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It's been 2 weeks since my last workout. Yesterday, I decided to do some cardio workout at Fitness First Megamall. It was my first time to try their Megamall branch, as I frequent Fitness First Eastwood (my home gym) and Fitness First Manila.

I gave my ID card to the receptionist and then she gave me an access card for the locker. I asked where is the locker room located since it was my first time in their branch. At first, she did not answer my question, just stared at me. I repeated, and this time she answered, but I was wondering if she really works there, she doesn't know exactly where it is located and she's having a hard time giving me directions. Finally, she just said "diretso, kaliwa" (straight, left). Well! I think I like the one at Fitness First Manila wherein the receptionist even toured me inside the gym, pointing out the facilities, and guiding me until we reach the locker room.

While walking and looking for the locker room, I can feel the stares of trainers, they must be wondering if I really am new there, if I already have a trainer, etc.

Locker room was nice, it was big, with a TV (same as Manila, Eastwood doesn't have a TV inside the locker room), lots of lockers, but the mirrors are limited. The lockers are the electronic version.

Since I have very limited time, I just used the treadmill. Less than 2 minutes, a personal trainer approached me while I was at the treadmill. He began talking to me as if we were close friends and we have known each other for a long time. Same as in Manila, he also offered me free training after my cardio. I declined the offer, as I said, I have limited time. I also made it clear that I already have my own trainer at the Eastwood Branch. Letting them know that you already have a trainer will stop or refrain them from offering you personal training sessions, as long as you don't say that your package is about to expire.

The Megamall branch is a little small. I think if there are a lot of people working out, it gets too crowded. They should have just made the lounge a little smaller to make room for the machines. The machines are placed so close to each other. The area where you could do some abs exercise is too small, I think it can only accommodate 2-3 persons at a time.

I only stayed there for less than an hour, cardio and a quick shower. Staff are friendlier at Eastwood and Manila.

I plan to try Fitness First The Fort, and MOA soon.

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  1. we got it here and getting more and more, its so expensive cant afford to go, a mth almost $400 money here


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