Philips AVENT Discussion Board Announcement - OFFICIALLY CLOSSED

Philips AVENT had a Discussion Board in their facebook page since, I think around March or April 2011. A board that allows moms and moms-to-be to interact and share their stories and views on different topics. I had been one of the discussion board members though I started late. I had been fortunate enough to also be picked as one of the Most Active Discussion Boarders wherein, I won a Philips AVENT Insulated Magic Cup which we claimed in their office.

 Being one of the Most Active Discussion Boarders have its privileges. One of them is having VIP seats in their events which I had fully enjoyed in their past two events.

But sad to say, everything has an end. Yesterday, they announced that the Discussion Board will be officially closed on the 31st of October. This is due to the changes that Facebook will be doing.

An excerpt from their post:
"It breaks our heart to announce that we won't be having our Discussion Board in our page anymore. We will be ending our Discussion Board Rewards Program on October 31st as well.  .......
Thank you for being part of the Philips AVENT Online Community. No words can explain how grateful we are. " 
Their official announcment is posted HERE.

It is sad to know that the board will soon be closed. I, together with most of the discussion boarders, have learned a lot through the board. And also have gained friends among them.

 As posted by some  of the moms:

Vee Spritee - aaawww..thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and make new friends through your discussion board Philips Avent (Philippines)!

Krystyna Quimpo - awww....wla nang discussion board? thanks Philips Avent (Philippines) for giving us the opportunity to relate and meet other mommies through your activities. mga mommies...keep in touch...

Edna Dela Carsada - shocks! makapagfile na nga nung mga laman ng discussion board before you delete all of it. thank you Philips Avent (Philippines). & yes, i learned a lot from it and gained a lot of new friends, especially first time moms like me. i just hope to be part of the year-end party. :) 

Cheddy Antonio-Araneta  - Being a first time mom, the discussion board has became a rich source of information on motherhood and child care for me. It became special because of the actual experiences of all the passionate mommies who participated. Thank you Philips Avent (Philippines) for opening this venue to us moms who I know for sure will go on even if the discussion board comes to a close. 

Glaiza Garcia Tominio - thank you philips avent for being instrumental for my newfound mommy friends. i'm sincerely grateful for the discussion board, i became a more confident neophyte mom. i won't forget the board as long as i am a mom. :) 

Mona Valle -  Aaw. Nostalgic tuloy ang feeling ko ngayon. I can vividly recall how the discussion board started 6 months ago. I was one of the first few moms who participated in the discussion board. Isang page palang ang topics. Tapos, rumami na nang rumami yung topics pati mga mommies na nagpaparticipate. Di ko na nga halos makalkal yung kadulu-duluhan ng topics sa rami. Aaw, naiiyak rin ako. This is more than an online community for me, I consider it family. I'm a first-time mom also and this board has prepared me to become a "mother". It has made me more confident in issues concerning my baby. Tinatanong pa ako minsan ni hubby, "Saan mo natutunang mag-alaga ng bata?". Karamihan ng alam ko natutunan ko dito. BUT, I know God has a valid reason why this must happen. What about a real community of AVENT mommies like we've always been dreaming? Di ba mommies? Philips AVENT Mommy Club sounds good to me! :) Again, thank you so much Philips Avent (Philippines) for being such a best friend to us mommies. Ibang klaseng support group ang natagpuan namin because of you! And this is not the end, rest assured. Maraming marami pa tayong pagsasamahan. :')  

Annika Dizon-Borilla  - i surely enjoyed the discussion board and now i'm sad bout this news. just got busy for a few days and promised myself that i'll be active as soon as my sched is loose. avent surely made motherhood easy for me through the board. thanks to all moms who i interacted with and thanks for all the exciting days you added to my families life. 

Liv Reyesawwww...sad! thanks Philips Avent (Philippines) for the chance given to us. for all the information we learned and for all the friends we have made. hope to keep in touch with the other mommies and see you all (here's hoping to be a part) at the year end party! Kudos Philips Avent!

See you all at the Year-End Party!! And hope to keep in touch with all of you!

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