God Whispers -- Share you Blessings

As they say, "Share your Blessings!". It has always been one of my fave quotes. I believe that if I have extra blessings my way, I should share it. Sharing the blessings I have been receiving without expecting something in return had made a great impact in my life. Through this simple act, I noticed that as I share, I also receive blessings BIG TIME. And also, aside from sharing, always make it a point to THANK the Lord for everything.

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2 Responses to “God Whispers -- Share you Blessings”

  1. Its definitely a good thing to share your blessings for the benefit of others and not hoping to receive them back. Even i feel so blessed to have what i have now and love to share it with others.

  2. ay agree ako jan..
    pareho pala tayong subscriber ng GOD Whispers.. and as always it inspires me and made me realize my worth because of this.
    Alam mo ba, before I open email from GOD whispers I close my eyes and pray na LORD hope this one will enlighten me kong ano man prob ako today.. or hope this one will touch my life. And most of the time talaga nakakatulong sa akin.


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