Jabe: First and Second Tooth

Last Thursday, I found out Jabe already has one tooth at the central bottom :) and then Saturday morning, we saw the other one :)

He had been showing some signs that he'll be having teeth early. We saw the white cap when he was only a month and a half, and he had been drooling so much ever since. His pedia had told us that he might have teeth earlier than most babies.

Based on The New Parents Guide website, symptoms of teething vary from child to child. Here are the symptoms of teething and Jabe's experiences:

Irritability -- I think Jabe has not been totally irritated lately.
Drooling:  -- He had been drooling, but no too much, since his 1st month. Just too much saliva most especially when he is biting is lower lip or trying to suck/eat his fingers
Coughing --  As stated "The extra saliva can cause your baby to occasionally cough or gag." So, this is why there were occasinal coughs from Jabe
Chin rash  -- There had been little rashes in his cheeks and chin for two weeks already. But the good thing is it goes away an hour or two after I wipe the saliva off his face with a wet towel.
Biting & gnawing -- Jabe loves to bite and gnaw all his toys. If he gets tired with one, he'll put it aside and get another one. Or sometimes, he wants to hold everything and bite and gnaw it at once. 
Cheek rubbing and ear pulling  -- Jabe has a habit of pulling and scratching his ears especially when he is irritated.
Diarrhea  -- no diarhea for Jabe
Low-grade fever -- no fever as well yey!
Not sleeping well -- Jabe had still been sleeping soundly the past few days though there were the occasional outbursts and cries, just need some comforting from me or his dad while telling him that everything will be ok, get back to sleep, we'll just hug yoy while you sleep and the pain will go away. This works most of the time :)
Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.):  -- no runny nose for Jabe

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  1. yes, pa iba iba talaga sis:) kasi anak ko, di rin naman lahat ng symptoms lumalabas o pinapakita nya:) kailangan lang talaga,let's make them comfortable..


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