach the locker room.

While walking and looking for the locker room, I can feel the stares of trainers, they must be wondering if I really am new there, if I already have a trainer, etc.

Locker room was nice, it was big, with a TV (same as Manila, Eastwood doesn't have a TV inside the locker room), lots of lockers, but the mirrors are limited. The lockers are the electronic version.

Since I have very limited time, I just used the treadmill. Less than 2 minutes, a personal trainer approached me while I was at the treadmill. He began talking to me as if we were close friends and we have known each other for a long time. Same as in Manila, he also offered me free training after my cardio. I declined the offer, as I said, I have limited time. I also made it clear that I already have my own trainer at the Eastwood Branch. Letting them know that you already have a trainer will stop or refrain them from offering you personal training sessions, as long as you don't say that your package is about to expire.

The Megamall branch is a little small. I think if there are a lot of people working out, it gets too crowded. They should have just made the lounge a little smaller to make room for the machines. The machines are placed so close to each other. The area where you could do some abs exercise is too small, I think it can only accommodate 2-3 persons at a time.

I only stayed there for less than an hour, cardio and a quick shower. Staff are friendlier at Eastwood and Manila.

I plan to try Fitness First The Fort, and MOA soon.

What does your name say about you?

"The 21st Century Einstein"

You're not just smart in the brain, but also in your common sence. You always no what to do, and everyone goes to you for answers.
You brain is a big balloon! Not literally! It's full of information. You love learning about things, and you like to read. There's no stopping you in this world. Be who you want!

Einstein? really? hehe

I do have common sense, but for the past few dat I think I might be losing a little bit of the common sense hahaha BF said so! he said i should limit my facebook time especially limit or at least stop playing mafia wars and other games at facebook.

now i wonder, am i really losing a little of my common sense?

First payment from Adgitize

I have signed up at Adgitize since last June. I signed up under my sister Czaroma, of A Woman Remembers. I thought it was like Google Adsense wherein I just need to post the ads on my blog. I was too lazy to read the FAQ so I really don't know how it works, how will I earn, etc.

Middle of last month, while browsing and reading the thread at Girltalk, they were talking about Adgitize. They said, one needs to click on ads, put the RSS url. Curiosity got me, so I login to my Adgitize account, and one by one read the FAQ and Help section. I should have done it earlier. I checked my profile, I did not submit the RSS of my blog, so no points were accumulated for my past posts. Sad!! :(

That day, I submitted the RSS and started clicking as well. I had an average of 200-260 points. I did some research and some said, you need to advertise to be able to earn more. I asked my sister if it's worth it. She said, the advertisment really helped in the increase of blog visitors.

After much thought, I advertised, chose the 1 month advertisement worth $14.00 . I religiously clicked everyday and posted articles, anything I want to post as this is a personal blog. At the end of this month, I calculated my earnings and estimated I will be able to reach payout by mid October.

Earlier, while reading my sister's blog, she posted that she was again paid by Adgitize. I'm so happy for her.

When I login to my account, I checked my current earnings, and was surprised that the status posted as "PAID". What?!? I haven't even reached the minimum payout yet! But when I looked at it again, I was way over the minimum payout. I still don't know how they calculate the earnings, but I am happy that I got paid by Adgitize for the first time. I checked my paypal account, and there it was!! Yey! I am so happy!

Here are my accumulated points starting June


And here's the payment proof

adgitize - 1

Thanks to my sister for introducing Adgitize to me! More power Adgitize!

adgitize - 1

God wants you to know ...

On this day of your life, Liv, we believe God wants you to know ...
that you've been driving yourself too hard lately.

Sure, there is time to invest yourself fully into work, but there is equally important time for joyful resting. And for you, this time is now. What is the absolutely most wonderful little treat you can give yourself? Do it today.

absolutely most wonderful little treat for myself? hmmm . . .

choosing between the 3:

(1) a well-deserved vacation (cuz, w8 for me dyan sa Cebu, week long vacation! yey!!!)

(2) new laptop

(3) shopping galore

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