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~ got this one from Girltalk last 2005. And I have been reposting this ever since, from my friendster blog to my multiply blog to finally here at blogspot.


I heard one girl friend talk about the things she’s looking for in a guy. She said he should have the 4Cs - Career, Car, Credit Card and Cellphone. Another girl from college says he needs to have 3Ds - Dunong, Dating and Datung (Smart, Attractive and Rich). I laughed but somehow I know it takes more than a pretty boy, a kickass car, and an IQ of 145 to sway me away.

Here’s the truth to the 4Cs:

Career - Girls are often turned on to guys who seem like they have a wonderful career going for them. Career somehow speaks of the persons ability to earn a living, a perception of earning more than an average joe earns. It somehow gives the perception that this man may someday become a high powered executive in the firm he works for thus translating to financial stability. What they don’t know is that sometimes it’s just about the packaging — the way our career-oriented-boy-next-door presents the way he does things in his office. If you would schedule a day out of your busy schedule to observe how he does his daily work, you would realize that his so-called career is nothing different from what you call work.

Car - So pretty boy has a CAR, nice is not exactly the best adjective out there to describe it. ‘Kickass’ would be a much better word to attach to a such a creation. Silver gray and under the hood, it has 2.4-liter 4-cylinder MIVEC engine distributes an outstanding balance of performance and economy, the benefit of its variable valve timing technology. An adaptive four-speed automatic transmission gets the power to the pavement, while a multilink independent rear suspension gives it a smooth ride and sharp handling. What’s more, it boasts front seat-mounted side-impact air bagsAdvanced Dual-Stage front SRS air bags†, and a five-star rating for frontal crash safety based on tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).* All of this in the best backed** midsize car on the road. Whatever that means. Let me give you the hard core truth, since pretty boy has a career, think multinational corp, he probably has a subsidized car loan which probably takes up 14,000 PHP - for gas, toll fees and parking lots (based on my last computation on how much it would cost me if I got myself a car loan) on a monthly basis. This means that if he is earning 25,000 PHP a month, the car takes up more than half of his GROSS (yes, GROSSLY EXPENSIVE!) salary. What’s worse is, as much as this car becomes conjugal property if you end up with pretty boy, so does the loan, honey.

Cellphone - Maganda ang cellphone nitong pare ko. They say you’ll know the man you’re talking to by looking at his cellphone. Yeah right. Check it out, is it prepaid? Kaya pala kahit pisong "Ok thanks" di ka niya masagot, because he’s still paying for the credit card charges. Is it post-paid? That means he’s tied to a two-year contract that will make him pay 3,500 PHP a month.

Credit Card - Charge all shopping sprees and dinner dates to the plastic. He wines and dines almost every Friday at Greenbelt. He walks around with the coolest MP3 player in the market and struts his booty with branded clothes. He thinks Citibank is a blessing.

Do the math. If his gross salary is 25,000 that means his net take home pay is just around 18,000 less the 14,000 on his kickass car and his 3,500 PHP a month cellphone. That leaves him with just 500 PHP and golly, he still has to pay for his credit card charges and he has to sustain his daily food-related expenses for the entire month. THERE’S ONE WORD AN ACCOUNTANT WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE HIM - INSOLVENT.

My take on the 3Ds:

Dating - Yes, he makes your heart skip a beat when you see him walking around. Maporma itong pare ko. He leaves you breathless… Ahhh and that scent, is that Hugo Boss o Armani? I can’t tell… I’m too much in a daze. I used to tell my dad, between a non-gorgeous good boy and a devil-incarnate-boy-that-leaves-me-breathless, I’d go for the second one. At least yung gwapong salbahe pwede pang bumait, yung mabait na hindi gwapo, pwede ba maging salbahe. Yes, I too went through that phase. But devil-incarnate sex gods don’t really astound me anymore. Often, they love themselves too much to think about other people’s feelings. They are usually dense, insensitive and self-centered. It’s not that I hate gorgeous guys, it’s just that I realized it’s much better to be with someone who’s plain and yet makes sense and cares about people and things, instead of focusing on himself. It’s just plain stressful.

Dunong - Smart kid. Sometimes, he becomes too confident and thinks everyone around him is below him. It’s nice going out with someone smart, but that person has to have enough guts to accept the reality that he is not infallible, di ba? Minsan naman, he’s too smart it bores you. Basta, siguro dapat the guy has to be smart but has enough amount of "dumb" in him.

Datung - It’s not difficult to think that marrying someone rich is a girls ticket to bliss. But money isn’t everything, dear. Money is sometimes the problem.

I think at the end of the day, there are five things every woman should ask herself when evaluating the boys next door, the pretty boys and the dangerously charming men that comes her way:
a) Is he God-fearing?
b) Is he responsible?
c) 50 years down the line, would I feel like he’s a blessing or a curse?
d) Are we headed on the same direction?
e) Do I really wanna do this?

Thank God for the bad boys in this world, they make us appreciate the last good ones

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