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Last Saturday, 26 November, I, together with my husband Ayie and my son jabe attended our first breastfeeding class under The Breastfeeding Club of Medela Moms. (related post Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party)

The class is scheduled at 9:00am. We left the house before 8:30 since there is no traffic from our place to the Medela House and we are already familiar with the Gilmore area. The Medela House was easy to find because it really is beside 8 Gilmore Place. The guard has welcomed us, just asked if we are registered for the seminar, and he let us park inside. At the registration area, I just gave my name and paid the membership fee ( I think, and it was discounted that day. yey for me!). While at the registration area, Mommy Maricel asked who I am, and when I told her my name, she said "I have something for you", I was so surprised because it was the first time that I have met her and she already have something, a gift, for me. She gave a me a Medela Calendar, and told me it was a thank you gift for my blog post (Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class & Christmas Party). Wow! It's another 'yey' moment for me! :) I didn't even thought that she'll be able to read my short post and appreciate it. 
Medela calendar
She then gave us a tour of the house. There was a room where different items are displayed, Medela pumps, feeding bottles, etc., the activity area where the breastfeeding class is held, and my favorite part was the room that contains several maternity and nursing wears, there were also yaya clothes, baby toys, diaper bags, cloth diapers, shoes. I was itching to rummage through the clothes that I only see online and buy, but had to remind myself and resist the temptation that it was not my shopping day. Maybe next time I'll be able to buy some of those.

Prolacta gave out samples to all the attendees. The manager also discussed the benefits of malunggay.

The class didn't start on time since only a few moms where there early so we had to wait a few more minutes.Snacks were also given in the middle of the class, snack was courtesy of Mommy Treats

Breastfeeding Class by Ms Abbie Yabot

Ms Abbie & Mommy Maricel
I have already heard and read a lot about Ms Abbie Yabot from different breastfeeding and mommy groups. So my expectations were really high on how much I would learn from the class. There were only a few moms who attended the class, I think less than 15. But it was a good number of attendees for me, because everyone is attentive and everyone is interested with the topic. 

Breastfeeding a Toddler -- some of the good reasons to breastfeed a toddler: it is convenient, it is an instant tantrum tamer, allergy prevention, for nutrition, speach development, fighting dehydration, weight loss for mom, it is mother earth friendly.

Extended breastfeeding --  benefits for the child are: easy to appease, higher iq & eq, continued protection against illnesses, emotional bonding with mom, higher protection from risks of family diseases and easier potty training. For mom, emotional bond with child, higher protection from female diseases, more slee, more convenient. And for dadm continuous savings, more sleep. After hearing all these benfits as well as knowing that most moms were able to breastfeed until 4 or 5 years, I think I am more convinced that I want to be able to do that. My first goal was only to be able to breastfeed for a year, but now I want more years :)
Weaning --it is said that weaning may be initiated by the child or the mom. Both should be ready emotionally for weaning to be successful.

Attachment parenting -- involves breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping. Well, I have been breastfeeding Jabe for 6 months now. We co-sleep even though I am home 24/7, I still want him to sleep beside me and my husband. As for baby wearing, I have not tried it yet, a little reluctant on trying or actually doing it. But as they say, it would really be advantageous as I will be able to work with my two hands while I am 'wearing' jabe, no need to put him down.

First foods -- I learned that babies should be introduced to solid foods around 6 months, because it was the window age wherein the baby is really interested to have a taste of different foods. If not, the next window age that the baby would be interested in, if I remember it correctly, is around 2 years. 

Cup Feeding -- To avoid nipple confusion while breastfeeding, cup feeding is one of the options.

Relactation -- as said, relaction is the same as breastfeeding, if there is no strong support from your husband, your family, or the people that matters to you, it would be hard. 

Playgroups -- playgroups is recommended for babies to improve their social skills and also additional bonding time for mom and baby. Some benefits for baby: he'll enjoy activities and mingling with babies and small children, he ca explore a world outside the house with new experiences, he'll be able to develop a weekly routine. As for the mommies, be able to meet other moms and make new friends 

Tandem Breastfeeding -- for moms who have an older child who is still breastfeeding and also an infant/baby. They said it is possible, just a little time management :) . . . But based from the seminar I attended before, for tandem breastfeeding, the priority should be with the younger kid, since the milk that is currently produced at that time is more suitable for the younger one. 

The Breastfeeding class with Ms Abbie was really great. We really learned a lot. The topics were something that we will soon experience. I asked my husband for comments about the class, and he said that it was a great class because he also learned a lot. Even though he lacked sleep and was a little sleepy during the class, I was surprised that he had a great time listening and he even remembers most of the discussion. No negative comments from him this time :)

us while listening
Now, I am excited for more class and events at the Breastfeeding Club of Medela Moms. Their classes are really a must-attend for breastfeeding moms and moms-to-be who plans to breastfeed.

You can check out the Facebook Page, of Medela Moms

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  1. That's through re-lactation is difficult when there's no support and that is what happened to me.


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