Looking for other ways to earn

For the past few months, I have been busy looking for other ways to earn money. Compared last year, there are more expenses these days. What with the monthly amortization of both the condo unit and the car, the utility bills, monthly dues for my gym membership, groceries, etc. With all these things, I really need to look for other ways to earn money.
Work with Odesk has been pretty slow lately. My adsense account is moving but it's not yet enough. I have signed up to different affiliate programs but still hadn't gotten around to promoting or even advertising them to see if it really works.

I'm planning to go back to reselling but I know that it would take too much of my time going to the supplier, shipping the items, meeting the buyers, etc.
I'm also planning on applying again for another job but it would mean sacrificing my Odesk work.
I am still busy looking . . . I hope that I could come up with something really soon

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