Top Entrecard Droppers - October

I have been busy and at the same time a bit lazy to post and to drop EC cards lately.
This is to thank the Top Entrecard Droppers for my blog for the month of October.
Thank you for continuously visiting my blog and dropping ECs.
Thank you also for my constant visitors.

1. Jean sQuared - 30 drops - Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever


2. Wirez and Circuitz - 26 drops - computers, internet, technology, gadgets, movie trailers free downloads


3. My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf - 24 drops - Take a look inside my thoughts, my heart and my hobbies. This is sue me.


4. Funky Town Disco Music - 23 drops - Funky Town Disco Music 70s 80s Funky Soul Jazz Pop Music, Old Vinyls Record. If you do not like the usual music, this is the right blog, welcome. Who was born with this music, hardly forget..and others,enjoy.


5. Ramblings of a Haemophiliac - 23 drops - I post about everything I like. My blog is the only place where I am not a disabled.


6. A Woman Remembers - 18 drops - The life and love of a woman. A womans journey as she lives a life in sweetness and serenity. Words shared by a mom who loves life, her family and her children. Thoughts and feelings of a woman reflecting her experiences, her views, her passion and everything else in between.

A Woman Remembers

7. Grampy and You! - 17 drops - A Christian Grampy Blog. Almost retired finding new projects to do and share.

Grampy and You!

8. Big Love Blog - 16 drops - My Bubba and I

Big Love Blog

9. Lohman Trading - 15 drops - Focus is on Rubber Stamping, Handmade, Green, ECO, Scrapbooking, Crafts, Etsy, ArtFire, and eBay.

Lohman Trading

10. The Last Reflex: Deja - 15 drops - explore our deja experience

The Last Reflex

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One Response to “Top Entrecard Droppers - October”

  1. Oh, I'm in the list.☺ Thanks for posting this. Hope I make it again this month.


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