What does your name say about you?

"The 21st Century Einstein"

You're not just smart in the brain, but also in your common sence. You always no what to do, and everyone goes to you for answers.
You brain is a big balloon! Not literally! It's full of information. You love learning about things, and you like to read. There's no stopping you in this world. Be who you want!

Einstein? really? hehe

I do have common sense, but for the past few dat I think I might be losing a little bit of the common sense hahaha BF said so! he said i should limit my facebook time especially limit or at least stop playing mafia wars and other games at facebook.

now i wonder, am i really losing a little of my common sense?

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One Response to “What does your name say about you?”

  1. LOL! reminds me of my BF. at one time, he forbade me to log in to my Facebook account because i loved playing games there, too.

    i don't think it's losing your common sense. i think it's purely having fun and unwinding. :)

    anyway, now that my BF knows i also use Facebook to earn money, he's like: "Go for it!" LOL!


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