Holiday Gifts from Artscow

I have been a client of Artscow for I think almost 3 years. I have ordered prints, photobooks, mousepads, etc.

Just last Sunday, I ordered tons of items from Artscow, some are to be given as gifts to friends and family, and the rest are for Jabe.

Here are the list I have ordered:

Product NameInventory CodeQuantity
2.25" Handbag MirrorA1582
Cushion Case (Two Sides)A4054
Glasses Cloth (Medium, Two Sides)A3745
Jigsaw Puzzle (Heart)A2721
Jigsaw Puzzle (Rectangular)A2551
Luggage Tag (two sides)A6073
Money Clip WatchA3033
Ornament (Oval)A1045
Ornament (Round Filigree)A6795
Ornament (Round)A1035
Ornament (Snowflake)A6805
Ornament (Star)A1065
Sport Metal WatchA2902
Large MousepadA1605
Name StampA6485

I just hope it will arrive in time for gift giving.

For this order, I only paid the shipping fee because I have availed their promo last month for the said items. Artscow had been generous to give promos throughout the year, you only have to wait for their email or for their post at their Facebook Page. They have promos for free items and you only need to pay the shipping fee, and there is also the one that they give a discounted price for a specific item with free shipping. For the first one, make sure to "Validate" the code in the "Credit & Discount" page, and check the code expiration date, order the items before it expires. For the latter, you have to order first, and use the code during checkout to avail of the promo.

About Artscow:

ArtsCow is a leading online digital photo developing platform using the most advanced technology to provide a time saving, efficient and fast photo upload, sharing and downloading platform for our clients. Artscow also offer more than 300 personalized photo products ranging from photo books to playing cards, T-shirts to mouse pads and so much more at unbeatable prices.

Sign-up now at Artscow, and have fun creating Personalized Photo Products for you or your loved one. Once you sign-up you will receive as much as 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits . Sign up HERE (or click the photo below) and start turning your creation into reality.
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