Messages from family and friends

When I got out of the hospital, I posted a new status in my facebook account:


thanks to all my family and friends the d care, support & love you have shown me,ayie and our little angel, for the past 3 would take us some time to cope with what had happened but i know God has another plan for us,a very special one...

to my family (the whole oquindo clan!), never ending talga ang support as always, never fails! love you all! (special mention lang, wlang magtatampo ha!, to my nurse and cuzin toptop, hehe kaht pasaway ako, remained calm habang nagwawala ako sa hospital room, salamt sa pagbabantay maghapon at pag aalaga)...

to the kaladkarins, who cried for us as well with had happened, truly you proved us na true friends kayo, through thick and thin talaga, kahit xmas party natin super txt pa rin para maka-update what's happening na sa kin, walang wifi sa ospital! hehe...

to bes, love you, alam mo na un...

to my other friends, salamat ng marami...

to ayie -- bheng, kaya natin to!! pagsubok lang to! love ka namin ng little angel natin...

to our little angel, we might not be able to see and hold you, we were excited to have you. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! we will miss you! and for sure we'll always think of you...


i received, again, tons of messages. i managed not to cry everytime i receive a message in my inbox, in my facebook wall, or even in my cellphone. here are the messages in my facebook wall.

teary eyed naman ako... yeah, everything happens for a reason. pagaling ka ng husto.

get well soon...

get well soon....

Rachelle Therese
remember that you and ayie still have each other, you have your very loving and supportive family, and we are always here-your friends to stick it out with you no matter what.

pagaling ka kaagad liv, be strong, keep the faith, maybe its not really meant to be , for now...but soon another blessing will come.

love you girl !

Sis, isipin na lang natin, may magandang dahilan bkt nangyari ito. Hndi pa nga cguro ngaun ang right time. Don't lose hope.. At least may real angel na kayo to watch over you. Be strong. We'll pray for you.ingat lagi!

hi ne,hope everything is ok...God has a reason why it happen,be return youll receive what is real for you and ayie...always here for you. Cheer up!

get well soon livs... intay lang, i'm sure kapag tamang panahon na, another blessing will come sa inyo ni ayie. tc...

be strong and tama god is have a reason for everything... take care!!!

Christine Everth
Hello nene and ayie, we are always here for you. **hugs** to you and ayie. can't say more.. we are very sad too with what happened.

Mae Yu
...Getwellsoon livia...!!!try to have another one...

ingat ka lagi....

Dave Vergel
God will always be there to lead you... God Bless you always...

get well soon Liv, kay nyo yan ni Ayie...may God give both of you the strength...we're all here for both of you...hugs =)

To Ate Ne: HAHAHAHAH!!!! wala un.....NAKADIAPERS KA NAMAN eh..hehehhe

To Ayie: GAwa na lang ulit....Famous line " Di kp pde bumangon Dahil Mahihilo ka" ....

I know that ur little angel will watch over you forever.. Ninang Liv, me and my 2 little angels too .. esp ur inaanak.. we are just here for you.. love you...

Jalysa Miriella
get well soon,ate!


tnx 2 all my family & friends 4 d care,support & luv u have shown me, liv & our little angel,4 d past 3 days....

kay MAMA na kahit na alma naming sobrang kinakabahan eh tawag ng tawag at text ng text kahit maha...l

kay PAPA at kay BOSS na kasama ko ngantay at ngpuyat sa hospital...... See More

kay top na parang nurse at doctor ( on call ) at the same time

sa mga nurses at doctor na ngbigay ng knailang pagaaruga kailanga at pacencya nung panahong kailangan nmin...

sa mga taong ndi nkapunta pero alam nmn nming nandayn lang kc ngpaparamdam nmn

sa mga KALADKARIN......walang kupas na supporta sa amiin MARAMING SALAMAT...each time na kasami nmin kau lalo nyo lang pinapakitang ndi kmi ngkami ng sinasamahan....SOLID

to liv---> bheng tulad ng sinabi ko sau...pagsubok lang long as we have each other I know kaya nating lagpasan ito...


here are messages in my facebook inbox


ganon pala ang nangyari,really sad dont worry if hat the consequences and complication will happened,lets pray n lang next time everything will be alright, ngat ka lagi, and have rest for the meantime, kain ka mabuti para makabawi ka okk.pagod ka din. pahinga kaw ha, sunod okey na okey na. GOD BLESS.

hi, i saw your post. hope you and ayie will be ok soon. i'll be including you in my prayers. God bless!

I'm so sad for both of you.

I know gusto mo na magka baby matagal na kaya lam ko na super saya mo nung nalaman mo na preggy ka. Si ayie, as far as i know H.S pa lang kami sinasabi nya sakin na ayaw nya magka baby kasi he's scared na matulad sya sa father nya, pero the mere fact na he accepted the responsibility of being a father sa baby nyo, lam ko na yun ang pinakamasayang nangyari sa kanya.. I am truly sad for you, ayie and sa baby nyo.

I can't tell you "I know the feeling so be strong", kasi hindi ako naka experience ng nangyari sa inyo, Pero I know the feeling of loosing someone you love. and it really hurts. All I can say is; embrace the emotions, embrace everything that is happening right now, this is the better way to get over it than pretending to be strong. If you have to cry it out loud, do it.

If there's something I can do, seriously, just ask me. I haven't prayed to God since he took my mom away from me, but tonight i'll ask him to take good care of your little angel.

kmusta ka na? d ko alam yung nangyri sau. nakita ko lng post mo. get well soon. i will pray for your fast recovery and to your little angel. God bless :)


I have already deleted most of the text messages I have received, so I won't be able to post them in here.

I am posting this because I just want to say thank you to everyone. Those messages have kept and helped me to be strong, and made me realize that a lot of people cares for me.

Again, thank you!

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  1. I wish you a speedy recovery and in future please avoid any instances that may end up getting you hospitalised.


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