It's been exactly one year and three days since my last post here in my blog. A lot had happened since then. I have been pretty busy with sooo much work plus the wedding last march plus transferring to a new home and many many more activties that had took place in the past year.

Now, still with sooo much online work (odesk, elance and direct clients), I will try my very best to find an hour or two to post on my blog, visit my friend's blogs, comment on their blog, and simply update myself with blog posts of bloggers that are really informative and amusing. I really miss reading so much blogs so have to give time to doing it again starting today.

Before I end this post, let me say that aside from BEING BACK to blogging. . . I am also very happy to say that I am now 22-weeks pregnant. Only a few more weeks before we welcome our new bundle of joy!

So friends, see you all in the coming days. happy blogging everyone! i miss you all!

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