JABE at 5 months & 19 days

Jabe had his monthly check-up and vaccination earlier.
He was given his third dose of DPT, IPV, and Hib.
He now weighs 8 kilograms.
He is now 66cm tall.

For the first time in 5 months, we arrived at his pedia's clinic at The Manila Doctors Hospital around 8am (clinic hours starts at 10am), the asssitant just arrived when we got there. So, we were the first in line (Yey for us!) As always, she got Jabe's weight, length and temperature. While waiting, we went to a nearby Chowking fastfood to have our breakfast. Jabe's pedia was not around yesterday for a family affair, it was her mom's 80th birthday. So the substitute pedia (we already met her before) was the one who administered the vaccine and examined Jabe.

Here is Jabe at 5 months and 11 days. (Reminder to self: transfer Jabe's photos from memory card to laptop to have the new ones :D )he

I researched for an Excel template that would track his growth, and stumbled upon this one. This can track Jabe's growth personally based on his monthly weight and height  measurements, I wouldbe able to know if his growth it normal. Though as it said, the chart is USA baby growth chart as data is USA data, nevertheless, anyone can still use it as baby growth trends is general. I downloaded the file and filled up all the required information. (You can download it HERE)

I filled the necessary details based on the data I got through his monthly check-up.

The necessary fields to customize the file are
- Name of the child
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Weight at Birth
- Height at Birth

as well as
- Date
- Weight on that Day
- Height on that Day

The Number of Days and Months, and the Weight & Height Percentile will automatically compute. It said that "If your child have 25th percentile in height, means that your child would be taller thatn 250 and shorther than 750 normal children of the same age and sex, and if your child have 50th percentile in weight, means that your child would be heavier than 500 and lighter than 500 normal children of the same age and sex."

The data would then automatically be plotted to the Height and Weigh Chard to see the progress as compared to other babies.

For Jabe at 5 months & 19 days: (The bold line is Jabe's growth line.)

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