PickJack pays!

While looking for other ways to earn money online, no matter how small or how big I will earn, I came across the site called Pickjack.

Pickjack is a site where you are paid in answering questions and posting questions as well. Minimum payout is 5 cents via Paypal. The balance or amount earned depends on the following (as posted in their site):

  • Writing interesting, challenging and accurate questions (The more the better)
  • Correctly answering questions
  • Referring friends

Two days after signing up, I earned around $0.08, which is pretty low after correctly answering hundreds of questions and posting questions as well.

I stayed active for 5 or 7 days I think, until my balance reaches $0.17. I stopped answering and posting when I got busy. August 19 came, the day of the payout. I login at the site and saw that my balance is back to zero, and posted on the transaction details is this:

Approved Transaction
Amount -- 0.17
Date -- 12:00am Aug 19, 2009

I then checked my paypal account to see if it really pays automatically. The amount is still not there so I thought it was all a scam. The next day, August 20, I decided to check again my paypal account, since based on the reviews I read, it sometimes took 3 days before the amount is reflected to the the account, to my surprise, it was already deposited to my paypal account.

It was a small amount, its not even 10 pesos. I am posting this just to say that PickJack.com is not a scam, it really pays.
I may continue answering and posting questions at Pickjack during my free time. No matter how small it pays, in time (maybe in months or even years), I know I can have extra money in my paypal account.

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2 Responses to “PickJack pays!”

  1. I gave up on Pickjack. Pay is so looow!

  2. LOL I also have a pickjack account. I don't expect to make a generous amount of money off it but sometimes when I have nothing to do, answering questions there for profit is a good way to spend the time.


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