Eastwood City presents MTV Sessions featuring Bamboo

Ayie and I watched MTV sessions featuring Bamboo at Eastwood Central Plaza. We arrived around 8pm, since the show hasn't started yet, we decided to have our dinner at the al fresco area of Jack's Loft. I ordered my usual meat lasagna and Ayie ordered beef stroganoff and the fishbowl iced tea. When we started eating, the front act band started to play (I can't remember the name of the band), they were good but I'm not familiar with the songs they are singing so I just concentrated in eating my food.>

After their set, the MTV VJ announced that Bamboo would be the next to perform. It took them more than 10 minutes to do the sound check, giving us more time to decide on what to get for dessert. After much thought, we settled for the "I DECLAIR" dessert of Jack's Loft. It's a 6-inch eclair with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream inside and the whole eclair is covered with whipped cream. Yummy! We ate it while listening to Bamboo. It was so deliciious, a definite sugar overload! . . . (Reminder to self - - Go to the gym tomorrow, run for one hour in the treadmill and also do the cross training thing, to lose all the calories for eating too much sweets!)

Bamboo sung 9 songs total. He sung the following songs: Probinsyana, Hinahanap hanap kita, Kisapmata, Muli, Kailan, Tatsulok, Noypi and Hallelujah. I only listed 8 songs, since I forgot the title of the other English song he sung.

A lot of people watched the show. Even if it rained, people stayed to watch. It was almost 10pm when it ended. We decided to go home after the show since Ayie is not feeling well. He may not be feeling well but he said it was all worth it, since he was able to watch and hear Bamboo live.

Tomorrow, Sitti will be having her album launch at the Eastwood Mall Open Area. I am still thinking if I will go and see it. Ayie won't be coming with me, said he has work. Maybe, I just need to invite a friend or some friends to join me. . . Well, I still have lots of time to think about it. For now, I need to go back to sleep.

Photo credits: Bamboo -- from Eastwood City Facebook Account
I DECLAIR -- from Flickr

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