Fr Domie Guzman's Message during PCS@97 Mass -- Part 2

The second line of the theme reads on --

(2) Sustaining the Mission of Jesus the Son…

Our celebration of the Eucharist, especially the proclamation of the Word of God, reminds us: our program is not to just to count days and years and say “Yehey… we’ve come this far.” (Tutunga-tunganga… resting on our history… and laurels.)

Jesus’ words from the parable of today echoes and re-echoes: “Give me an account of your service…” These verses from the lessons of God’s Word in our Eucharist bring home to us the familiar lines of our PCS motto: Noblesse Oblige! – Your Nobility, your Dignity is great and great, therefore, is your responsibility.

PCS @ 97, PCS @ 100 less 3… is a call not just to thanks… but to account… to be committed to what makes PACONIAN a dignity. The spirit invites us to also move to commitment.

What commitment?
And what makes being a PACONIAN a dignity?

I revisited and flipped through the pages of the commemorative souvenir edition of “PCS Gazette” that my batch – Batch 1978 – issued during our Silver Jubilee homecoming on December 6, 2003 (6 years ago). I opened my Facebook Account and tried to browse the profiles of my batch mates whom I have reconnected with through the current technology of the internet. From these, came my impression – what makes a PACONIAN a nobility and a dignity:
- Living Faith that makes us believe in God and goodness wherever life brings us
- Dynamic Faith that makes us joyful as we go and shine at our own places of destiny, and corners of competence
- Faith that makes us go for excellence in everything – in family life, career, etc.

This is the Vision and Mission of Jesus the Son: He who is God became Man, Son of God and Son of Man… so that Man may see fullness of life… and he said: “I came that you may have life, life to the full” (Jn 10:10).

PCS @ 97 – starting from the celebration of Jesus’ memory in the Eucharist – reminds us: as Jesus says – DO THIS IN MEMORY – so… LET THE MEMORY OF WHAT IS UNIQUELY PACONIAN LIVE AND BE RELIVED… sustain the mission of Jesus: fullness and excellence of life.

We are called to re-commit…
Like the enterprising manager in the Gospel of today: let not the bad times overwhelm us. Pessimism or Pragmatism is not enough for a true-blooded Paconian!

Like the enterprising manager in the Gospel of Jesus – we should be committed to the initiative of goodness.

... to be continued

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