To Our Little Angel

A post from Ayie (my fiancee) for our little angel

From the very beginning I loved you,
As I made plans to hold you and rock you:
You were tiny and helpless as you lay in mom's womb,
But something went wrong and soon you were gone;
My young heart was broken, my tears fell like rain,
I'd never known such heartache and pain.

I wonder who you look like, me or your mom,
Do you have my smile and his eyes?
Would you have been big and tall or tiny and small?
We had dreams for you that reached to the skies.
Thanks to Jesus, I'll see you in heaven.

We'll hold you in heaven someday,
When Our trials on earth pass away;
The angels have rocked you, the Father watches over you,
I know you're waiting for us;
I never could hold you or tell you "Goodbye",
But We'll hold you in heaven someday.

and this one is from me...

You Are My Little Angel,
Up Above In Heaven Now,
I Wish That I Could Hold You,
If Only There Was A Way How...

You Are Still My Little One,
I Keep You In My Heart,
I Know Someday I'll See You,
And We Wont Be Apart...

But Until Then I'll Think Of You,
In The Rain Or Shine,
I Will Keep On Loving You,
You'll Always Be Mine...

So Take Care My Darling,
In Heaven Up Above,
And Until I See You,
I'll Send Up All My Love...

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4 Responses to “To Our Little Angel”

  1. awwwww. those are beautiful messages. mind if i ask what happened?

  2. @ nicquee

    please read this post


  3. Wonderful but poignant two poems. The imagery is clear, the thoughts are beautiful and heartwarming, as well as sad. But it's still a celebration of life, of love, and of God's will.

    I hope both of you can take comfort in the truth that nothing happens by chance; everything happens for a reason. Although as of now the purpose is not clear, but later on it will.

    I wish you both well.

  4. Nice poems. Hope you're feeling better now.


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