New Year. . .

It's the second of January 2009, another year had passed.

2008 for me was a mixed of good and bad memories.

Bad because my Daddy Lolo passed away last March.

Good because I was able to get what I want, to work at home. I was able to travel a lot the past year. Going out of town at least once a month except for the latter part of the year, wherein we really have to limit the trips in order to save money.

For this year,
-- more jobs through Odesk
-- more jobs means more earnings for me
-- more jobs means I will learn more from the different assignments given to me
-- study more how to become a very good SEO , I am only starting to learn how it works
-- for me, to learn how to be good blogger or writer

-- be more focused on my work
-- once a month, out of town trip
-- work harder
-- be more patient
-- be a better communicator

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One Response to “New Year. . .”

  1. Hey, best of luck with your blog and your work on oDesk. I'm starting both as well.

    I'm curious - how did you get the 'Hire me on oDesk' link on your blog? I can't find anything on oDesk or Blogspot.



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