November 2011

Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class

Last Saturday, 26 November, I, together with my husband Ayie and my son jabe attended our first breastfeeding class under The Breastfeeding Club of Medela Moms. (related post Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party)

The class is scheduled at 9:00am. We left the house before 8:30 since there is no traffic from our place to the Medela House and we are already familiar with the Gilmore area. The Medela House was easy to find because it really is beside 8 Gilmore Place. The guard has welcomed us, just asked if we are registered for the seminar, and he let us park inside. At the registration area, I just gave my name and paid the membership fee ( I think, and it was discounted that day. yey for me!). While at the registration area, Mommy Maricel asked who I am, and when I told her my name, she said "I have something for you", I was so surprised because it was the first time that I have met her and she already have something, a gift, for me. She gave a me a Medela Calendar, and told me it was a thank you gift for my blog post (Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party). Wow! It's another 'yey' moment for me! :) I didn't even thought that she'll be able to read my short post and appreciate it. 
Medela calendar
She then gave us a tour of the house. There was a room where different items are displayed, Medela pumps, feeding bottles, etc., the activity area where the breastfeeding class is held, and my favorite part was the room that contains several maternity and nursing wears, there were also yaya clothes, baby toys, diaper bags, cloth diapers, shoes. I was itching to rummage through the clothes that I only see online and buy, but had to remind myself and resist the temptation that it was not my shopping day. Maybe next time I'll be able to buy some of those.

Prolacta gave out samples to all the attendees. The manager also discussed the benefits of malunggay.

The class didn't start on time since only a few moms where there early so we had to wait a few more minutes.Snacks were also given in the middle of the class, snack was courtesy of Mommy Treats

Breastfeeding Class by Ms Abbie Yabot

Ms Abbie & Mommy Maricel
I have already heard and read a lot about Ms Abbie Yabot from different breastfeeding and mommy groups. So my expectations were really high on how much I would learn from the class. There were only a few moms who attended the class, I think less than 15. But it was a good number of attendees for me, because everyone is attentive and everyone is interested with the topic. 

Breastfeeding a Toddler -- some of the good reasons to breastfeed a toddler: it is convenient, it is an instant tantrum tamer, allergy prevention, for nutrition, speach development, fighting dehydration, weight loss for mom, it is mother earth friendly.

Extended breastfeeding --  benefits for the child are: easy to appease, higher iq & eq, continued protection against illnesses, emotional bonding with mom, higher protection from risks of family diseases and easier potty training. For mom, emotional bond with child, higher protection from female diseases, more slee, more convenient. And for dadm continuous savings, more sleep. After hearing all these benfits as well as knowing that most moms were able to breastfeed until 4 or 5 years, I think I am more convinced that I want to be able to do that. My first goal was only to be able to breastfeed for a year, but now I want more years :)
Weaning --it is said that weaning may be initiated by the child or the mom. Both should be ready emotionally for weaning to be successful.

Attachment parenting -- involves breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping. Well, I have been breastfeeding Jabe for 6 months now. We co-sleep even though I am home 24/7, I still want him to sleep beside me and my husband. As for baby wearing, I have not tried it yet, a little reluctant on trying or actually doing it. But as they say, it would really be advantageous as I will be able to work with my two hands while I am 'wearing' jabe, no need to put him down.

First foods -- I learned that babies should be introduced to solid foods around 6 months, because it was the window age wherein the baby is really interested to have a taste of different foods. If not, the next window age that the baby would be interested in, if I remember it correctly, is around 2 years. 

Cup Feeding -- To avoid nipple confusion while breastfeeding, cup feeding is one of the options.

Relactation -- as said, relaction is the same as breastfeeding, if there is no strong support from your husband, your family, or the people that matters to you, it would be hard. 

Playgroups -- playgroups is recommended for babies to improve their social skills and also additional bonding time for mom and baby. Some benefits for baby: he'll enjoy activities and mingling with babies and small children, he ca explore a world outside the house with new experiences, he'll be able to develop a weekly routine. As for the mommies, be able to meet other moms and make new friends 

Tandem Breastfeeding -- for moms who have an older child who is still breastfeeding and also an infant/baby. They said it is possible, just a little time management :) . . . But based from the seminar I attended before, for tandem breastfeeding, the priority should be with the younger kid, since the milk that is currently produced at that time is more suitable for the younger one. 

The Breastfeeding class with Ms Abbie was really great. We really learned a lot. The topics were something that we will soon experience. I asked my husband for comments about the class, and he said that it was a great class because he also learned a lot. Even though he lacked sleep and was a little sleepy during the class, I was surprised that he had a great time listening and he even remembers most of the discussion. No negative comments from him this time :)

us while listening
Now, I am excited for more class and events at the Breastfeeding Club of Medela Moms. Their classes are really a must-attend for breastfeeding moms and moms-to-be who plans to breastfeed.

You can check out the Facebook Page, of Medela Moms

next post: Medela Moms - Breastfeeding Club Christmas Party

Numa Baby Store and Giveaway

photo credit: Numa Baby Store
The Mommy Journey and Numa Baby Store is giving away 2 GCs worth P1,000 pesos each to 2 readers of The Mommy Journey!.

Numa Baby Store carries organic and eco-friendly products for babies and mommies.

 To join the giveaway, just simply follow these steps

1. Like The Mommy Journey’s Facebook page at
2. Like Numa’s Facebook page at
3. Check out Numa’s website and choose which product you would buy should you win the GCs.
4.  Leave comment at The Mommy Journey :
Giveaway is open to Metro Manila Residents only.  Giveaway ends on December 9, 2011.

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair is the second installment of the first ever Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair last May. 

Manila's fashion bloggers will be selling their pre-love, very stylish closet pieces.

The event will be held on Saturday, 03 December 2011 at the Treston International College in Taguig.

Some fashion bloggers as well as Multiply Philippines are giving away free passes to this event. I am fortunate to win one pass from Shop at Multiply Facebook Page. The only mechanics was to share their Facebook post to friends.

I was not able to attend the first one last May since I was about to give birth at the time. Now, I am totally excited to attend the event and hopefully be able to buy wonderful items. 

Too lazy

I am too lazy right now thinking of what to post. There are a lot of topics I want to write but too lazy to compose my blog post. Maybe because I had been swamped lately with a lot of article writing and spinning, proofreading for my clients that my mind is too messed up to focus on one topic to write. So here I am, rambling and just typing what comes to mind. Maybe I just need to stop for a while, relax, play with Jabe and also eat brunch. So that's my post today :D Hopefully, I can compose a better blog post tomorrow. :D

Jabe: First and Second Tooth

Last Thursday, I found out Jabe already has one tooth at the central bottom :) and then Saturday morning, we saw the other one :)

He had been showing some signs that he'll be having teeth early. We saw the white cap when he was only a month and a half, and he had been drooling so much ever since. His pedia had told us that he might have teeth earlier than most babies.

Based on The New Parents Guide website, symptoms of teething vary from child to child. Here are the symptoms of teething and Jabe's experiences:

Irritability -- I think Jabe has not been totally irritated lately.
Drooling:  -- He had been drooling, but no too much, since his 1st month. Just too much saliva most especially when he is biting is lower lip or trying to suck/eat his fingers
Coughing --  As stated "The extra saliva can cause your baby to occasionally cough or gag." So, this is why there were occasinal coughs from Jabe
Chin rash  -- There had been little rashes in his cheeks and chin for two weeks already. But the good thing is it goes away an hour or two after I wipe the saliva off his face with a wet towel.
Biting & gnawing -- Jabe loves to bite and gnaw all his toys. If he gets tired with one, he'll put it aside and get another one. Or sometimes, he wants to hold everything and bite and gnaw it at once. 
Cheek rubbing and ear pulling  -- Jabe has a habit of pulling and scratching his ears especially when he is irritated.
Diarrhea  -- no diarhea for Jabe
Low-grade fever -- no fever as well yey!
Not sleeping well -- Jabe had still been sleeping soundly the past few days though there were the occasional outbursts and cries, just need some comforting from me or his dad while telling him that everything will be ok, get back to sleep, we'll just hug yoy while you sleep and the pain will go away. This works most of the time :)
Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.):  -- no runny nose for Jabe

Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party

photo credit: Medela Moms FB Page
Medela Moms will be having another breastfeeding class tomorrow, November 26, 2011, 9am at the Medela House. I registered for the event and this would be the first breastfeeding class I will be attending from the Medela Moms group. The class will tackle the ins and outs of breastfeeding a toddler, weaning, attachment parenting, first foods, special cases such as cupfeeding and relactation, and also playgroups. And other interesting topics for couples planning on long-term breastfeeding. The speacker would be PGH-certified lactation counselor Abbie Yabot.

I am excited to attend the class, though I have been exclusively breastfeeding Jabe for almost 6 months now, I think there is still a lot more information that I need to know and learn about breastfeeding. Ayie and Jabe would be accompanying me. Ayie is really supportive when I told him that I plan to breastfeed Jabe for as long as possible, so he is also interested to attend the class with me.

After the class, there would also be a Christmas Party for Breastfed Children also at the Medela House. So, this would be Jabe's second Christmas Party to attend to. Yey! :)

I'll write a blog post about our experience in the Breastfeeding Class and the Christmas Party next week.

See you Medela Moms! really excited for the class and to meet the moms and babies of The Breastfeeding Club! :)

Smart Parenting Meet & Greet

The Smart Parenting Meet and Greet would be the first Smart Parenting event I would be attending as a mom. I had attended one before which was the launching of the Smart Parenting "The Smart Mom's Guide to Pregnancy & Baby's First Year" book.

The Smart Parenting Meet & Greet is a simple get together of mommies and the Smart Parenting Team. Smart Parenting would talk about the new and improved magazine, and how they consistently produces the monthly guides to raising bright, happy and healthy kids! There would be also discussions about the ambitions, family, lifestyles, and many more of the mommy attendees.

It would be held on Tuesday, 29 November 2011 - 11am to 3pm at the Ballrooms 1 and 2 of the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

I am going with my sister to the event. I also sent an email to ask Smart Parenting if it is ok to bring Jabe with me, and they said "yes, of course".  Now, I am more than excited to attend since it is another Me&Jabe bonding time.

Philips (Avent) & Aprica Philippines Exclusive Christmas Party

It has been a privilege to be invited and be a VIP to numerous, well exactly 4, events sponsored by Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines. There was the 2 seminars/talks, the Bodega Sale (wherein VIPs had the chance to see and buy items a day before the actual sale began), and last for this year, the Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines Exclusive Christmas Party for its Online Community.

The Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines Christmas Party for its Online Community was part of our agenda last Saturday, 19 November 2011. (see my Jam packed Saturday ). This was Jabe's first Christmas party, my and my husband's first Christmas party as parents.

Exclusive Invite: { and confirmation via numerous phone calls and text messages :) }
 Venue: The party was held at the 5th floor of the LJS Corporate Office.

Venue Set-up: The decoration is not that extravagant but it was indeed festive and perfect for an exclusive and a kind-of-reunion gathering they had planned. As soon as you step out of the elevator you will be greeted with lots balloons at the entrance door. The venue ceiling also has scattered colored balloons.

LJS Staff:  The staff had, as always, been very much accommodating and friendly. 

welcoming remarks
Party Theme:  The "Nutcracker"

Kids were supposed to wear a costume related to the "Nutcracker" Theme.

But due to time constraints, and lots of pending work on my part, I had no chance to look for a costume for Jabe :( Sad!

So, Ayie and I decided to just have Jabe wear his new black maong pants and a long-sleeved shirt hoodie.

Band: Like the past two events (Philips Avent – Mommy & Me Event & Philips Avent - Joyful Parenting) there was a band playing music to keep us entertained. This time they played while we are enjoying the food.

A couple of photos when we finished eating and while waiting for the program to start:

Food: Buffet set-up. Food was really great. I think no one left the party on an empty stomach. Even my 5-month old Jabe enjoyed the food, specifically the banana :D

Mascot: They introduced Philips (Avent) bunny mascot in the party. His name is Truman. Too bad I was not able to take a photo of him alone.

Games: All invited mommies were able to participate in the games the LJS staff had prepared. To be fair, they picked the name of the mommies from the bowl. The first game was called "Interchange Me", wherein, the mechanics is to assemble Philips (Avent) items.

Second game was the cook-off, participants were asked to prepare food for the little ones making use of the Philips Avent Steamer/Blender.

Third game was the Pinoy Henyo style game, I participated in this game. And I don't have a photo to show it :( . . . Mechanics: a team member has to guess what Philips Avent item was in the photo. The first group won in just 14 seconds, their item was Miniblender. Our group, sad to say lost, the item was Teats. Last group got the Steamer/Blender.

Last game, was (which I forgot the name of the game) all participants have to choose the corect answer, A-B-C-D.

I was eliminatd on the 3rd question because I was not listening properly! Ha ha ha. When the question was repeated and there was in no way I can go to the correct answer, I had to silently tell myself "next time, be attentive!".

Winners and non-winners went home with a prize. Major prizes were sportster cup, decorative cups (I think!), toddler feeding set, and the Aranaz bag. Minor or consolation prize was a Sunnex Vaccum Flask, and I got one of this!  

Raffle: A party is never complete without a raffle. They gave away 3 sportster cups and one toddler feeding set. I don't  have any luck at all when it comes to raffle so I was surprised when I heard my name. I won a Philips Avent Magic Sportster cup ( 18+) for Jabe.

raffle winners

Best in Costume Prize: This has got to be the BEST prize to bring home from the party. The prize was Php 10,000 worth of Philips Avent products. I was so envious to a Mom friend who won this for his son. When the winner was announced, his husband almost shouted, he was really happy they had won, it was indeed a proud daddy moment. Their son was really dressed in a toy soldier costume, and he definitely looked cute and handsome in it. They really deserve the prize because of the effort they had put in to look for the perfect costume.

Loot Bag: Same with the previous events, they gave away loot bags to all participants. The items are in a pink eco bag and contains tons of products from LJS.
* Honey Tint Feeding Bottle - 9 oz. * Honey Tint Feeding Bottle - 4 oz. * Sunnex Stainless Steel Ceramic Mug * Via Cup * Goody Straightening Brush * Philips Avent "My Birth Diary" and bookmark * Philips Avent shirt * Philips Avent bib * Philips Avent and Aprica Memo Pads * Philips Avent disposable breast pads * Philips Avent nipple cream * Philips Avent Feeding Bottle Brush * Philips Avent Soother with chain * Aprica Product Catalog * Philips Avent Coloring Book * Philips Avent product leaflet

Number One: Philips Avent was voted to be The No. 1 product Recommended by Moms.

In the photo is their signage where all mom attendees get to post our messages for Philips Avent.

A simple gratitude message for Philips Avent for the wonderful products they have for moms, moms-to-be, and especially for the babies.

My simple message in my messy handwriting!

Highlight of the party: You must wondering, "aren't those stated above not the highlight of the party? are the games, prizes, giveaways, not enough?"

Well, the MAIN highlight of the party was being able to meet all the wonderful moms from the Discussion Board. Mommies who I have met online and whom I have somehow built a friendship with. Everyone are so friendly, nice, approachable. Everyone was great! It was the first time I have met some of them, but observing all the "chikahan", it seems like we have all been friends for a long time. I wish and hope that the friendship will continue forever.

And all of this, is because of the Philips Avent Facebook Page and Community.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to Philips Avent and to the LJS Group of Companies for their wonderful products and events they have provided for us all, and most especially for the friends I have gained. I wish your company more success in the coming years! And more events for us moms and our babies!  Rest assured that we will continue to patronize and recommend your products to other moms, dads, babies out there!

See you in your next events Philips Avent! And my family hope that we would be a part of it again!

Kudos to you!

Hump Day Giveaway - 11/23

Hump Day $50 Giveaway
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Mommy Mundo Bazaar: The Good and the Not-So-Good Experience

As posted in my entry Jam packed Saturday, I will be going to The Mommy Mundo Bazaar for the first time.

Last Saturday, right after Jabe's monthly check-up, we headed straight to Rockwell Tent for the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. It has been a long time since I was at Rockwell, I think I have not been there for more than a year already, that was ever since we transferred here at Pasig.

When we got there, we were told there are two lines, one for those who already had their passports and just claiming their planner, and the other one for those who still have to claim their passports. I went in line to claim my passport and planner while Ayie and Jabe waited for me. More than 10 minutes, I still am 3rd in line as they can not find the passport of the mom that was in front. Finally, they asked the mom if she's willing to just come back at the table later after she shop so they can look for her passport and that other moms (like me!) who are waiting can already be assisted. The girl at the registration table then asked for the next mom's name, and looked for her passport as well which was again, missing. And so, have to wait another 10 minutes or so. While patiently waiting, the other girl who was supposed to be in charge for those who already have passports, called someone from the back of line, only for me to find out that the mom she called was also claiming her passport. I immediately called her attention that there is a line, people are watiing and why does she have to call someone who just arrived. And she answered, "Sorry po, di ko napansin!" what the heck! It's quite impossible that she would not notice that there is already a line building up in the claiming of the passport. But nevertheless, she gets the list from the other girl to look for the name of the one she called, she also tried to get the stack of passport cards to look for the girls card and also told her colleague to look for that name as well. But, the impatient me, told her furiously how could she assist someone who just came in and totally ignore us who have been patiently waiting. I was already fuming mad and I was already planning to ask for the person who is in-charge of the event and totally complain about what the girl is doing is totally wrong! Good for her, that her other colleagues had stopped her from what she is doing. And also she should be thankful that my husband had told me not to compalin anymore and just let it pass.

So it goes, I got my passport and my planner and the other freebies which are Anmum Materna (might as well give this to my sis-in-law who is pregnant) , Nivea Baby Fresh and Pure Baby Wipes, and the Mommy Pages. I forgot to bring an extra bag so I decided to buy one of their tarpaulin bags which costs Php35.00 each. It was small and can only hold very few items.

my Mommy Mundo Passprt and Mom {24/7} Planner
This would be my second planner for 2012, as I already have the Belle de Jour Planner 2012. Would I be using both? I might be able to! I am a planner addict, and I write everything that comes to mind in my planner. I also made use of it as my expense and income tracker. 

Freebies at the Mommy Mundo bazaar

We started going around. Our first stop was the Imagine Nation booth, wherein Jabe and I had our photo taken so we could join their Christmas Portrait facebook contest. Please see my previous post on entitled Christmas Portrait by Imagine Nation Photography on how to help us win. 

We were able to get Jabe his first swim diapers! Yey! I was supposed to order online last week because I am already planning to enrol Jabe in a swimming class as soon as he turns 6-months. Ayie chose the new design that is also colored black. The Charlie Banana swim diapers and training pants costs Php 600.00

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper and Training Pants
Too bad I was not able to fully inquire at the Aqualogic Swim Co, booth because the people manning the booth were too busy talking to themselves and make "chika" rather than talk to potential clients. I hope they are not like that if I do inquire directly at Aqualogic,.   

We also got Jabe, 2 boxes of Baby Natura Organic Baby Meal. His pedia already told us he can be given foods. But I plan on giving Jabe a home cooked meal. this might only come in handy if I am not around (that is big IF!) and when there are no more stocks in the fridge and time to do the grocery. The Baby Natura Organic Baby Meal costs Php 180 per box, we got two boxes, one original and one with banana.

Ayie saw a booth selling onesies, the booths name is TinyTots. He bought 3 pieces of onesies for Jabe. The one with red sleeves, Jabe will be wearing on New Year's Eve as it states "I bring Noise!". The brown one in the middle, well Ayie love what it says "I'm not pooping. I'm just thinking real hard." And the last one, Ayie has a long sleeve shirt that has the same Tuxedo design, this would one of Jabe's outfit on Christmas. The onesies is 3 for Php 1000.00

Onesies from TinyTots
We also got a Gift Certificate worth Php 500.00 from Musikgarten Manila. They hold trial classes every Saturday at 930am. Jabe might give it a try hopefully by next month, and if he liked it I will enrol him in a weekend class since I am also planning to enrol him at Gymboree during the weekdays.

It was fun running into Mommy friends around the Bazaar. Everyone was busy looking for items they might be needing for their little one. I even forgot to buy busha socks for Jabe and also Nursing Wear for me :( I'll just order online for these ones.

It was also great to meet Mommy Paola of Mommy Treats. As expected she was really pretty. I even hesitated approaching her because I don't know if she'll remember me as one of her clients. Well, I approached her told her who am I and how glad I am about the products I have ordered from her ( see my post Update on Mommy Treats and Mommy Treats - Chocolate Minicupcake ) and also introduced Ayie and Jabe to her. She's very nice and accommodating and friendly and oh did I already say, pretty?

We didn't stay long at the Bazaar since some items of the concessionares are priced higher as compared when you order them online and stocks are very limited. 

All in all, I can say that it was a successful event and I had a good time going around the bazaar (well, except for the not-so-good experience I had at the registration area!).

Kudos Mommy Mundo! More power! Looking forward to your next events!

Christmas Portrait by Imagine Nation Photography

Last Saturday, we went to the Mommy Mundo Bazzaar at Rockwell Tent.

One of the participating booths is Imagine Nation Photography.

We (Jabe and I) had our picture taken at their booth. I uploaded the photo to their Facebook wall in the hope to win a FREE Christmas Portrait Studio Shoot from Imagine Nation Photography.

The winner would be the 3 Mommies with the most of LIKES on their photo by Friday, 25 November 2011.

So, PLEASE my dear readers and friends, help us win and LIKE our entry.

Please visit their FB Page -

and LIKE our photo entry -

Thanks everyone!

Latch A Babe Nursing and Maternity Wear Review & Giveaway

As a breastfeeding mom to my 5-month old Jabe and wishing to be able to breastfeed him until after a year, I have been on the lookout for what are the comfortable nursing wear in the market since I gave birth to him. 

And fortunately, I stumbled upon the pre-Christmas Giveaway of Carol from The Lazy Mama Blog. She has been asked by Latch A Babe Nursing and Maternity Wear to review their nursing top and also have a pre-Christmas Giveaway.

So I decided to join and hopefully win and have a try of Latch A Babe's Nursing Wear.

Latch A Babe is giving away three prizes to three Lazy Mama readers:

1 Latch A Babe nursing top of your choice
2 Discount Coupons worth 20% OFF  quoted price from Latch A Babe
Should you want to join, just follow the mechanics posted HERE’s 4th Anniversary Giveaway

Happy 4th Anniversary to Marriage and Beyond!

photo credit: Marriage and Beyond

To celebrate it is having a Marriage and Beyond 4th Anniversary Giveaway with fab giveaways to four lucky winners. Prizes at stake are books, dvd, $50, beauty package and sennheiser earphones!

The giveaways is co-sponsored by Life as Experienced Daily and Church in Makati.

It is easy to join the giveaway, just follow the mechanics HERE

JABE at 5 months & 19 days

Jabe had his monthly check-up and vaccination earlier.
He was given his third dose of DPT, IPV, and Hib.
He now weighs 8 kilograms.
He is now 66cm tall.

For the first time in 5 months, we arrived at his pedia's clinic at The Manila Doctors Hospital around 8am (clinic hours starts at 10am), the asssitant just arrived when we got there. So, we were the first in line (Yey for us!) As always, she got Jabe's weight, length and temperature. While waiting, we went to a nearby Chowking fastfood to have our breakfast. Jabe's pedia was not around yesterday for a family affair, it was her mom's 80th birthday. So the substitute pedia (we already met her before) was the one who administered the vaccine and examined Jabe.

Here is Jabe at 5 months and 11 days. (Reminder to self: transfer Jabe's photos from memory card to laptop to have the new ones :D )he

I researched for an Excel template that would track his growth, and stumbled upon this one. This can track Jabe's growth personally based on his monthly weight and height  measurements, I wouldbe able to know if his growth it normal. Though as it said, the chart is USA baby growth chart as data is USA data, nevertheless, anyone can still use it as baby growth trends is general. I downloaded the file and filled up all the required information. (You can download it HERE)

I filled the necessary details based on the data I got through his monthly check-up.

The necessary fields to customize the file are
- Name of the child
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Weight at Birth
- Height at Birth

as well as
- Date
- Weight on that Day
- Height on that Day

The Number of Days and Months, and the Weight & Height Percentile will automatically compute. It said that "If your child have 25th percentile in height, means that your child would be taller thatn 250 and shorther than 750 normal children of the same age and sex, and if your child have 50th percentile in weight, means that your child would be heavier than 500 and lighter than 500 normal children of the same age and sex."

The data would then automatically be plotted to the Height and Weigh Chard to see the progress as compared to other babies.

For Jabe at 5 months & 19 days: (The bold line is Jabe's growth line.)

Jam packed Saturday

Tomorrow would be a jam-packed Saturday for me, Ayie and Jabe.
Activties for tomorrow:

1. Jabe will be having his monthly check-up to his pediatrician in the morning at Manila Doctors Hospital, he will be getting his 3rd dose of the following:
a. DTap - The DTaP vaccine protects your child against three diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough).
b. Hib - The Hib vaccine protects your child against a  severe bacterial infection that mostly affects babies and children under 5 years old.  and
c. IPV or Polio vaccine - The polio vaccine protects against poliomyelitis (polio), a highly infectious disease caused by a virus that invades the nervous system.

2. After his check-up we'll be heading straight to Rockwell Tent for the Mommy Mundo bazaar, this would be the first Mommy Mundo Bazaar I'll be attending.

photo credit: Mommy Mundo FB Page

 I am so excited to get my Mommy Mundo passport and my Mom 24/7 Planner.
photo credit: Mommy Mundo
photo credit: Mommy Mundo FB Page

I tried to check online the more than 90+ vendors who will participating the Bazaar so I can make a list of what I want to buy. So far, I have listed things for only 5 stores :( Might as well go through the booths tomorrow, i hope I have enough time and Ayie would not get furious :D

If you are interested, The Mommy Mundo Bazaar will be from tomorrow, 19 November until Sunday 20 November 2011 at the Rockwell tent.

(Things to remember at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar)

Hopefully I can make a blog post next week about my and jabe's experience at the event and also the things I will be able to buy for jabe and for me :)

3. Lunch and business meeting with mommy friends, that is, if we get to arrive at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar early, but if not, we will try our best to attend the business meeting before it ends and in time for us to proceed to our next destination.

4. We will be attending the Exclusive Christmas Party sponsored by Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines. So happy to know that I have been invited and has been a part of their VIP guest list for 4 events already.

This would be their Year-End Party and I think almost a Thank-You party for everyone who was active in their Discussion Board.
The theme is Nutcracker and they said if it is possible to dress the babies and kids in relation to the theme, But due to time constraints, I was not able to look and buy a costume for Jabe :( I'll just let him wear his maong pants and long-sleeved shirt.

Well, that's all for now! I stll have tons of pending work waiting to be finished before the end of the day so I can fully devote my time to Ayie and Jabe over the weekend.

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Holiday Gifts from Artscow

I have been a client of Artscow for I think almost 3 years. I have ordered prints, photobooks, mousepads, etc.

Just last Sunday, I ordered tons of items from Artscow, some are to be given as gifts to friends and family, and the rest are for Jabe.

Here are the list I have ordered:

Product NameInventory CodeQuantity
2.25" Handbag MirrorA1582
Cushion Case (Two Sides)A4054
Glasses Cloth (Medium, Two Sides)A3745
Jigsaw Puzzle (Heart)A2721
Jigsaw Puzzle (Rectangular)A2551
Luggage Tag (two sides)A6073
Money Clip WatchA3033
Ornament (Oval)A1045
Ornament (Round Filigree)A6795
Ornament (Round)A1035
Ornament (Snowflake)A6805
Ornament (Star)A1065
Sport Metal WatchA2902
Large MousepadA1605
Name StampA6485

I just hope it will arrive in time for gift giving.

For this order, I only paid the shipping fee because I have availed their promo last month for the said items. Artscow had been generous to give promos throughout the year, you only have to wait for their email or for their post at their Facebook Page. They have promos for free items and you only need to pay the shipping fee, and there is also the one that they give a discounted price for a specific item with free shipping. For the first one, make sure to "Validate" the code in the "Credit & Discount" page, and check the code expiration date, order the items before it expires. For the latter, you have to order first, and use the code during checkout to avail of the promo.

About Artscow:

ArtsCow is a leading online digital photo developing platform using the most advanced technology to provide a time saving, efficient and fast photo upload, sharing and downloading platform for our clients. Artscow also offer more than 300 personalized photo products ranging from photo books to playing cards, T-shirts to mouse pads and so much more at unbeatable prices.

Sign-up now at Artscow, and have fun creating Personalized Photo Products for you or your loved one. Once you sign-up you will receive as much as 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits . Sign up HERE (or click the photo below) and start turning your creation into reality.
photo credit:

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