Naraya Bag

I won again!

This time from promos.

I won a Naraya Bag!

Naraya Bags are made of different fabrics that can surely make you look fashionable even when wearing the simplest outfit.

I can't remember when I joined the promo. I was surprised when I got the email because I usually just send my contact details and forgot all about the contests and promos I join.

I was not even sure what does a Naraya Bag looks like. When I got the email, I was so happy, I immediately researched the Naraya Bag to see what it looks like. It was indeed a fashionable piece.

I was surprised to see the bag, it was so big! And I won, not just one Naraya bag, but two! There is a smaller one. I got the gold color bag.

I took a picture of it (but the photo I took does not give justice to the actual beauty of the bag hehe)

I love it!

but the problem is, I think I can't use it. Since it is made from fabric, I am afraid I might ruin it if I use it. If ever I use a big bag, I usually just put everything on it as long as there is space :)

Well, still thinking if I'll use it, sell it, or give it as a gift on Christmas.

Thanks Stylebible and Naraya! Hope to win again next time on your next promos!

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6 Responses to “Naraya Bag”

  1. that's cute! congratulations! if i'm not mistaken, it's made of silk or satin, right? i have a NARAYA, too, but it's not a bag, it's a tray made of silk for my thingamabobs.:) congratulations again!

  2. wow, galing naman! congrats.. i'll set up a contest soon.. sali ka huh :D still thinking of the mechanics kasi eh :D

  3. you're so lucky! congrats :)

  4. nice pala! don't use & don't sell, give it to me as a birthday gift ;)

  5. @ bambie -- thanks! its cute! its satin i think haha not sure

    @ U Pink -- contest?! sure sali ako!!

    @ pumpkienpie -- thanks

    @ czaroma -- at naisip mo talaga ang birthday mo ha?!? isipin ko muna! haha

    @ nicquee -- yup. nice xa. kaso as i said, don;t know if i'll use it


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