September 2011

The Souq International - Moroccan Argan oil

The following is taken from website of The Souq International

Discover Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil is known as the liquid gold of Morocco. This rare oil is made from the nuts of the Argan tree, which grows in no other part of the world except in the Southwestern region of Morocco. It is high in vitamin E and is known as the purest anti-oxidant. This golden colored oil also contains high levels of phytotestorols, squalene, essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids.

For many centuries, Moroccan Argan oil has been used extensively as part of women’s beauty regimen and in the treatment of various skin conditions. A few drops of this precious elixir can help revitalize hair, skin and nails. Today, Moroccan Argan oil has found its way into the mainstream, as more and more cosmetic companies now use it in their moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and age defying products. It is the latest miracle ingredient in the modern day beauty industry.

This truly powerful and amazing oil can do wonders for you from head to toe! Here are just some of the things that this multi-tasking oil have been known to do.

Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil

    Restores and rejuvenates the skin from the damaging effects of pollution, sun exposure, oxidation, tobacco, stress and other environmental factors
    Moisturizes dry, dull skin
    Regulates oily skin and helps shrink pores
    Softens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    Reduces skin irritation and redness, especially in the treatment of acne, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis and skin asthma
    Makes scars and keloids less noticeable
    Prevents stretchmarks because it helps maintain skin elasticity
    Alleviates rheumatism and arthritis pain
    Nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair cuticle from root to tip to prevent breakage
    Stimulates new hair growth
    Moisturizes hair, promotes shine and smoothens frizz and flyaways
    Strengthens brittle nails

The Souq International’s Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% pure, Ecocert certified organic. It is authentic and sourced only from Fair Trade with Women’s Cooperatives that produce Argan oil in Morocco. It is all natural and contains no parabens, fragrances or artificial chemicals. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and safe for all skin types, even babies and pregnant women. The Souq International’s Moroccan Argan Oil is cold pressed, of the highest grade and produced under rigorous and strict quality management systems (QMS-ISO 9001:9008).


I got a sample of the Moroccan Argan Oil when I won in their Facebook Contest. (see my post about it  Winning the Photo Tagging Contest in Facebook of The Souq International)
I was curious whether the Moroccan Argan Oil would be effective for me.  So the day after I got them, I tried it on my stretchmarks. I had stretchmarks on my tummy and on my legs due to pregnancy. SO far, almost 2 weeks of using it, I see a slight improvement. Some have lightened, some have disappeared especially those that are only starting to show up.

The Moroccan Argan Oil is not greasy.  I think the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin. It doesn't smell bad either.

I want to try it in my hair soon and see the difference.

The bottle is still have full but I am planning to buy another bottle already.

Winning the Photo Tagging Contest in Facebook of The Souq International

Last month, I joined the Photo Tagging Contest in Facebook of The Souq International. The mechanics were really simple. You just have to like The Souq International Facebook account, Like the post, Tag the photo, and Post a comment.

To give you a background about company (taken from their FB account):

"THE SOUQ INTERNATIONAL is a premier importer and distributor of carefully selected products that are organic, fairly traded and planet-friendly, sourced from locations off the beaten path, catering to the discerning tastes of the Asia-Pacific markets"
There were many people who joined the contest and to my surprise I was one of the winners.

The prize can be claimed at the Mercato Centrale (I will try to post about this one next time). I went there on a Sunday morning with my husband and our baby. The prize was placed in a brown paper bag. I was so excited to open it that I immediately opened it once we got to the car. 

I got the following:
- a sample of Moroccan Argan Oil
- a bottle of Moroccan Argan Oil

 The benefits of the Moroccan Argan Oil and a review of it on my next post.

Back again for the nth time

I have been gone for a long time. As always, I have been busy with work. But this time around, I have another reason that has been keeping me busy for the past months, that is taking care of my Jabe.
Jabe is 3 months old. I planned to post the day I gave birth to him and the rest of the things that had happened ever since, but I never got the chance since there are so much to say and so much to talk about. But hopefully, this time around I can post as often as I can updating you with my life as a work-at-home mom to Jabe, update about Jabe, post about anything under the sun.
I miss this! I miss blogging! I'm back now and I plan to continue blogging and plan to make new blogs about other topics as well.

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