A Night With Richard Poon

I don't usually celebrate Valentine's day. For me, it's just an ordinary day. I can't see the reason for all the celebrations and gift giving, restaurants are all packed it's hard to get a seat, gifts are being sold twice or even thrice it's normal price.

But for all those who love to celebrate Valentine's Day early and avoid the crowd on that day, here's something you really should go to.

Celebrate the season of love as RICHARD POON serenades us once again in a pre-valentine's concert the MERALCO THEATRE, Pasig City with a special guest NINA on FEBRUARY 10, 2010 at 8:00pm.

Place: Meralco Theater, Pasig
Date: Feb. 10, 2010
Time: 8:00PM

Ticket prices are:
* Orchestra : P1900 - with cocktails to be served at 7:00PM
* Loge : P1280
* Balcony : P845

Tickets are available at :
Tel#: 911-5555

If given the chance and the budget (hehehe), I'd also love to see this show. I have heard and watched Richard Poon last year when he was performing at the Eastwood Central Plaza, and I must say, he really is a great singer.

So what are you all waiting for, grab your tickets now!

Watch as a Valentine's Day gift

Valentine's day is almost near. I don't usually celebrate this day as I find it too cliche. While working on an article for one of my clients about Valentine's Day gifts, I came across a site that offers different watches for men and women.

I have not been wearing a watch since high school because everytime I wear one, either I lose it or it easily gets damaged. But there was a certain watch in this site that caught my eye and made me think, it's about time I wear a watch and love wearing one.

The Seiko Diamond Watches - a Diamond Seiko watch for men and Ladies, are just the perfect gift for my fiance and for myself. That is, if I have the budget to buy it in time for Valentine's Day, oh well, may be on our wedding day.

January 2010

It's almost the end of the first month of the year 2010. So far this only my 3rd post for the month. I have been too busy with work that I kind of neglected this blog and the other blog that I am maintaining.

January has been a good month for me. I had tons and tons of work. 24 hours a day is not enough for since there are many things that needs to be done.

Partial recap of my January
1. Promos, contests, etc. -- I joined several promos, contests last December. I won the Celebrity Nail Spa GC from wmn.ph, a Belle de Jour planner from WMN.ph and Femalenetwork.com, a Cosmo Datebook from Spot.ph and a Maybelline lipstick through their survey. My fiance won for himself a Navi planner.

2. Work - My previous clients at Odesk and People per hour has been continuously giving me more things to work on. Gave me great feedback at my LinkedIn account. Another buyer (still waiting for the assignment to be sent) has been in constant communication about the work I will be doing for him. New client from People per hour. My fiance got himself assignments from Odesk too.

3. Social - With my resolution to refrain from going out and eating out to save money. This month, I have only been out with friends, I think, for only four times. Been staying home a lot to work. Limited myself from working at a coffee shop with free internet wifi.

4. Personal - I have been feeling good lately with regards to my health. I think I have fully recovered already after the D&C operation I had last month. Emotionally, I still feel sad everytime losing our first baby crosses my mind. But with everyone's help and support, I'm as strong as ever. . . Working on the wedding preps. Many things needed to be done. Wedding is this March, only a few more weeks and I just started preparing for it.

Thank you for those who have been visiting and still visiting my site. I hope I'll be able to post and visit friend's blogs as often as I could the coming weeks.

That's all for now. . .

Lasik Surgery

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in first year high school. It was hard to move around wearing glasses especially for physical activities.

I then opted to wear contact lenses when I was in college. I've been using contact lenses for more than 10 years now. I was told that wearing contact lenses for a long time will make your retina or cornea thinner so I alternate contact lenses and eyeglasses from time to time.

It has always been a dream of me that I will no longer wear contact lenses or eyeglasses anymore, and have a 20-20 vision again. With the technology right now, it's already possible. I can opt to have a Lasik laser vision correction surgery.

I did some research, and here are what I found out:

- Lasik can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.
- Lasik procedure is fast, it usually last for only 5 to 10 minutes
- Lasik vision recovery can be as little as a few hours, but most see well in about a day or two.
- Lasik normally has no pain.

- Like most surgery procedure, Lasik result vary from patient to patient
- Lasik may make dry-eye symptoms worse for some
- In very rare circustances, Lasik can make the vision worse and not correctable with glasses or contact lenses

The cost for Lasik here in the Philippines is Php50,000 to Php80,000 Philippine pesos or about $1,100-$1750.

According to the research, not everyone can undergo Lasik surgery. There are still tests to undergo to know if you are a good candidate for the vision correction.

As for me, I am very much interested to have Lasik done soon. Maybe if I'll be able to save the cost for the procedure. For now, I have to settle for my contact lenses and eyeglasses.

For more information on Lasik, you can visit the following:

General Lasik information and surgery video available at http://www.usaeyes.org/lasik/faq/lasik.htm

Stahl Eye Center

first post for the year

its 12:31 am of january 6, 2010

i just finished working, i'm not feeling good but i can't sleep so i decided to write my very first post for the year 2010

the past year has been a real roller coaster ride for me. i don't want to go into detail but there are so many things i have learned the past year, many things i have done, many places i have gone to, many laughters and pain. Too much memories, bad and good.

i hope that 2010 would be a good year for me, personally and professionally.

i got this Sagittarius 2010 Horoscope at http://www.psychics.co.uk/2010/sagittarius.html


Your luck in 2010

The home and family are literally blessed in 2010. Expect close relations to be filled with harmonious energy and if in the past there has been any disagreements then the hatchet will easily be buried. New property can be within your scope while other's will choose to renovate existing ones, an expansive energy will surround your immediate environment so expect a change in furniture and surroundings.

Career and Finances

Professional plans and ideas can receive a healthy boost from friends who can aid you with plenty of support and fresh ideas, collaborating with other's can prove to be very successful. April-June can be a phase that requires plenty of discipline and taking on extra-responsibility where the rewards can be reaped come July-September. Those in further education can find first half of the year quite challenging and hard working. There is a tendency to maxing out credit cards and accumulating debt especially around May-July. Extra cash or work opportunities can be found through working from home or through artistic endeavours.

Love Life and Family

Relationships can become quite serious and challenging between April-May where problems bubbling away surface so they can be dealt with. This is a make or break situation for many couples. However come June-August there is a time where romantic interludes and passionate moments flourish, finding that someone special will be easy while those attached find new ways of enjoying each other's company. The home will become the hub of social activity and get togethers this year. Family members can be the source of great inspiration and bring new opportunities your way.


The throat, hips and thighs, lower back are sensitive areas of your body, be sure to wrap up warm during cold weather and avoid extreme exercise that exhausts the legs. Months of April-May and November can see fluctuations in health.

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