April 2009

back to odesk

last february, i was not able to fully work on my Odesk jobs, not able to apply to other assignments, as I have been busy with the family business I am managing.
I missed working long hours in Odesk.
Of course, I miss my earnings.

So middle of March, I decided to make a come-back.
Luck is with me all the time, I got an assignment worth $5.00 per hour. Yey!
Its almost a full-time job, 30 hours a week.
I'm still working on my past assignments which are really good. My buyers have been very patient, considerate and understanding to me.
I'll post more in the coming days!

Transferring the articles

I started this blog as a personal blog so I can post my life as an Odesker. Recently, I added the articles I wrote for an online store, and looking at the layout, it didn't feel right. So I decided to create another blog for the wedding articles.


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