The Safe Players

Last month, I answered a quiz posted at facebook. The quiz was sponsored by Go Nuts Donuts.

The first 350 people to take the quiz will be given GCs.

My quiz result is I am one of

The Safe Players

You like sweets but you do not eat them as much since your afraid that it would ruin your diet.You hesitate to get that piece of donut or another scoop of ice cream but actually, you are dying to get another round of these sweet, delectable treats. You're probably also the type of person that eats sweets if you see that your friends are eating some and it makes you crave for sweets like hell! Go Nuts would like to thank you for answering our quiz. As the "Safe Players," we would like to give you a Gift Certificate to satisfy your hidden sweet cravings. Email us your complete name, address and contact numbers at: ***The GC's would be given to the first 350 people that take this quiz

This morning I received an email from Go Doe informing me that my GC us on its via. They will e sending it via snail mail. I used to love Go Nut Donuts, but had to limit myself from eating too much donuts or sweets lately to lose weight.

But as soon as I get the GC they will be sending, I will definitely use the GC, buy donuts, and eat!

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One Response to “The Safe Players”

  1. I love their pastillas de leche. I will always love that!


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