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As a breastfeeding mom, I always think if my milk supply is enough to feed Jabe. Lately, I noticed a decrease on my milk supply, Jabe has always been hungry and I can not save any extra breastmilk unlike the past few weeks wherein I can store at least 4oz per day of breastmilk in the freezer.
So I did a research on what I can do to increase my supply and have it back to normal as I don't have intentions yet on weaning Jabe and stopping breastfeeding. I came across Mommy Treats Facebook Page.

pic courtesy of Mommy Treats FB page

The story of Mommy Treats (as posted in her FB page)

Finally! Goodies made specially for us mommies!

Mommy Treats is a small business project started by a first time mommy who was once in dire need of increasing her milk supply.
After much researching for natural non-pharmaceutical galactagogues, finding the perfect recipes, and searching for other mommies willing to test these treats for both taste (yum!) and effectiveness, this mommy is proud to
finally bring to other mommies like you the first two of the many treats she has to offer:

Curiousity got me and I browsed her FB page to see her menu, testimonials from clients, and many more.
I placed an order of 1 week supply of Chocolate Chip Cupcake Bites, which is a lactation cupcake that is packed withnatural galactagogues such as fenugreek and brewer's yeast. One week supply will contain 7 packs with 3 pieces of Cupcake Bites per pack. 
When I got the email confirmation, I was only able to pay after 4 days. I am also thankful that she accepts Paypal payments so I need not ask my husband to deposit the payment on my behalf. After paying, I received an email that my order will be baked on that day. After lunch, Mommy Paola told me that my Cupcake Bites are cooling off and ready for pick-up around 530pm at Ortigas. I immediately asked my husband if he can or he can ask someone to pick-up my orders since his office is just infront of the Renaissance tower where the pick-up area is.  I was so excited to get my order and eat it as I am really in need to increase my milk supply.
My order of Chocolate Cupcake Bites:

Here's the note from Mommy Paola:

And I even got a Freebie of One box of Spectra Disposable Milk Bag!

It was a hassle-free transaction with Mommy Treats. I am now totally excited to try my Chocolate Cupcake Bites! At the same time, excited to increase my milk supply for Jabe! I'll post my feedback soon about it.

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