Finally! Months after giving birth to Jabe, we (Ayie, Jabe and I) were able to stay at home on a Sunday! Since May 2011, our weekends have been fully booked, attending birthdays, running errands, visiting relatives, seeing friends...And now, its the first Sunday for a long time that we have nothing planned and nowhere to go. So we decided to stay at home and relax and spend time together just the three of us. As always, I can't just sit and watch TV, I took advantage of the situation that Ayie is here to take of Jabe, so I cleared the kitchen with unnecessary things, go through Jabe's things/toys/clothes etc to see if there are some that he can already use, and also go through some of my stuff of what can be sold or donated.

I was even able to cook lunch for us, I missed cooking and I do hope that I can go back to cooking our food again! Oh, don't want to leave the fact that I tried to cook beefsteak in a rice cooker. Yup, in a rice cooker! my electric range was busted since last week, and I am wishing to be able to buy a new one with oven and range hood, but not yet since we don't have the budget yet. Well, even if it was cooked at the rice cooker, it still taste great.Ayie even saved some so he could bring it for lunch at the office.

Ayie even had the chance to play basketball. After his game, we decided to go to Shopwise to buy some stuff and also have dinner out.

It was indeed a relaxing Sunday for the three of us. When would this happen again? Maybe next year! Haha As the coming weekends will be pretty busy.

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