Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009

Last Thursday, 10th of September, I was able to watch the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009 held at The NBC Tent at The Fort. My friends were able to get tickets so I tagged along with them. This is the second time I get to watch this event, the last one was last 2004.

Excerpt from the website

"It was another wet and wild evening for Cosmopolitan, as wild, screaming fabulously-clad gals brought out their water guns yet again to squirt the hot, hot, hot Centerfolds and Bachelors who took to the stage at the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2009

The prison-themed party, dubbed “Cosmo Cell Block 69” had the Bachelors and Centerfolds, led by young male stars Gerald Anderson and Aljur Abrenica, clad in sexy-fied prison garb that they later stripped (of course!) to the delight of hundreds of guests. Everyone was even given whistles to blow whenever they see the hunky “bad" boys coming, but they must have been too busy screaming to their hearts content to do so."

And who wouldn’t want to scream if there are 69 more-than-half-naked men strutting their hot stuff in front you? Not only that, the crowd also witnessed heart-thumping male action, with staged brawls and special numbers."

It was indeed a very hot event for all the those who attended the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Summit Media also launched the new website.

While waiting for the show to start, attendees can have their photos taken with different hunks as well, in the booths located at the back.

We also got an "I love" keychain. I chose the keychain instead of the sticker. I hope they just gave both instead of asking us to choose which one we want. There is also one round of cocktail drinks for everyone.

There are a lot of people already inside when we entered the tent, and since we only have the regular pass, we had to watch the show at the back. Since I am kind of small, well not kind of, I'm really small, it was rather hard for me to watch and see the stage, even the big screen installed at the front. I then looked for a better way or place to watch the show. I stayed at the very back of the area, near the Nike booth, from there, I can see the whole big screen, but not the entire stage. My friends and I then saw two monobloc chairs, we stood up on the chairs, and viola! we were able to see the entire show from there. We hadn't had a hard time watching, people at the front can't block our visuals since we are standing on the chair. We screamed at the top of our lungs and made snide and good comments as well. We had a very fun night and it was a Girls night out for us!

I hope that me and my girlfriends can watch again next year. Looking forward to next year's event, and wondering what their next theme would be and if they can top off this year's bash.

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