March 2009

Early to work

It's 8:45 am . . .

I arrived at the office 7:45 am

My working hours starts at 10am and ends at 7pm

Since last January, I usually arrive at the office at exactly 10am or sometimes 10 or 20 minutes earlier. Since I usually just commute to work (riding 4 jeepneys, travelling for almost 1 1/2 hours with my 3 friends/officemates), as soon as I get to the office, I am usually tired and stressed out because of the traffic, the pollution and the weather. I don't usually get around to working on my Odesk assignments until late in the afternoon, as I start working right away to my tasks for the family business, and multi-tasking in the afternoon, juggling Odesk and the company. Compared to working at home, for the past 2 months, I can only work for 10 hours to 15 hours maximum for Odesk in a week.

Yesterday and today, I decided to go to the office earlier than usual. Yesterday, I got in at 7am, started juggling both works again. I was able to work for my Odesk assignment for a whooping 8 hours!! Yey! I was able to maximize my weekly limit for one buyer in just one day. (have to send the update to the buyer later!) Today, I got in at 7:45am, right now, I am juggling both works already while waiting for my officemates to arrive at 10am.

I have decided to go to work early from now on, as I can accomplish more if I start my day early compared to starting it before noon.

back to work . . . .

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