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Last July while strolling around Edsa Shangri-la Mall, someone approached me and talked to me about WWF. Curiousity got me, so I sat down with them at their booth, and let them explain to me everything about WWF.

What is WWF?

WWF is the world's largest and most respected independent organization dedicated to the conservation of nature. It operates in more than 100 countries, and supported by nearly five million people worldwide.

WWF-Philippines, also known as Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (KKP) has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997.

Its mission is to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment - to build a future in which Filipinos live in harmony in nature.

Their work traverses almost the entire Philippine archipelago: from tracking the Humpback Whales of the Babuyan Isles to protecting the Turtle Islands in Tawi-tawi.

Part of their Conservation Programs are:
1. Donsol, Sorsogon Whale-Shark Eco-tourism,Tracking and Coastal Resource Management
2. Tubbataha Reefs and Cagayancillo Conservation and Development, Palawan
3. Sibuyan Island Watershed Conservation and Development, Romblon

There are numerous ways on how YOU as an indivual can help the country achieve these goals.
1. You can join or volunteer with WWF Philippines
2. THink about all your actions and what their consequences might be
3. Encourage others to adopt a greener lifestyle
4. Ask questions if you are not sure of something's environmental credentials
4. Inform the appropriate authorities if you see something that damages the environment.

WWF cannot do this alone.

Your Contribution Gives
the Philippines a Chance for the Future!

The monthly donations (you can choose how much you are willing to donate monthly) make a difference. It allows WWF to pursue the programs leading to climate solutions, species protection, eco-tourism, livelihoods, corporate sustainability, environmental education, as well as water and food security. It also helps provide resources needed to maintain WWFs presence and impact on the front lines of conservation.

Become an agent of change now.

For more info on their programs and how to be part of their mission, visit their website

After about 20-30 minutes, they have somehow convinced me to sign up and become an agent of change. I signed up to a monthly donation of around 600pesos to help. It may be a small amount but I know that it can help sustain WWFs program for a better environment.

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2 Responses to “Become a Future Maker -- WWF-Philippines”

  1. Good Job young lady.Every contribution is a large one. With out more they can not do there work.So everyone that can should give a little.I give to a organization here in the USA.
    Have a good day.


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