First payment from Adgitize

I have signed up at Adgitize since last June. I signed up under my sister Czaroma, of A Woman Remembers. I thought it was like Google Adsense wherein I just need to post the ads on my blog. I was too lazy to read the FAQ so I really don't know how it works, how will I earn, etc.

Middle of last month, while browsing and reading the thread at Girltalk, they were talking about Adgitize. They said, one needs to click on ads, put the RSS url. Curiosity got me, so I login to my Adgitize account, and one by one read the FAQ and Help section. I should have done it earlier. I checked my profile, I did not submit the RSS of my blog, so no points were accumulated for my past posts. Sad!! :(

That day, I submitted the RSS and started clicking as well. I had an average of 200-260 points. I did some research and some said, you need to advertise to be able to earn more. I asked my sister if it's worth it. She said, the advertisment really helped in the increase of blog visitors.

After much thought, I advertised, chose the 1 month advertisement worth $14.00 . I religiously clicked everyday and posted articles, anything I want to post as this is a personal blog. At the end of this month, I calculated my earnings and estimated I will be able to reach payout by mid October.

Earlier, while reading my sister's blog, she posted that she was again paid by Adgitize. I'm so happy for her.

When I login to my account, I checked my current earnings, and was surprised that the status posted as "PAID". What?!? I haven't even reached the minimum payout yet! But when I looked at it again, I was way over the minimum payout. I still don't know how they calculate the earnings, but I am happy that I got paid by Adgitize for the first time. I checked my paypal account, and there it was!! Yey! I am so happy!

Here are my accumulated points starting June


And here's the payment proof

adgitize - 1

Thanks to my sister for introducing Adgitize to me! More power Adgitize!

adgitize - 1

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8 Responses to “First payment from Adgitize”

  1. Hi! Nice info and congrats for your first payment from adgitize?
    Drop ED and Adgi Here :)
    Please visit my blog

  2. Hi I am on adgitize also. I did a post about them today.You should go over and check it out. It has some important information you might like.You can copy and past anything you like on my site.

  3. hi congrats on your received payment. hopefully i would get mine soon. your from the philippines right?where?. how long have you been to adgitize anyway?, i heard that it helps if you advertise with coz it will increase you points. maybe i would do that as far i don't have any balance yet. well thats about it. hope we can exchange links. mine is let me knoe if your interested.have a good day!.

  4. hello congrats for your first earning at adgitize. Me too i got my first payment at adgitize yesterday. btw sis mali ang paglalagay mo ng paint i mean kulay sa paypal transaction mo dapat ung unique transaction no. at paypal email add mo lang ang ihihide mo nakalabas ung transaction mo kasi eh...

  5. congratulations on your 1st payout. i fell short of payout because like you, i failed to include my RSS feed when i joined Adgitize back in August. i failed to read the fine print so the entire month of August went wasted.=(

  6. Hi congratulations to your payout.

    When i see it correctly in your Adgitize Payment Screenshot you had two active referrals in November they gave you already 2 x 6$ (this is not yet calculated into your daily earnings, only at the end of the month you can see this in the "Payment" section of Adgitize).
    But you can have always a look into "Sponsored Affiliates" and "Sponsored Affiliates with ads". The last one gives you the 6$ for a first time ad and 1$ for a renewed ad in the following months!

    By the way,
    you can improve your ADGITIZE earnings and get additional free traffic if you follow my new blog post about Adgitize.

  7. congrats!!!

    keep it up! almost 1 year na ako sa Adgitize and still very much satisfied with their services.

  8. Hi sis, i have an account in Adgitize too pero hindi ko rin alam kung papano.... zge, i will read adgitize na rin :D Congrats!



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