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July has been a slow month for me in terms of work. There have been lesser assignments for me to work on. Assignments were not ended by my clients but they have not been giving me something to work on.

I have been the operations assistant of tiger for quite sometime now, they gave me a big task last month which requires me to work from 1am to 6am (philippine time) to be able to delegate the tasks, real time, to all the coders and designers. Things have been pretty ok at first but have been slow for the past week. I have been told that I will be trained to be a QA specialist, and until now, I still wasn't trained for it. My schedule and the schedule of the person who will train me, won't match. We can't agree on the best time to meet via Skype for the training. Well, I do hope it would be done this month.

As for being the project manager of engravedwell, I have been working for him for a year already. Yey! . . . I do hope that I have really contributed a lot to the success of his business. Well, as what he told me, I was able to help the increase in sales of the business. He also put my name in the website credits which is really good for my portfolio. He recently gave me a bonus, said that its an installment for the laptop that I want to buy soon. Thank you!!

As personal assistant /data entry / photoshop / research for sunglassesuk, no work from him last july. I have finished the assignment end of June, and still waiting for the next one.

As for the IPs I used to resolve weekly, I wonder why he hasn't send me a list for two weeks already. Well, maybe he is busy working on something.

August started really great for me. I have been hired by four clients already for the first half of August. The assignments are

  • Directory and Article Submission
  • Editing Images
  • Website Administrator, and
  • Admin - typing CD transcripts
Working on assignments requiring me to use different skills helps a lot in improving myself more.

I hope that my luck will continue for the rest of the year.

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