February 2009

Not much of a writer

I am not a born writer. I don't even know how to write a good article. I only write mostly for the fun of it. I write the words on how it comes to my mind. As my friend said, its called freewriting (whatever it is!) She said its when you want to write but can't write anything so you just write the things that comes into your mind, regardless if the grammar is correct, if the thought you want to convey is properly arranged. She also told me, with practice I can be a good writer. She said I'm just too lazy to think what I write. Well, soon maybe....

More than a month

More than a month had passed since my last post
My 2009 started right.
I had lots of assignments and projects through Odesk.
I also started working on my family's business as operations manager for the online services group.
Working full time in Odesk and an 8-5 job is rather hard and requires a major adjustment for me. I was so used to working at home, in my own time and pace.
Now, I have to get up early, travel an hour and a half to get to the office, work on both Odesk and as an operations manager. It is really hard juggling both responsibilities, but right now I can say I am getting the hang of it. I am capable of multi-tasking my work without sacrificing any of it, I was able to deliver results for both positions.
The difference now, aside from going to the office, is I am handling 4 people who are newcomers when it comes to online work and also the other part of the work which is real estate. I didn't know that I would come to a point wherein I have to train people with zero or basic knowledge on fields that I know. It is fun training them, am very proud if I see progress, sad if they are having a hard time understanding everything.
Right now, my goal is to continue teaching them what I know about the work at hand.

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