Philips Avent – Mommy & Me Event

The Philips Avent Mommy & Me Event held last 15 October 2011 at the Robinsons Ermita is the second event I have attended that was sponsored by Philips Avent. As expected it was a great and very informative event. 

The event was held at the 3rd floor Atrium Area of Robinsons Department Store. Attendees were treated with a good music by a band while waiting for the event to start. When I registered, I was informed that I do have two reserved seats in front. Me and Jabe also got the chance to have our photo taken at the event.

Photo from their Photobooth -- Ayie & Jabe listening to the band
The first topic was by Dr Christopher Soriano, an OB-Gyne from The Medical Ciity, talked about the stages of pregnancy. He said that there are four stages, the preconception stage, prenatal stage, labor and delivery, and last is the post natal stage.  He also stressed the importance of the post natal check up which is usually ignored by moms after giving birth. He also discussed things to be prepared during delivery.
The second topic was by Dr Anthony Calibo, a pediatrician from St Luke’s Hospital, discussed the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of the mother-baby bonding also known as the Unang Yakap right after birth.  (Hopefully I can post the Unang Yakap program in my next blog post.) In summary, the objective of the Unang Yakap program is to protect newborns against infection-related mortality by going through this process: skin-to-skin contact, drying the baby while in the mother’s tummy, delaying cord clamping, initiating latching and breastfeeding. Dr. Calibo also discussed the benefits of breastfeeding to babies: complete nutrition, mother-infant bonding, anti-bacterial effect, immunologic protection, naturally occurring DHA/ARA, better cognition, higher IQ score. Breastmilk contains enough water so babies need not be given water. He also said that to support the breast, you have to form a letter C or U with your hand to cup your breast. I was amazed when he said that an if a woman adopted a newborn and wanted to breastfeed, it is possible, the mom just needs to latch the newborn baby to her breast and when the baby sucks it will transmit a message to the mom’s brain that there is a need for milk, and soon breast milk will bre produced. 

Host - Mary and the Speakers Dr Soriano and Dr Calibo
Philips Avent also gave out Sunnex flasks, Solid Feeding Starter set and also the Manual Breastpump, most winners are pregnant moms. I was hoping to win but as always I am not very lucky when it comes to raffle draws. Nevertheless, i still got the photo and also the Swag bag which contained two Avent Via Cups, a nipple cream, a disposable breastpad, and also product catalog for both Avent and Aprica.
Swag bags and the raffle prizes
Swag Bag items : 2 Avent Via Cups, a nipple cream, a disposable breastpad, product catalog for Avent and Aprica.
Both speakers gave a very great, they are not boring to listen to, they are not too serious as they joke a lot. I was hoping to record and transcribe the whole talk so moms who was not able to attend can also learn from the talk, but sad to say, my cellphone does not do justice with the recording giving me a hard time to transcribe it. Hopefully, in the next event I can do this. 

It was also great to meet fellow Avent Mommies Glaiza and Vee.
with Mommy Glaiza and Mommy Vee
Philips Avent talk and seminar series are a must attend for moms and moms-to-be! 

Kudos Philips (Avent) for a great talk and looking forward to more talks and events.

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