Congratulations, you are a Top 25 Provider on oDesk!

I got this email yesterday from Odesk. Good thing I always check my spam folder, if I haven't, I wouldn't have read this email.

Odesk is a a Marketplace and a Workplace. oDesk solves the core challenges faced by online workteams.

If you have read my past posts, I have been working through Odesk for one year and seven months now. I have worked on different assignments already: data entry, market research, project management, link building, image editing, etc.

I am so happy to know that I am one of the Top 25 Virtual Assistant on Odesk.

The email they sent me:


The post at Odesk:


The badges I can post here at my blog or anywhere:


BF asked me what do I get for being part of the Top 25. I said "bragging rights, of course! hehe!" and being a part of it would mean a plus point for my profile, I can land more assignments and projects.

Congatulations to my fellow Filipinos who are also part of the Top 25 Virtual Assistants! Way to go everyone!

Thank you Odesk!

Thank you also to my past and current Buyers who have trusted me to work on their projects and I promise that I will continue doing my best on every project assigned to me.

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8 Responses to “Congratulations, you are a Top 25 Provider on oDesk!”

  1. Hi, congratulations! Buti ka pa, ako, 2007 pa ako sa Odesk hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong makuhang work sa kanila, most ng mg works ko sa ibang Virtual Assistant sites.

  2. Good job sis. I signed up with Odesk last May I think of this year. So far I have earned $200 na! Check my blog. I love Odesk and article writing is my forte. :)

    You've got a lovely blog award!

  3. Wow! I have been with oDesk a few weeks ago lang. I have 2 assignments so far although yung isa, nilabas na nya sa oDesk. I think I'm liking it cos wala pa kong real job and my latest assignment is sobrang "serious", nakakadrain.

  4. Congrats sis!

    I signed up there matagal na pero dipa ako nka pag take ng exam. Wala pa kasi akong time. Madali lang ba exams nila?

  5. @ Crayons n Pencils -- thanks! i haven't tried sa ibang sites, Odesk palang. ano pa ba magandang sites for online work? Try lang ng try, makakuha ka rin ng work sa Odesk.

    @ lizzy -- thanks sis! I also love Odesk! :)Thanks for the award, I'll post it soon.

    @ mara -- congrats! nakakuha ka agad ng work sa Odesk! ull not only like it, u'll also love it! hehe

    @ walkk w/ me -- thanks! madali lang exams nila

  6. Wow, Congrats! di pa ko nag try sa odesk. pero dami ko na naririnig bout it. parang hirap eh. hihi. ^^

  7. Wow, that's super nice! Congrats, I haven't tried odesk but i wish to in the future. I hope you can visit my blog too. :)

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