October 2009

Funny Roadwork Sign: You'll Never Get To Work on Time

I came across this image earlier and find it really funny.

It's bad enough that roadworks causes too much traffic but seeing this sign would let you think or react in two ways.

a. To get pissed off because you'll be late to the office or

b. You'll just laugh at the sign

Image Source: funnyphotos.net.au

God wants you to know

On this day of your life, Liv,
we believe God wants you to know ... that you are perfect as you are.

God doesn't create faulty life. No. Everything created by God is perfect, and so are you. So stop driving yourself mad with endless ways to improve, and just accept the glory of your being as is.

I'm perfect! Thank you God for making me perfect. :D

Corregidor tour

This is a scheduled post.

By the time, this is posted, I would be at Corregidor with BF and 4 of our friends.

This is my 3rd time to tour Corregidor.

The first time was last year 2000 (I think), it was only a day tour with my family.

The second time was last 2005, overnight vacation with BF.

Now I am back for the 3rd time with friends.

I'll post some pics and some kwento (story) about my tour as soon as I get back.

My Thursday

I started working around 6am, and have been working the whole day. I felt sad and alone at the same time. Working at home sometimes can get you lonely, especially in my case that I am by myself most of the time. Mid afternoon, I was already thinking of asking BF if we could eat dinner at the mall or somewhere as long as its out of the house.

Good thing that my BF's ccompany was one of the major sponsors in the SEIPI 25th Anniversary. So, I went with him to the party slash oktoberfest celebration of SEIPI, he was able to get an extra ticket so I can come with him.

We first had our dinner at Market Market. Yeah, I know, we are going to a party. BF and I usually eat first before going to a party since we don't get to eat a lot when attending parties.
After dinner, we proceeded to NBC Tent where the party is being held. We had a hard time looking for a parking slot so we had to go around the area lots of time, we decided to go around for the last time, and if we can't find one we'll just go home. Fortunately, we saw a car leaving his parking slot.

We then went to the party, there were a lot of attendees, all coming from different companies. NBC Tent was so full last night. The theme of the party was German inspired, the buffet was situated on both sides of the tent, all serving German cuisines. There was also overflowing beer. We got this huge souvenir mug from SEIPI.

We searched for the table reserved for their company, but, we found out his officemates had left already. Maybe they just decided to eat and then go. Haha! Eat and run!

I texted my bestfriend, she was also there, SEIPI was one of their clients. We saw her walking around, and when she saw us, she told us she's already tipsy, we only had a little time to talk. She was ushered by one of her friends in the stage to join the ongoing contest, which was to Yodel! She was the last contestant, I was not surprised that she won, because she was good! After the contest, she went back to where we where standing. We said our goodbyes already as BF and I have no plans to stay since we really don't know most of the people there.

While getting out of the parking lot, I told BF I want to eat at Contis. I have been craving for a Contis' cheesecake for almost 3 weeks already.

He ordered Oreo cheesecake.

I was torn between Mango Bravo, Choco Overload and Oreo Cheesecake as well. Mango Bravo won! It was really good! It was so big, I was not able to eat the whole slice, I had to bring half of it home.


The Safe Players

Last month, I answered a quiz posted at facebook. The quiz was sponsored by Go Nuts Donuts.

The first 350 people to take the quiz will be given GCs.

My quiz result is I am one of

The Safe Players

You like sweets but you do not eat them as much since your afraid that it would ruin your diet.You hesitate to get that piece of donut or another scoop of ice cream but actually, you are dying to get another round of these sweet, delectable treats. You're probably also the type of person that eats sweets if you see that your friends are eating some and it makes you crave for sweets like hell! Go Nuts would like to thank you for answering our quiz. As the "Safe Players," we would like to give you a Gift Certificate to satisfy your hidden sweet cravings. Email us your complete name, address and contact numbers at: godoe@gonutsdonuts.com. ***The GC's would be given to the first 350 people that take this quiz

This morning I received an email from Go Doe informing me that my GC us on its via. They will e sending it via snail mail. I used to love Go Nut Donuts, but had to limit myself from eating too much donuts or sweets lately to lose weight.

But as soon as I get the GC they will be sending, I will definitely use the GC, buy donuts, and eat!

Fitness First Megamall

It's been 2 weeks since my last workout. Yesterday, I decided to do some cardio workout at Fitness First Megamall. It was my first time to try their Megamall branch, as I frequent Fitness First Eastwood (my home gym) and Fitness First Manila.

I gave my ID card to the receptionist and then she gave me an access card for the locker. I asked where is the locker room located since it was my first time in their branch. At first, she did not answer my question, just stared at me. I repeated, and this time she answered, but I was wondering if she really works there, she doesn't know exactly where it is located and she's having a hard time giving me directions. Finally, she just said "diretso, kaliwa" (straight, left). Well! I think I like the one at Fitness First Manila wherein the receptionist even toured me inside the gym, pointing out the facilities, and guiding me until we reach the locker room.

While walking and looking for the locker room, I can feel the stares of trainers, they must be wondering if I really am new there, if I already have a trainer, etc.

Locker room was nice, it was big, with a TV (same as Manila, Eastwood doesn't have a TV inside the locker room), lots of lockers, but the mirrors are limited. The lockers are the electronic version.

Since I have very limited time, I just used the treadmill. Less than 2 minutes, a personal trainer approached me while I was at the treadmill. He began talking to me as if we were close friends and we have known each other for a long time. Same as in Manila, he also offered me free training after my cardio. I declined the offer, as I said, I have limited time. I also made it clear that I already have my own trainer at the Eastwood Branch. Letting them know that you already have a trainer will stop or refrain them from offering you personal training sessions, as long as you don't say that your package is about to expire.

The Megamall branch is a little small. I think if there are a lot of people working out, it gets too crowded. They should have just made the lounge a little smaller to make room for the machines. The machines are placed so close to each other. The area where you could do some abs exercise is too small, I think it can only accommodate 2-3 persons at a time.

I only stayed there for less than an hour, cardio and a quick shower. Staff are friendlier at Eastwood and Manila.

I plan to try Fitness First The Fort, and MOA soon.

What does your name say about you?

"The 21st Century Einstein"

You're not just smart in the brain, but also in your common sence. You always no what to do, and everyone goes to you for answers.
You brain is a big balloon! Not literally! It's full of information. You love learning about things, and you like to read. There's no stopping you in this world. Be who you want!

Einstein? really? hehe

I do have common sense, but for the past few dat I think I might be losing a little bit of the common sense hahaha BF said so! he said i should limit my facebook time especially limit or at least stop playing mafia wars and other games at facebook.

now i wonder, am i really losing a little of my common sense?

First payment from Adgitize

I have signed up at Adgitize since last June. I signed up under my sister Czaroma, of A Woman Remembers. I thought it was like Google Adsense wherein I just need to post the ads on my blog. I was too lazy to read the FAQ so I really don't know how it works, how will I earn, etc.

Middle of last month, while browsing and reading the thread at Girltalk, they were talking about Adgitize. They said, one needs to click on ads, put the RSS url. Curiosity got me, so I login to my Adgitize account, and one by one read the FAQ and Help section. I should have done it earlier. I checked my profile, I did not submit the RSS of my blog, so no points were accumulated for my past posts. Sad!! :(

That day, I submitted the RSS and started clicking as well. I had an average of 200-260 points. I did some research and some said, you need to advertise to be able to earn more. I asked my sister if it's worth it. She said, the advertisment really helped in the increase of blog visitors.

After much thought, I advertised, chose the 1 month advertisement worth $14.00 . I religiously clicked everyday and posted articles, anything I want to post as this is a personal blog. At the end of this month, I calculated my earnings and estimated I will be able to reach payout by mid October.

Earlier, while reading my sister's blog, she posted that she was again paid by Adgitize. I'm so happy for her.

When I login to my account, I checked my current earnings, and was surprised that the status posted as "PAID". What?!? I haven't even reached the minimum payout yet! But when I looked at it again, I was way over the minimum payout. I still don't know how they calculate the earnings, but I am happy that I got paid by Adgitize for the first time. I checked my paypal account, and there it was!! Yey! I am so happy!

Here are my accumulated points starting June


And here's the payment proof

adgitize - 1

Thanks to my sister for introducing Adgitize to me! More power Adgitize!

adgitize - 1

God wants you to know ...

On this day of your life, Liv, we believe God wants you to know ...
that you've been driving yourself too hard lately.

Sure, there is time to invest yourself fully into work, but there is equally important time for joyful resting. And for you, this time is now. What is the absolutely most wonderful little treat you can give yourself? Do it today.

absolutely most wonderful little treat for myself? hmmm . . .

choosing between the 3:

(1) a well-deserved vacation (cuz, w8 for me dyan sa Cebu, week long vacation! yey!!!)

(2) new laptop

(3) shopping galore

Naraya Bag

I won again!

This time from Stylebible.ph promos.

I won a Naraya Bag!

Naraya Bags are made of different fabrics that can surely make you look fashionable even when wearing the simplest outfit.

I can't remember when I joined the promo. I was surprised when I got the email because I usually just send my contact details and forgot all about the contests and promos I join.

I was not even sure what does a Naraya Bag looks like. When I got the email, I was so happy, I immediately researched the Naraya Bag to see what it looks like. It was indeed a fashionable piece.

I was surprised to see the bag, it was so big! And I won, not just one Naraya bag, but two! There is a smaller one. I got the gold color bag.

I took a picture of it (but the photo I took does not give justice to the actual beauty of the bag hehe)

I love it!

but the problem is, I think I can't use it. Since it is made from fabric, I am afraid I might ruin it if I use it. If ever I use a big bag, I usually just put everything on it as long as there is space :)

Well, still thinking if I'll use it, sell it, or give it as a gift on Christmas.

Thanks Stylebible and Naraya! Hope to win again next time on your next promos!


Make a wish and place it in your heart.
Anything you want, everything you want.
Do you have it?
Good. Now believe it can come true.
You never know where the next miracle
is gonna come from, the next smile,
the next wish come true.

But if you believe it's right around the corner,
and you open your heart and mind to possibility of it,
to the certainty of it,
you might just get the thing you're wishing for.
The world is full of magic.
You just have to believe in it.
So, make your wish.
Do you have it? Good.
Now believe in it with all your heart.

-One Tree Hill

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers' Choice Award (National)

My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers' Choice Award (National)

I vote for A Woman Remembers
Bloggers' Choice Award
2009 Philippine Blog Awards

Top Entrecard Droppers - September

I started with Entrecard firt of September, but was not dropping cards in the middle of the month, and with that, I only got a few drops as well.

I would like to thank the Top 10 Entrecard Droppers of my site:

Coming Back to Life!

Thank you also to all the regular visitors of my site.

For link exchange, just leave me a message.

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