Fr Domie Guzman's Message during PCS@97 Mass -- Part 1

From kinder to 4th year high school, I only went to one school, Paco Catholic School.

Last week, my alma mater celebrated its 97th Foundation Day. With it, I want to share the a wonderful homily of Fr. Domie Guzman (PCS Class '78) during the Eucharistic Celebration of PCS Foundation Day last Friday, November 6. Aside from Thanksgiving for PCS@97, he calls on Paconians to come together in 2012 to celebrate PCS@100.

It's rather a long homily so I will be breaking it down into 3 parts. The next 2 parts will be posted in the next 2 days.

PCS @97
Friday , 31th Ord (Yr 1)

Romans 15:14-21
Psalm 98:1, 2-3-4
Luke 16:1-8

One thing I learned in taking exams is that at least not to get “O”… one must follow instructions. When I received the invitation of the Board of Trustees, Msgr Cirilos, the Admin, the Faculty and the Staff of PCS, I read: on the welcome page of the invitation… a three liner theme… the spirit of celebration. So, let me follow instructions and draw my reflections along those three lines.

The first line in the three-liner theme says –

(1) PCS @ 97

What could this probably mean for us?

EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION is how we refer to this first “activity” of Day One in our anniversary program. A common English word that we use in church-oriented circles, this word – we know very well – was Greek. Rooted on “Efkaristein” which means thanksgiving – pasasalamat.


Indeed, there are many things that make all of us offer “Efkaristein” to God this first moment of our two-day program. One, we thank God for the weather. Unpredictable a lot of times and threatening for us who have experienced Typhoon Ondoy, weather this morning (though not entirely pleasant) has made our gathering possible. Two, we thank God for the blessings of health… seeing that a good number of important attendees this morning are not that young! Three, we thank God for the gift of seeing each other – alive. While the month of November is traditionally a month to commemorate those people who have departed (and this year, we include Fr Carlos into that list) , these two days of November (6 and 7)we celebrate Paconians who have come to say: we are alive, we are well, we are doing well.

We gather in thanksgiving this morning, above all, because as the first line of the three-liner theme states: PCS@97. Yes, PCS is 97 years old. This is not just adding another year to PCS history. This is telling us: we are moving ever closer to a countdown to the centennial… yes, PCS is 97 years … and we are just 3 years away from the important landmark: PCS @ 100. 3 more years. So… we say: Thank you, Lord… and as we thank you this morning, we come with the hope and the prayer… may we all – all of us who are here -- come to experience that fullness of time, that great foundation day, the jubilee of all foundation days. May we come 3 years from now to gather and thank you for PCS @100.

This is what makes this morning special
This, I believe, is the first movement of the spirit for us. be continued

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