Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party

photo credit: Medela Moms FB Page
Medela Moms will be having another breastfeeding class tomorrow, November 26, 2011, 9am at the Medela House. I registered for the event and this would be the first breastfeeding class I will be attending from the Medela Moms group. The class will tackle the ins and outs of breastfeeding a toddler, weaning, attachment parenting, first foods, special cases such as cupfeeding and relactation, and also playgroups. And other interesting topics for couples planning on long-term breastfeeding. The speacker would be PGH-certified lactation counselor Abbie Yabot.

I am excited to attend the class, though I have been exclusively breastfeeding Jabe for almost 6 months now, I think there is still a lot more information that I need to know and learn about breastfeeding. Ayie and Jabe would be accompanying me. Ayie is really supportive when I told him that I plan to breastfeed Jabe for as long as possible, so he is also interested to attend the class with me.

After the class, there would also be a Christmas Party for Breastfed Children also at the Medela House. So, this would be Jabe's second Christmas Party to attend to. Yey! :)

I'll write a blog post about our experience in the Breastfeeding Class and the Christmas Party next week.

See you Medela Moms! really excited for the class and to meet the moms and babies of The Breastfeeding Club! :)

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