Gear up with Canon PIXMA!

Gear up with Canon PIXMA! Cool items up for grabs.

I seldom win a prize for any contest or promo I join. Last month, I decided to join the Canon Pixma Printers Lootbox Promo at

I simply answered the question correctly and sent my contact details as well. I was hoping to win the Canon PS480 Camera. Last week, I received an email from the, stating that I won in their promo. I was one of the Daily Winners of their Consolation Prize. In their email, it said that I won the Rudy Project Satin Kit, but when Ayie's friend picked up the prize in their Makati office, they gave him the Sling Wallet instead of the Rudy Project Kit.

This is what I've got. It's a camera case, with a wallet, and a strap. Good for travelling. The only problem is I don't have a decent camera yet hehe. . . maybe it's a sign that I need to buy a new one so I could use this one.

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