DFA Passport Renewal

It has been years since my passport expired. Since we have not been travelling out of the country for the past years, renewing the passport is one of my least priorities. Earlier this year, I told myself that if not this year, by next year, I will travel out of the country, either go to Hongkong or Singapore or wherever my budget permits me to.

Last Monday, my mom told me that they are planning to go to Malaysia early September, and she told me if I want to come with them. We'll be out for one whole week, with 2 or 3 days in Brunei for me. They'll be going there for business purposes, and I will be going for both business and pleasure. So it was decided that it's about time for me to renew my passport and for my kid sister to apply for a new one.

Mama decided to use the DFA Passport Appointment System by Internet to get an appointment instead of getting in line and waiting for hours for the passport process. The online system is valid only in DFA Manila, for new applicants, renewal, and senior citizens.
She submitted our details Tuesday morning. By mid afternoon, she already received a confirmation email with these details:

Thank you for choosing the DFA Passport Appointment System.

We are pleased to inform you that we have reserved a slot for you. Please proceed to Gate 2 of the DFA-Pasay City on the date and time indicated below for the processing of your passport.

Date : 20 August 2009

Time : 10:00 - 11:00 am

Reference Number : 20AUE10-39 (name, date of birth and old passport number)

We were scheduled two days after submitting the details online, that was fast!

So my mom, gathered all the requirements making sure that it is complete so as to have a hassle-free processing. We arrived around 10:30am, proceeded to the verification window, paid for the passport fee at the auditorium( 500 pesos for 14 days processing, and 750 pesos for 7 working days) then to the encoding area and lastly the finger printing (which I thought is already digital). The whole process lasted only about an hour. It was a speedy process as long as you have all your requirements ready.

Make sure that all original and photocopies of the requirements are on hand.

All in all, our transaction with this government agency is a hassle-free and fast process.

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