October 2011

Happy 5th Month Birthday Mi Angel JABE!

Today is JABE's 5th month birthday!
We all went to Fun Ranch to participate in its Trick or Treat activity. Then we proceeded to Han Pao for dinner to celebrate his 5th month. Like the past months, we also bought cake but this time we settled for two chocolate rolls from Red Ribbon. It was a fun day because we were able to spend time with the whole family.
I'll try to post some pics within the week.

Happy 5th Month Birthday Mi Angel JABE! Nanay and Tatay loves you so much!

LJS Annual Bodega Sale 2011

LJS the leading distrubutor of Chef's Classics by Sunnex HK, Goody, Philips Avend and Aprica will be having their LJS Annual Bodega Sale for 2011 on November 10 - 13, 2011. Items will be sale up to 60% OFF.

The sale will be at their Warehouse located at 3555 Magistrado Arellano St, Bacood, Sta Mesa.

Downloadable map to their warehouse: http://bit.ly/w2b3tW

Photo courtesy of Chef Classic FB Page

We will be going on its second day.

I plan to buy items from Sunnex for me, Goody for me and gifts to friends and relatives and of course Philips Avent for Jabe. Now, I need to know my budget for this one as it coincides with the SM Homeworld Sale at SM Megamall Trade Hall happening on November 11-13, which is also another sale that I always look forward to.

Sunshine Babies Boutique Giveaway

Chronicles of a Nursing Mom together with Sunshine Babies is hosting a giveaway!

EM the owner of Sunshine Babies, just recently got her accredition as a LATCH peer counselor and she wants to celebrate it by giving away a Nursing Mom gift set which includes 1 BabyBond and 1 MilkBand.

The BabyBond is a unique cover as it covers the mom and not the baby.  Mom is able to maintain her modesty while baby remains uncovered and benefits from the opportunity to make eye contact, interact and communicate. 

Photo courtesy of the Sunshine Babies

While the MilkBand is a uniquely designed nursing bracelet which lets the mother to quickly and conveniently identify which breast was last used  for feeding.

Photo courtesy of the Sunshine Babies
BabyBond and MilkBand are available at Sunshine Babies Boutique online store.

You could also win both by joining Chronicles of a Nursing Mom's and Sunshine Babies Boutique's Giveaway.

The contest runs from 28 October 2011 up to 11 November 2011.

Visit Chronicles of a Nursing Mom's blog now to join!

Jabe's Photo Entry

I am fond of joining online contests, but not too much if the criteria is garnering the most Facebook Likes.

But for the fun of it and since a lot are doing it, I decided to enter Jabe's photo to The Pocket Baby's Baby Photo Contest

Please help Jabe to win :)

1. Please "LIKE" "thepocketbaby" page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/thepocketbaby/274966772530728

and then

2. "LIKE" Jabe's entry, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=292647784095960&set=a.286983234662415.85650.274966772530728&type=3&theater


Momme Luxe Planner + Mommy Fleur Giveaway!

Mommy Fleur is giving away a Mommy Luxe Planner!

Luxe Planners are created especially for Mommies

image from Mommy Fleur blog

The mechanics for the giveaway is easy.  Just follow Mommy Fleur's four simple steps

1.) Like MomMe Planner in Facebook 
2.) Follow Mommy Fleur in Twitter and like me in Facebook
3.) Tweet "I want a Luxe MomMe planner at www.facebook.com/mommeplanner @Mommyfleur"
4.) Write on your wall "Win a Luxe MomMe planner at http://mommyfleur.blogspot.com/2011/10/momme-luxe-planner-mommy-fleur-giveaway.html". Please tag Momme Planner.

This giveaway will end on November 11, 2011

Please leave a comment in Mommy Fleur's BLOG POST.

Sick Jabe

Mi angel Jabe is sick. He has fever, colds and cough. So I won't be able to write a post or a review or a contest right now. Here's hoping and praying that he'll be ok soon!

Philips AVENT Discussion Board Announcement - OFFICIALLY CLOSSED

Philips AVENT had a Discussion Board in their facebook page since, I think around March or April 2011. A board that allows moms and moms-to-be to interact and share their stories and views on different topics. I had been one of the discussion board members though I started late. I had been fortunate enough to also be picked as one of the Most Active Discussion Boarders wherein, I won a Philips AVENT Insulated Magic Cup which we claimed in their office.

 Being one of the Most Active Discussion Boarders have its privileges. One of them is having VIP seats in their events which I had fully enjoyed in their past two events.

But sad to say, everything has an end. Yesterday, they announced that the Discussion Board will be officially closed on the 31st of October. This is due to the changes that Facebook will be doing.

An excerpt from their post:
"It breaks our heart to announce that we won't be having our Discussion Board in our page anymore. We will be ending our Discussion Board Rewards Program on October 31st as well.  .......
Thank you for being part of the Philips AVENT Online Community. No words can explain how grateful we are. " 
Their official announcment is posted HERE.

It is sad to know that the board will soon be closed. I, together with most of the discussion boarders, have learned a lot through the board. And also have gained friends among them.

 As posted by some  of the moms:

Vee Spritee - aaawww..thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and make new friends through your discussion board Philips Avent (Philippines)!

Krystyna Quimpo - awww....wla nang discussion board? thanks Philips Avent (Philippines) for giving us the opportunity to relate and meet other mommies through your activities. mga mommies...keep in touch...

Edna Dela Carsada - shocks! makapagfile na nga nung mga laman ng discussion board before you delete all of it. thank you Philips Avent (Philippines). & yes, i learned a lot from it and gained a lot of new friends, especially first time moms like me. i just hope to be part of the year-end party. :) 

Cheddy Antonio-Araneta  - Being a first time mom, the discussion board has became a rich source of information on motherhood and child care for me. It became special because of the actual experiences of all the passionate mommies who participated. Thank you Philips Avent (Philippines) for opening this venue to us moms who I know for sure will go on even if the discussion board comes to a close. 

Glaiza Garcia Tominio - thank you philips avent for being instrumental for my newfound mommy friends. i'm sincerely grateful for the discussion board, i became a more confident neophyte mom. i won't forget the board as long as i am a mom. :) 

Mona Valle -  Aaw. Nostalgic tuloy ang feeling ko ngayon. I can vividly recall how the discussion board started 6 months ago. I was one of the first few moms who participated in the discussion board. Isang page palang ang topics. Tapos, rumami na nang rumami yung topics pati mga mommies na nagpaparticipate. Di ko na nga halos makalkal yung kadulu-duluhan ng topics sa rami. Aaw, naiiyak rin ako. This is more than an online community for me, I consider it family. I'm a first-time mom also and this board has prepared me to become a "mother". It has made me more confident in issues concerning my baby. Tinatanong pa ako minsan ni hubby, "Saan mo natutunang mag-alaga ng bata?". Karamihan ng alam ko natutunan ko dito. BUT, I know God has a valid reason why this must happen. What about a real community of AVENT mommies like we've always been dreaming? Di ba mommies? Philips AVENT Mommy Club sounds good to me! :) Again, thank you so much Philips Avent (Philippines) for being such a best friend to us mommies. Ibang klaseng support group ang natagpuan namin because of you! And this is not the end, rest assured. Maraming marami pa tayong pagsasamahan. :')  

Annika Dizon-Borilla  - i surely enjoyed the discussion board and now i'm sad bout this news. just got busy for a few days and promised myself that i'll be active as soon as my sched is loose. avent surely made motherhood easy for me through the board. thanks to all moms who i interacted with and thanks for all the exciting days you added to my families life. 

Liv Reyesawwww...sad! thanks Philips Avent (Philippines) for the chance given to us. for all the information we learned and for all the friends we have made. hope to keep in touch with the other mommies and see you all (here's hoping to be a part) at the year end party! Kudos Philips Avent!

See you all at the Year-End Party!! And hope to keep in touch with all of you!

Thank you Giveaway! of Kiss & Make-Up

Diane of Kiss & Make-up blog is having a Thank You Giveaway.

The Giveaway is sponsored by The Style Quarter Shop and Sigma Beauty!

There are 2 Lucky Winners that will be picked to win the Lovely Prizes!

As posted in her blog, the prizes are:

First Prize

  • ES Lashes A009 10pairs from KKCenterHK
  • LORAC Eyeshadow in Garnet
  • Bare Minerals Mini Pure Radiance All over Face Color
  • Bare Minerals New BUXOM Lash Mascara- Black (Full sized)
  • Zena Big & Healthy Lip Polish
  • Bare Minerals Mini Face Brush
  • Authentic Bench Native Fashionable Tote Bag (Large)

12 Amazing Products of Human Nature:
  • Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil
  • Body Scrub with Lemongrass
  • Body Butter Goat's Milk and Cocoa (unscented)
  • Hydrating Lotion (Secret Indulgence)
  • Hydrating Lotion (Moonlight Passion)
  • Hand & Body Lotion (Mango)
  • Hand & Foot Salve (Eucalyptus)
  • Hydrating Facial Wash
  • Moisturizing Conditioner (Avocado & Seaweed)
  • Aloe Vera Peppermint Strengthening Shampoo
  • Intensive Hair Mask Gugo Bark & Avocado
  • 100% Natural Lip Balm

Second Prize
  • Sigma F45- Buffer Brush

Everyone is welcome and encourage to join!
This Giveaway is Open Internationally and will run from October 3 - November 3, 2011

To join, please the Kiss * Make-Up Blog

Ideal Weight and getting back in shape

Earlier, while looking for my tools in making accessories, I stumbled upon our weighing scale. Ever since I gave birth 4 and a half months ago, I dreaded seeing the scale and knowing my weight. The last time I weighed myself was 2 months ago when i had my post-natal check-up. My pre-pregnancy weight was 97 pounds, my full-term pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. I gained 33 pounds in my entire pregnancy. In my post natal check-up, I weighed 110 pounds, thanks to breastfeeding I lost 20 pounds for 2 months since giving birth. But I think it's not enough, as I still feel heavy and when I look at myself in the mirror, I know i still look big. But earlier, upon seeing the weighing scale, i decided to weigh myself, and found out I am already 105 pounds, i just lost 5 pounds in two months...awww.....

I checked the internet to know what is my ideal body weight. I used an online calculator and it said

"The ideal weight for a person your height would be between 91 and 115pounds."

So, with my weight of 105 pounds, I am in between the ideal weight. Hmmm...But! I still want to lose more, my target is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 97 pounds or even up to 95 pounds before the year ends. But how would I do it I totally love eating?

Here are my plans:
- I plan to enrol in a yoga, pilates or barre3 class, hopefully by next month I can start.
- I'll still continue breastfeeding
- I'll try to walk everyday while carrying Jabe around Riverfront, it would not only help me lose those pounds but I can still have more bonding time with Jabe as he loves going out
- I'll limit my softdrinks intake, I guess once a week is fine. More water for me!
- I can't go on a crash diet and limit my food intake since I am breastfeeding so my goal is to Eat More healthy foods!  Eat more veggies and fruits.

I hope that I could do these things. Simple but hard for someone who loves eating and lazy to move around! Good luck to me!

God Whispers

Without hard work and perseverance, I can never reach my dreams, God will provide but it all depends on how much I really love to get it, nothing will happen if I just sit and wait.

Busy Friday

Its loaded Friday for me, apart from taking care of Jabe, I am loaded with work!

- Odesk work - still needs around 30 hours until Sunday cut-off time , work involves article writing and spinning, data entry, research - Good luck to me!
- Odesk work for Ayie's profile - article spinning, fixed price but have to finish 100 articles today
- Elance work for me - Wordpress, article writing, SEO

With tons of work in my hand, I can not write a longer blog pos.
But all I can say for all of these


Fotosnaps Win a Photobook Plus a Secret Prize

My sister loves joining online contests, most of te time she forwards them to me so I can join. Last week, she told me that I won a 4x6 Hard Cover Imagewrap Photo Book from FotoSnaps. I can't even recall when I joined the contest, and after a little navigation through their Facebook Page, I remembered that to be able to join the raffle, one just needs to register.

Here is the voucher they sent to my email. (code erased! :) )

 I have already downloaded the software, all I need is to find the time to create my photobook. I am planning to make one for Jabe, but with his thousands of photos I can not decide which ones to include. Hopefully, before the end of the month I'll be able to do it and claim my prize.

Thanks FotoSnaps!

Philips Avent – Mommy & Me Event

The Philips Avent Mommy & Me Event held last 15 October 2011 at the Robinsons Ermita is the second event I have attended that was sponsored by Philips Avent. As expected it was a great and very informative event. 

The event was held at the 3rd floor Atrium Area of Robinsons Department Store. Attendees were treated with a good music by a band while waiting for the event to start. When I registered, I was informed that I do have two reserved seats in front. Me and Jabe also got the chance to have our photo taken at the event.

Photo from their Photobooth -- Ayie & Jabe listening to the band
The first topic was by Dr Christopher Soriano, an OB-Gyne from The Medical Ciity, talked about the stages of pregnancy. He said that there are four stages, the preconception stage, prenatal stage, labor and delivery, and last is the post natal stage.  He also stressed the importance of the post natal check up which is usually ignored by moms after giving birth. He also discussed things to be prepared during delivery.
The second topic was by Dr Anthony Calibo, a pediatrician from St Luke’s Hospital, discussed the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of the mother-baby bonding also known as the Unang Yakap right after birth.  (Hopefully I can post the Unang Yakap program in my next blog post.) In summary, the objective of the Unang Yakap program is to protect newborns against infection-related mortality by going through this process: skin-to-skin contact, drying the baby while in the mother’s tummy, delaying cord clamping, initiating latching and breastfeeding. Dr. Calibo also discussed the benefits of breastfeeding to babies: complete nutrition, mother-infant bonding, anti-bacterial effect, immunologic protection, naturally occurring DHA/ARA, better cognition, higher IQ score. Breastmilk contains enough water so babies need not be given water. He also said that to support the breast, you have to form a letter C or U with your hand to cup your breast. I was amazed when he said that an if a woman adopted a newborn and wanted to breastfeed, it is possible, the mom just needs to latch the newborn baby to her breast and when the baby sucks it will transmit a message to the mom’s brain that there is a need for milk, and soon breast milk will bre produced. 

Host - Mary and the Speakers Dr Soriano and Dr Calibo
Philips Avent also gave out Sunnex flasks, Solid Feeding Starter set and also the Manual Breastpump, most winners are pregnant moms. I was hoping to win but as always I am not very lucky when it comes to raffle draws. Nevertheless, i still got the photo and also the Swag bag which contained two Avent Via Cups, a nipple cream, a disposable breastpad, and also product catalog for both Avent and Aprica.
Swag bags and the raffle prizes
Swag Bag items : 2 Avent Via Cups, a nipple cream, a disposable breastpad, product catalog for Avent and Aprica.
Both speakers gave a very great, they are not boring to listen to, they are not too serious as they joke a lot. I was hoping to record and transcribe the whole talk so moms who was not able to attend can also learn from the talk, but sad to say, my cellphone does not do justice with the recording giving me a hard time to transcribe it. Hopefully, in the next event I can do this. 

It was also great to meet fellow Avent Mommies Glaiza and Vee.
with Mommy Glaiza and Mommy Vee
Philips Avent talk and seminar series are a must attend for moms and moms-to-be! 

Kudos Philips (Avent) for a great talk and looking forward to more talks and events.

Philips Avent - Joyful Parenting

Baby Company in cooperation with Philips Avent will be having an event entitled "Joyful Parenting".
This will be held on 22nd of October 2011, Saturday, at the 3rd Floor Center Event Area of SM City North Edsa.
The topics would be:
a. Breastfeeding
b. Travel Safety

To register, http://bit.ly/robEeu

I have already registered because I am interested on both topics. As with my previous post, I am a breastfeeding mom so the Breastfeeding topic really suits me well.
As for the Travel Safety, both me and my husband loves to travel and we don't intend to stop travelling because we already have a baby. And this topic would be really useful for us.
As always, I am excited to attend this event.

New Property Manager

Riverfront Residences has a new Property Manager in the person of Mr. DJ Montevirgen.
There was an assembly held last weekend to introduce him and the other staff of the Property Management Office. Sad to say, me were not able to attend the three scheduled assemblies since we already had commitments before the note about it was disseminated.

Earlier, I went to pay the Association Dues and was able to see him giving instructions to his people calmly and properly as early as 8am. It was a new sight for me because with the previous management I didn't get to see that approach, I can only hear the past manager always yelling instructions to the workers.

For now, I am hoping that negative issues will be handled and taken care of the new Property Manager and that he'll focus on making Riverfront Residences a safe and great place to live in!

Good Luck to Mr DJ Montevirgen!

Vaccine Day - PCV

It's Jabe's vaccine day again.

We left the house as early as we can so that we can arrive at Manila Doctors hospital where his pedia's clinic is located early and be one of the early patients. Getting up and leaving the house early paid off a little as we were patient number 6 as compared to us being patient number 13 for his two previous check-ups and vaccine day.

His pedia was not present earlier, the assistant told us she was at a convention, that is why another pedia was there to tend to the patients. This new pedia is young, I thnk, maybe in her early 30s or so. Jabe was given his second shot of PCV or the pneumococcal vaccine. It was priced at 5,000 pesos. Yeah, I know it is expensive, some mommies from a discussion board also told me it is expensive and I can get it at a lesser value at the health center or other pedia. I don't have a problem shelling out money as long as it would benefit Jabe.

Here are some info about PCV or pneumococcal vaccine, I got this one from the BabyCenter website.

What are the benefits of the pneumococcal vaccine?

This vaccine protects against pneumococcal (pronounced new-m'COCKL) infections, which mostly strike children under age 5 and can lead to some of the worst childhood diseases. Pneumococcal infections are one of the most common causes of death in the United States from a disease that's preventable through a vaccine.

Before the vaccine came along, pneumococcal infection caused more than 700 cases of meningitis, 13,000 blood infections, and 5 million ear infections in children under 5 every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The vaccine is effective in up to 90 percent of people who get it.

The bugs responsible for pneumococcal are bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. They live in the mucous lining of the nose and in the back of the throat. And when they're plentiful enough, they can cause an infection in the respiratory tract, middle ear, or sinus cavities. Antibiotics such as penicillin can kill them, but up to 40 percent of the strains are resistant to antibiotics.

Pneumococcal bacteria spread by close contact and through coughing and sneezing. Diseases such as meningitis and pneumonia can crop up within days of infection.

Symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia usually include fever and chills with shaking or trembling, as well as chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, fatigue, and weakness. Nausea, vomiting, and headaches are also associated with pneumococcal pneumonia, but are less common.

Pneumococcal bacteria also cause some of the most serious ear infections in children.

Jabe's next vaccine day is scheduled on the 19th of November where he will be given the DPT.

Philips (AVENT) Mommy & Me Event

I registered at the Philips (AVENT) Mommy & Me Event to be held at the Robinson's Ermita Department Store Atrium on October 15,2011. 

It is FREE Seminar on Baby Care. The topics would be

  1. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
  2. Breastfeeding the Real Score
I am specifically interested in the Breastfeeding topic as I am currently exclusively breastfeeding Jabe for almost 4 and a half months now. 

I am very pleased to know that I have two reserved seats for me and my husband, thanks for me being quite an active discussion board participant. I am also excited to finally meet some of the mommies from the discussion board. It states that I need to 5 minutes before the start of the event or else I will lose my reserved seats, good thing that day is also Jabe's vaccine day at Manila Doctors Hospital so we will be able to go to Robinsons Ermita early.



Thanks Avent! See you on the Saturday!


Update on Mommy Treats

It has been a week since I got my Chocolate Cupcake Bites that I ordered from Mommy Treats.
As promised in her note, I observed an increase in my mlk supply merely two days after munching on  those wonderful and delicious Chocolate Cupcake Bites. My milk supply is not just back to normal but it was even more as compared to before. I am now more assured that Jabe is being fed really well. I'm planning to order more and I want to try the Cookies next. I also would love to meet the Mommy Paola, the woman behind Mommy Treats. I guess she'll be at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar this November. I love you Mommy Treats!

Mommy Treats - Chocolate Minicupcake

As a breastfeeding mom, I always think if my milk supply is enough to feed Jabe. Lately, I noticed a decrease on my milk supply, Jabe has always been hungry and I can not save any extra breastmilk unlike the past few weeks wherein I can store at least 4oz per day of breastmilk in the freezer.
So I did a research on what I can do to increase my supply and have it back to normal as I don't have intentions yet on weaning Jabe and stopping breastfeeding. I came across Mommy Treats Facebook Page.

pic courtesy of Mommy Treats FB page

The story of Mommy Treats (as posted in her FB page)

Finally! Goodies made specially for us mommies!

Mommy Treats is a small business project started by a first time mommy who was once in dire need of increasing her milk supply.
After much researching for natural non-pharmaceutical galactagogues, finding the perfect recipes, and searching for other mommies willing to test these treats for both taste (yum!) and effectiveness, this mommy is proud to
finally bring to other mommies like you the first two of the many treats she has to offer:

Curiousity got me and I browsed her FB page to see her menu, testimonials from clients, and many more.
I placed an order of 1 week supply of Chocolate Chip Cupcake Bites, which is a lactation cupcake that is packed withnatural galactagogues such as fenugreek and brewer's yeast. One week supply will contain 7 packs with 3 pieces of Cupcake Bites per pack. 
When I got the email confirmation, I was only able to pay after 4 days. I am also thankful that she accepts Paypal payments so I need not ask my husband to deposit the payment on my behalf. After paying, I received an email that my order will be baked on that day. After lunch, Mommy Paola told me that my Cupcake Bites are cooling off and ready for pick-up around 530pm at Ortigas. I immediately asked my husband if he can or he can ask someone to pick-up my orders since his office is just infront of the Renaissance tower where the pick-up area is.  I was so excited to get my order and eat it as I am really in need to increase my milk supply.
My order of Chocolate Cupcake Bites:

Here's the note from Mommy Paola:

And I even got a Freebie of One box of Spectra Disposable Milk Bag!

It was a hassle-free transaction with Mommy Treats. I am now totally excited to try my Chocolate Cupcake Bites! At the same time, excited to increase my milk supply for Jabe! I'll post my feedback soon about it.

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