JABE's 5th month and first week

Jabe just turned 5 months last 31 October.

This week is his 5 months and first week. According to Babycenter.com.ph,  he can already do the following:

1. Your baby can't express his emotions in the same complex way that you can. Although he can let you know in clear ways when he's angry, bored or happy, his ability to show love and humor are just developing.
     -- Jabe when angry or he is making "tampo", he usually does not look into the eyes of the person his angry at. Even if you try to catch his attention, kiss him, or look at his eyes, he'll always try to look at the other side, push your face with his hands, and continue to ignore you. He always makes "tampo" if you ignores him while he is catching your attention, if you talks to anyone aside from him, if you continuously talks to anyone while holding him. To make his "tampo" go away, you need to turn your attention and time exclusively to him alone. He always craves for even a 5-minute alone time.
     -- He also gets angry or mad if the first thing in the morning that his dad do is check his phone or talk to someone on the phone.
     -- When he is hungry or something is bothering him, he kicks his feet and makes a thudding sound, or he keeps on rubbing his eyes.
    -- When happy, he'll be smiling, laughing, giggling, and making "pa-cute" all the time. He also talks a lot! The sounds coming from his mouth seems like he is already telling a story, something that, I think, only babies like him can understand. I usually talk to him and his sounds does vary in tone.

2. Your baby also shows a strong attachment to you by raising his arms when he wants to be picked up and by crying when you leave the room. 
     -- He raises his arms when he wants to be picked up by me, by his dad, or by anyone who he is already familiar to. And he do cries loud when he is left alone in the room unless I tell him to be good and I have to fix his things so we can go out.

3. He may also give you hugs and kisses.

    -- Jabe have been giving hugs and kisses to us since he was 3 months old. While holding him, he usually puts his arms and face in your cheeks. He puts his lips, or rather his tongue, anywhere in your face, imitating a kiss.

4. He'll laugh at funny expressions and try to make you laugh, too. Keep the laughter flowing with your silly faces! 
    -- Jabe loves to giggle and play. He loves to be kissed and tickled especially in his neck and armpits :D

Jabe can also sit unsupported but only in a few minutes and he'll begin to tumble.

He also gets bored easily with his toys so I make it a point to give his toys one a time.

He love listening to talking people.

He cooperates really well these days if you try to ask a favor from him like if I need to work, I always ask him if he can be a good boy the whole day so I can work. Though the timee he gives me to work is only until 5pm, beyond that I have to stop working or he'll give you a sour face, get angry at you and cry a lot.

When sleeping, he now loves to sleep while being hugged tightly. He also has a habit of checking and looking if his dad is already sleeping beside him.

It is now hard to leave him alone in the bed because he usually rolls and rolls and rolls. 

If we are eating, he tends to look at the food and tries to reach it.

We also found out he loves listening to live-bands! :D

more about Jabe soon......

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