My Thursday

I started working around 6am, and have been working the whole day. I felt sad and alone at the same time. Working at home sometimes can get you lonely, especially in my case that I am by myself most of the time. Mid afternoon, I was already thinking of asking BF if we could eat dinner at the mall or somewhere as long as its out of the house.

Good thing that my BF's ccompany was one of the major sponsors in the SEIPI 25th Anniversary. So, I went with him to the party slash oktoberfest celebration of SEIPI, he was able to get an extra ticket so I can come with him.

We first had our dinner at Market Market. Yeah, I know, we are going to a party. BF and I usually eat first before going to a party since we don't get to eat a lot when attending parties.
After dinner, we proceeded to NBC Tent where the party is being held. We had a hard time looking for a parking slot so we had to go around the area lots of time, we decided to go around for the last time, and if we can't find one we'll just go home. Fortunately, we saw a car leaving his parking slot.

We then went to the party, there were a lot of attendees, all coming from different companies. NBC Tent was so full last night. The theme of the party was German inspired, the buffet was situated on both sides of the tent, all serving German cuisines. There was also overflowing beer. We got this huge souvenir mug from SEIPI.

We searched for the table reserved for their company, but, we found out his officemates had left already. Maybe they just decided to eat and then go. Haha! Eat and run!

I texted my bestfriend, she was also there, SEIPI was one of their clients. We saw her walking around, and when she saw us, she told us she's already tipsy, we only had a little time to talk. She was ushered by one of her friends in the stage to join the ongoing contest, which was to Yodel! She was the last contestant, I was not surprised that she won, because she was good! After the contest, she went back to where we where standing. We said our goodbyes already as BF and I have no plans to stay since we really don't know most of the people there.

While getting out of the parking lot, I told BF I want to eat at Contis. I have been craving for a Contis' cheesecake for almost 3 weeks already.

He ordered Oreo cheesecake.

I was torn between Mango Bravo, Choco Overload and Oreo Cheesecake as well. Mango Bravo won! It was really good! It was so big, I was not able to eat the whole slice, I had to bring half of it home.


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2 Responses to “My Thursday”

  1. Conti's serves one of the best Oreo cheesecakes I have ever tasted. Their Choco Overload can never go wrong, too. =)

  2. Aw.. yeah. super bored din ako sa house, eh taong kalye pa naman ako. hihi.

    love ko din conti's! ung leche flan nila, tamang tama lang, tska ung mango cake. yum yum! yet to try that oreo. hmm..


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