September 2009

Odesk sends best wishes to its providers in the Philippines

When I checked my work email yesterday, I got this message from Odesk.

Odesk is sending their best wishes to all providers in the Philippines when they have learned of the recent disastrous storm and subsequent flood that happened last weekend.

They sent emails to all buyers of Filipino providers informing them of what had happened and that their providers might be affected by the storm, and be patient if their providers have not done some work lately.

Odesk is after all a human being, not just a technology or a site that gives work to outsourcing providers. Its great to know that Odesk gives importance to their providers.

Through their email, I have received several messages from my current and past buyers, wishing that me and my family are doing ok. It was great to receive those messages even though we are one of those lucky enough not affected. I am in Manila but I didn't even lost my internet connection.

I know there are a lot of Filipino providers who have been affected, I wish them well, and I know that soon they will be able to go back to work and resume their lives, as said, "there is always a rainbow after the storm".

Odesk is really great and I am happy to have been part of Odesk for the past one year and 6 months, and I will continue on working through your system.

Thank you Odesk!!

God wants you to know

On this day of your life, Liv, we believe God wants you to know ... that to worship God you must go beyond words to speak with your heart.

You can mouth the words of a prayer all day long and just waste your time, unless you also speak with your heart. And to speak with your heart means to embody first. If you pray for love, be loving. If you pray for wealth, be generous. If you pray for health, practice health yourself. What is your favorite prayer? How can you begin to embody it?

Prayer is very powerful. Prayers help us along the way, but we also have to do our part. We have to practice what we pray. Prayers should come from the heart and not just spoken.

Help the Philippines Weather the Storm

This is a repost from the website of World Food Programme

Over the weekend, torrential rains pounded the Philippines. Tropical Storm Ketsana (“Ondoy”) has resulted in widespread flooding, landslides and massive population displacement. More than 450,000 people have been affected, and that number could rise.

Following an emergency assessment, the World Food Programme has identified 30,000 families in need of immediate food aid. Your donation today will help families at a critical moment. A donation of:
- $18 provides a family with rice for 2 weeks
- $90 feeds 5 families for 2 weeks
- $180 feeds 10 families for 2 weeks

And if you are capable of going that extra mile, $18,000 will provide 1000 families with rice for 2 weeks.

Many families have lost their homes. Let’s join together to help ensure they don’t go hungry as well.

To donate, please click here to be directed to the website of World Food Programme

Typhoon Ondoy Emergency Hotlines & Relief Operations

I am reposting this here so people will know what to do and how to help. Let’s repost this information to help even in a little way.

According to the news,

" The rainfall brought by tropical storm "Ondoy" to Metro Manila and nearby areas in a span of six hours on Saturday was the most in recorded history, surpassing the previous record for the metropolis in 1967, a weather bureau official said.
The incessant downpour brought by tropical storm 'Ondoy' has turned several parts of Metro Manila into a virtual water world.

Nathaniel Cruz, weather services bureau head of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa), told GMANews.TV that the total rainfall from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday surpassed the highest 24-hour rainfall that the weather bureau recorded 42 years ago."

Here are the key numbers to contact for information, rescue operations, relief services, donations.

Rescue Operations

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) (+632-9125668, +632-9111406, +632-9115061)

Red Cross (143, +632-5270000)

MMDA (136)

Coast Guard (+632-5276136)

Senator Dick Gordon (+639178997898, +63938-444BOYS, +632-9342118, +632-4338528)

Senator Manny Villar (+639174226800. +639172414864, +639276751981)

Air Force (+63908-1126976, +632-8535023)

Metro Manila Development Authority (136)

Marikina City Rescue (+632-6462436, +632-6462423, +632920-9072902)

Pasig Rescue Emergency Number (+632-6310099)

Quezon City Rescue (161)

San Juan City Hall Command Post (+632-4681697)

Bureau of Fire Protection Region III (Central Luzon) Hotline: (+63245-9634376)

Rubber Boat Requests, 4×4 Trucks

NCRPO (+632-8383203, +632-8383354)

Private citizens who would like to lend their motor boats for rescue
please call emergency nos: +632-9125668, +632-9111406, +632-9122665, +632-9115061)

You can also text (+632917-4226800 or +632927-6751981) for rescue dump trucks.

For those who are able to lend 4×4 trucks for rescue: Please send truck to Greenhills Shoppng Center Unimart Grocery to await deployment, Tel No. (+632920-9072902).

Relief Aid and Donations

Victory Fort is opening its doors to those affected by the typhoon: Call 813-FORT.

NoyMar relief Operations: Clare Amador (+639285205508) or Jana Vicente at +639285205499). Drop off for relief donations is at Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.

Miriam Quiambao drop off points: One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood, or message or email for more details & pledges.

Philippine Army Gym inside Fort Bonifacio or GHQ Gym in Camp Aguinaldo are now distributing donations for Ondoy Victims.

Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods (Canned Goods, Ready-to-drink Milk,Bottled Water and Clothes) for distribution by Veritas.

Caritas Manila Office at Jesus St., Pandacan Manila near Nagtahan Bridge (+632-5639298, +632-5639308)

Radio Veritas at Veritas Tower West Ave. Cor EDSA (+632-9257931-40)

Aranaz Stores in Rockwell & Greenbelt is accepting donations of any kind for Payatas communities affected by Ondoy

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan Task Force Noah, a disaster response arm of the Jesuits, is accepting donations. Please drop it off sa Ateneo Cervini Dorm.

Philippine National Red Cross‘ different ways to Donate.

Red Cross Load Donations: Right now the easiest way to make donations from the seat of your chair is via mobile phone load. The Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations. Text: REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)

Ateneo de Manila University is now accepting donations for the victims of Ondoy. Donations can be dropped at MVP Lobby. For those stranded/those who need help: To all students who need help or know of people who need help. Please text the name, location, and contact number to (+6329088877166). ATENEO, which is now an open shelter, accepts refugees. Call (+632917-8952792)

Papemelroti stores in 91 Roces Ave. / Ali Mall Cubao / SM City North EDSA / SM Fairview / SM Megamall / Glorietta 3 in Makati / SM Centerpoint / SM Southmall are accepting relief goods (canned goods / milk / bottled water / clothes – NO CASH pls.)

TXTPower now accepts donations via SmartMoney 5577514418667103, GCash 09179751092 and Paypal

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (+632-4342397, +632-9290665) per Gabe Mercado, donations are very much welcome. The Parish is located at 12 F. Dela Rosa corner C. Salvador Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Hillsborough Village Chapel – Water, blankets, shoes, and clothes may be sent to Hillsborough Village Chapel in Muntinlupa City. These will go to families whose houses were washed out in the nearby sitios.

Greenhills/Mandaluyong/San Juan Area, if you want to help out with the rescue and relief operations, you can drop off your donations (clothes, food, etc..) at La Salle Greenhills Gate 2 tomorrow or volunteer from 9am to receive, sort, repack the donations.

Petron: You may bring your relief goods to all Petron branches.

LUCA stores (Rockwell, Shang-rila, Eastwood, or GA towers): Send your old clothes & donations (no cash pls).

“LUZON RELIEF: Volunteer / Donate / Pray”: Donations can be brought to RENAISSANCE FITNESS CENTER, 2nd Floor, Bramante Building, Renaissance Towers Ortigas, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City starting MONDAY (Sept.28) / 9am – 7pm Contact Person: Warren Habaluyas (+632929-8713488) or email at

MOONSHINE boutique in Rockwell also accepting relief good to help Ondoy victims in Marikina and Cainta.

Katipunan Avenue. Contact Erica Paredes at (+632917-4741930) — they need bread, packed juice, sandwich filling (tuna, chicken, anything) You can help her make them, deliver the sandwiches to her house, or help her distribute! Call for more details.

Manor Superclub, Eastwood City will accept goods and other emergency items starting Sunday at 10 am.

Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC): Relief goods for typhoon victims being accepted at 72-A Times St., West Triangle, QC. Tel (+632-9299820/22)

MINISTOP IBARRA (Espana cor. Blumentritt, Sampaloc Manila) is also accepting relief goods, Food (non-perishable goods only) Clothing, Medicines, Beds, Pillows, Blankets, Emergency Supplies to help Typhoon Ondoy victims.

People Tracker (using your phones, get your friends and family to turn on their finderservice for you)

* FINDERSERVICE. For Smart, text “wis ” to 386.
* FINDERSERVICE. For Globe, text “find to 7000.

Drinking Hot Tea

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have resumed drinking hot tea. I stopped drinking hot tea for over a year already because I usually forget or am too lazy. I am not a coffee drinker so I settle to drink tea instead of drinking hot chocolate all the time. Hot chocolate made me fat, so I limit my intake of it. I am now happy drinking hot tea everyday. A day is incomplete if I don't drink even a cup.

I can consume 3-4 cups of tea a day or sometimes even more. Drinking hot tea had helped me in my goal to lose weight.

I researched some benefits of drinking hot tea, here are the top 10:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

By: Lynn Grieger

1. Tea contains antioxidants. Like the Rust-Oleum paint that keeps your outdoor furniture from rusting, tea's antioxidants protect your body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution.

2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has two to three times the caffeine of tea (unless you're a fan of Morning Thunder, which combines caffeine with mate, an herb that acts like caffeine in our body). An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg caffeine; tea contains only 30 to 40 mg per cup. If drinking coffee gives you the jitters, causes indigestion or headaches or interferes with sleep -- switch to tea.

3. Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Unwanted blood clots formed from cholesterol and blood platelets cause heart attack and stroke. Drinking tea may help keep your arteries smooth and clog-free, the same way a drain keeps your bathroom pipes clear. A 5.6-year study from the Netherlands found a 70 percent lower risk of fatal heart attack in people who drank at least two to three cups of black tea daily compared to non-tea drinkers.

4. Tea protects your bones. It's not just the milk added to tea that builds strong bones. One study that compared tea drinkers with non-drinkers, found that people who drank tea for 10 or more years had the strongest bones, even after adjusting for age, body weight, exercise, smoking and other risk factors. The authors suggest that this may be the work of tea's many beneficial phytochemicals.

5. Tea gives you a sweet smile. One look at the grimy grin of Austin Powers and you may not think drinking tea is good for your teeth, but think again. It's the sugar added to it that's likely to blame for England's bad dental record. Tea itself actually contains fluoride and tannins that may keep plaque at bay. So add unsweetened tea drinking to your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing for healthier teeth and gums.

6. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. Drinking tea may help your body's immune system fight off infection. When 21 volunteers drank either five cups of tea or coffee each day for four weeks, researchers saw higher immune system activity in the blood of the tea drinkers.

7. Tea protects against cancer. Thank the polyphenols, the antioxidants found in tea, once again for their cancer-fighting effects. While the overall research is inconclusive, there are enough studies that show the potential protective effects of drinking tea to make adding tea to your list of daily beverages.

8. Tea helps keep you hydrated. Caffeinated beverages, including tea, used to be on the list of beverages that didn't contribute to our daily fluid needs. Since caffeine is a diuretic and makes us pee more, the thought was that caffeinated beverages couldn't contribute to our overall fluid requirement. However, recent research has shown that the caffeine really doesn't matter -- tea and other caffeinated beverages definitely contribute to our fluid needs. The only time the caffeine becomes a problem as far as fluid is concerned is when you drink more than five or six cups of a caffeinated beverage at one time.

9. Tea is calorie-free. Tea doesn't have any calories, unless you add sweetener or milk. Consuming even 250 fewer calories per day can result in losing one pound per week. If you're looking for a satisfying, calorie-free beverage, tea is a top choice.

10. Tea increases your metabolism. Lots of people complain about a slow metabolic rate and their inability to lose weight. Green tea has been shown to actually increase metabolic rate so that you can burn 70 to 80 additional calories by drinking just five cups of green tea per day. Over a year's time you could lose eight pounds just by drinking green tea. Of course, taking a 15-minute walk every day will also burn calories.

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have received the Kreativ Blogger Award last week from Nicquee and Marose, I only got the chance to post it now.

To accept this award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Thank you Nicquee of Pop Ups of my Mind and Marose of Simple Pero Rock for nominating me for this award.

Now, the 7 things that people might find interesting about me would be:

1. I can stay at home without going out or even look outside the window or terrace for one whole week

2. I can stay awake working or just be in front of my laptop for 3 days straight, without sleeping or taking a nap

3. I love all my pamangkins and my baby sister. They are all my babies.

4. Most people I know hate Math, but I love it!

5. I can stay in one place for hours just answering Sudoku puzzles. Am a certified Sudoku addict.

6. I earn working from home. My earnings goes to monthly amortization of the condo, car, and also utility bills. Extras are for shopping

7. I love working out at the gym. If trainer gets to read this, trainer wouldn't believe it, as I am always"pasaway" and lazy during trainings :)

I then hereby nominate the following for the Kreativ Blogger award:

Ate Arom

Become a Future Maker -- WWF-Philippines

Last July while strolling around Edsa Shangri-la Mall, someone approached me and talked to me about WWF. Curiousity got me, so I sat down with them at their booth, and let them explain to me everything about WWF.

What is WWF?

WWF is the world's largest and most respected independent organization dedicated to the conservation of nature. It operates in more than 100 countries, and supported by nearly five million people worldwide.

WWF-Philippines, also known as Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (KKP) has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997.

Its mission is to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment - to build a future in which Filipinos live in harmony in nature.

Their work traverses almost the entire Philippine archipelago: from tracking the Humpback Whales of the Babuyan Isles to protecting the Turtle Islands in Tawi-tawi.

Part of their Conservation Programs are:
1. Donsol, Sorsogon Whale-Shark Eco-tourism,Tracking and Coastal Resource Management
2. Tubbataha Reefs and Cagayancillo Conservation and Development, Palawan
3. Sibuyan Island Watershed Conservation and Development, Romblon

There are numerous ways on how YOU as an indivual can help the country achieve these goals.
1. You can join or volunteer with WWF Philippines
2. THink about all your actions and what their consequences might be
3. Encourage others to adopt a greener lifestyle
4. Ask questions if you are not sure of something's environmental credentials
4. Inform the appropriate authorities if you see something that damages the environment.

WWF cannot do this alone.

Your Contribution Gives
the Philippines a Chance for the Future!

The monthly donations (you can choose how much you are willing to donate monthly) make a difference. It allows WWF to pursue the programs leading to climate solutions, species protection, eco-tourism, livelihoods, corporate sustainability, environmental education, as well as water and food security. It also helps provide resources needed to maintain WWFs presence and impact on the front lines of conservation.

Become an agent of change now.

For more info on their programs and how to be part of their mission, visit their website

After about 20-30 minutes, they have somehow convinced me to sign up and become an agent of change. I signed up to a monthly donation of around 600pesos to help. It may be a small amount but I know that it can help sustain WWFs program for a better environment.

My horoscope for the day

Daily Horoscope Readings from Facebook for the Sagittarius sign. I always had fun reading horoscopes to see how accurate it is with what has been happening in my life.

So read on about my horoscope for today and my comments as well.

Fresh and new ideas related to work seem to be coming to you, Sagittarius, but they are not really well-formulated enough to present them as yet. You need to make your changes and... draw up your new plan during the next few days or so, and you will find that they will be very well accepted. There could be a financial benefit from your education or an educational institution, and you may have more support for a plan of yours than you think. This is also a good time for letting go of old limitations as well. Any bad habits or excuses for procrastination will be easy to get rid of now

Just in time, since I have been very busy with work for the past 2 weeks, and I have been told by one of my clients that we need to increase the inbound links of his online store from 1000 inbound links to 5000 inbound links by the end of this month. I have been thinking and reading of ways on how to increase these links. With this horoscope reading, I think I still need to study more on it and make the necessary changes before presenting it to him.

Love Horoscope

New attractions are likely for you in this period, Sagittarius, and this may breathe some life back into your romantic affairs. It is possible that someone new will cross your path that you will be highly attracted to, and present a wealth of novelty and possibilities down the road for you. If you are single, you can enjoy this experience for all that it has to offer, and renew your spirit and confidence. Attached- This new person will definitely intrigue you. But you are better served by using this as an example of understanding and appreciation for what you already have.

New attraction will cross my path? He already did months ago. I am currently in a relationship when I met this new guy. Just like what the horoscope said, I was definitely intrigued by this person. He is a breathe of fresh air, was able to get to know him more. A lot has happened ever since that's why my life is in a roller coaster right now. I know, its partly or mostly my fault. I guess I have to do something about it and think things through.

Daily Life Readings

You will enjoy moderate satisfaction in your relationships today.

Your hard work is paying off, someone at work has noticed your effort and you will be rewarded today.

Be careful today because your health could be thrown off a bit by either food or a sudden change in the weather.

You've been doing great keeping up with your financial obligations!

Love <-- moderate satisfaction? --- yeah right! Career <-- nice to hear praises from clients if they liked my work. Rewarded today? I hope so!! Health <-- been not feeling well since yesterday, had minor stomachache Wealth <-- financial obligations? am i keeping up?

Increase your link tags

Thanks to my fellow Girltalker Vivapinay for the tag!

The Rules:
1. Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.
2. From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don't forget to copy the links. (Here's my list-my site added in the end).

1. Simple pero Rock
2. Eternal Rambling of My Schizo Mind
3. Little Part of My World
4. Vivapinay - Proud Mom, Proud Pinay!
5. Tinkerputt's Turf

3. List at most five of your friends blogsite here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same.

world special entertainment
Let Peace prevail everywhere...
pinkroma's creations
it's not always about me...
pop ups of my mind

Good luck! Spread it!

Prayer for today

My uncle posted this prayer in his facebook account. It is a good prayer so I decided to share it with everyone else.

Let's all pray together.

"Lord, I give my situation over to You today knowing with You all things are possible. All of my hopes and dreams are in Your hands, and I will no longer limit You in my thinking. I choose to see my dreams through eyes of fait...h and believe they will come to pass. Thank You for working supernaturally on my behalf. In Jesus' Name. Amen"

Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009

Last Thursday, 10th of September, I was able to watch the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009 held at The NBC Tent at The Fort. My friends were able to get tickets so I tagged along with them. This is the second time I get to watch this event, the last one was last 2004.

Excerpt from the website

"It was another wet and wild evening for Cosmopolitan, as wild, screaming fabulously-clad gals brought out their water guns yet again to squirt the hot, hot, hot Centerfolds and Bachelors who took to the stage at the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009

The prison-themed party, dubbed “Cosmo Cell Block 69” had the Bachelors and Centerfolds, led by young male stars Gerald Anderson and Aljur Abrenica, clad in sexy-fied prison garb that they later stripped (of course!) to the delight of hundreds of guests. Everyone was even given whistles to blow whenever they see the hunky “bad" boys coming, but they must have been too busy screaming to their hearts content to do so."

And who wouldn’t want to scream if there are 69 more-than-half-naked men strutting their hot stuff in front you? Not only that, the crowd also witnessed heart-thumping male action, with staged brawls and special numbers."

It was indeed a very hot event for all the those who attended the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Summit Media also launched the new website.

While waiting for the show to start, attendees can have their photos taken with different hunks as well, in the booths located at the back.

We also got an "I love" keychain. I chose the keychain instead of the sticker. I hope they just gave both instead of asking us to choose which one we want. There is also one round of cocktail drinks for everyone.

There are a lot of people already inside when we entered the tent, and since we only have the regular pass, we had to watch the show at the back. Since I am kind of small, well not kind of, I'm really small, it was rather hard for me to watch and see the stage, even the big screen installed at the front. I then looked for a better way or place to watch the show. I stayed at the very back of the area, near the Nike booth, from there, I can see the whole big screen, but not the entire stage. My friends and I then saw two monobloc chairs, we stood up on the chairs, and viola! we were able to see the entire show from there. We hadn't had a hard time watching, people at the front can't block our visuals since we are standing on the chair. We screamed at the top of our lungs and made snide and good comments as well. We had a very fun night and it was a Girls night out for us!

I hope that me and my girlfriends can watch again next year. Looking forward to next year's event, and wondering what their next theme would be and if they can top off this year's bash.

Strengthen Friendship Award

I got my first award from Marice :) Thanks :) Now to comply on the award retrieval procedures:

I am sharing this award from Marice, whose kindness and beauty is captivating. The award above implies:

: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow : represents the guys who are always active
Blue : symbolizes the bloggers with PR
Platform Red : symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters

Prerequisite retrieval AWARD:

1. Create a post as above.
2. Include the link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above

Now, I'm passing this award to the following blogger friends as my support to the chain of this Friendship award. Passing this strengthen award to:

Czaroma, Yuuki, Shalini, Nicquee

Join our Papemelroti's Book & Notebook Contest and win an Entrepreneur Book and Papemelroti Notebook!

Reposting this from the Papemelroti website, with the hope that I can win the Negosyo book.So far there are only 40 posts/comments in the website. Are my chances to win high? I hope so!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business? Well then now's the time to learn from 55 inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs! Find out their secrets and get all the information you need to make that first step! Papemelroti's owners are also featured in this book!

Like the Papemelroti notebook designs you see in the shops? We want to give you some! Just by linking to our contest and visiting our Glorietta shop, you can claim your free notebook!

Do you want to win this Negosyo Book for entrepreneurs? It's easy just scroll down...

Two Fun Ways To Win!

Step 1: Link us to join the online raffle! (This is a required step.)

All you have to do is put a link to our website on your blog or on any of your personal networks (facebook, friendster, myspace, christianster, etc). Leave us the link at the bottom of this page in the "Leave a Comment" section and you're automatically included in our raffle!

Be sure that the link can be viewed publicly (check the link while not logged on) so Papemelroti can check it.

Comments with no links to this page will not be admitted to the contest.

A sample entry should look like this...


Hello I want this book!
I posted you on my multiply account at

Contact me at

On your blog or facebook account, copy and paste this link:

Step 2: Get a free notebook (only from our Glorietta branch)!
(this step is optional and only for Metro Manila participants)!

As a thank you for partnering with us, get a free notebook of your choice!!!

Some sample designs:

To claim:

a. Print out the online page where you linked us (see step 1).
b. Submit the printout to our Glorietta 3 branch
c. Choose 1 notebook from our #7299, #7200 or #7600 notebooks!

The raffle contest is open to everyone (even those not residing in the Philippines).

Deadline for entries is on 10:30 AM, Sept. 15, 2009 and the announcement of the winner will be posted here! Prizes will be picked up at our branches or mailed (if outside Metro Manila).

*Only those with means for us to contact them will be able to win. We reserve the right to pick another winner if you do not reply to our notice by Sept. 18, 2009.


I just signed up at Link from blog as a blogger.

Register Blog ---> Write Reviews ---> Earn Money

A site where you can earn money through your blog by posting reviews of different products or services, as needed by the companies.
Positive effect on both blogger and advertiser would be: Blogger will get paid through the paid reviews s/he will be writing. Advertiser / Companies will be able to get more traffic throug these blog posts.
I hope that soon, I will be given assignments to write.

Make money on Blog
Advertise with my Blog

On writing

Just last week I was hired as a virtual assistant by two persons who coincidentally are friends and officemates. Small world it is!

I started working for Ms. Ruth last Friday with the research on different engagement/wedding proposal stories. Through this research, I have read hundreds of stories on how guys (some girls) propose to their loved ones. Some are really funny, sweet, tear-jerking stories. I was able to finish the research and send it to her last Sunday for review.

Monday, she gave me another assignment, to write an 800 words or more article about the gemstone Sapphire. I am not a writer, I just write for fun. I had a hard time starting the article. I did some research about the sapphire, read all of it. Still after many hours, I can't decide yet on how I would start on it. I spent the whole afternoon doing other data entry tasks, logging in at my facebook account. Come dinner time, I don't know what got into me, I decided I really need to start working on it as it is already past my deadline. I login to the time tracking software, typed some words. From then, words continued coming into my mind. After just 3 hours or so, finally, I finished the article! I double checked the article for grammar and spelling, then sent it to Ms. Ruth. Now here I am, waiting for her reply if she liked the article or not. Wish me luck!

Both assignments made me a little sad. The sapphire article, still related to engagement and weddings, sapphires are now considered as one of the best chosen gemstone for an engagement ring. Connecting both, a proposal and an engagement ring that has not happened yet and I think will never ever happen anytime soon.

All my future assignments for Ms Ruby will be about gemstones and weddings. So, I need to get used to working on it. More articles and research works for me.

By the way, this is her website, Eve & Ruby (personalized gifts that will always be remembered)

Sept. 7, 21 non-working holidays—Palace

Repost from

MANILA, Philippines – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared September 7 and 21 as non-working holidays, Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said Friday night.

Arroyo declared Monday next week a national day of mourning for Iglesia ni Cristo Executive Minister Eraño “Ka Erdy” Manalo, who will be buried that day, Remonde said.

“All flags will be flown at half-mast,” he said in a text message to reporters.

On September 21, the Muslim Filipinos will be marking Eid'l Fitr, or the end of holy month of fasting, Ramadan, according to Remonde.

By TJ Burgonio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 18:30:00 09/04/2009

Filed Under: Public Holidays

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