Philips (Avent) & Aprica Philippines Exclusive Christmas Party

It has been a privilege to be invited and be a VIP to numerous, well exactly 4, events sponsored by Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines. There was the 2 seminars/talks, the Bodega Sale (wherein VIPs had the chance to see and buy items a day before the actual sale began), and last for this year, the Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines Exclusive Christmas Party for its Online Community.

The Philips (Avent) and Aprica Philippines Christmas Party for its Online Community was part of our agenda last Saturday, 19 November 2011. (see my Jam packed Saturday ). This was Jabe's first Christmas party, my and my husband's first Christmas party as parents.

Exclusive Invite: { and confirmation via numerous phone calls and text messages :) }
 Venue: The party was held at the 5th floor of the LJS Corporate Office.

Venue Set-up: The decoration is not that extravagant but it was indeed festive and perfect for an exclusive and a kind-of-reunion gathering they had planned. As soon as you step out of the elevator you will be greeted with lots balloons at the entrance door. The venue ceiling also has scattered colored balloons.

LJS Staff:  The staff had, as always, been very much accommodating and friendly. 

welcoming remarks
Party Theme:  The "Nutcracker"

Kids were supposed to wear a costume related to the "Nutcracker" Theme.

But due to time constraints, and lots of pending work on my part, I had no chance to look for a costume for Jabe :( Sad!

So, Ayie and I decided to just have Jabe wear his new black maong pants and a long-sleeved shirt hoodie.

Band: Like the past two events (Philips Avent – Mommy & Me Event & Philips Avent - Joyful Parenting) there was a band playing music to keep us entertained. This time they played while we are enjoying the food.

A couple of photos when we finished eating and while waiting for the program to start:

Food: Buffet set-up. Food was really great. I think no one left the party on an empty stomach. Even my 5-month old Jabe enjoyed the food, specifically the banana :D

Mascot: They introduced Philips (Avent) bunny mascot in the party. His name is Truman. Too bad I was not able to take a photo of him alone.

Games: All invited mommies were able to participate in the games the LJS staff had prepared. To be fair, they picked the name of the mommies from the bowl. The first game was called "Interchange Me", wherein, the mechanics is to assemble Philips (Avent) items.

Second game was the cook-off, participants were asked to prepare food for the little ones making use of the Philips Avent Steamer/Blender.

Third game was the Pinoy Henyo style game, I participated in this game. And I don't have a photo to show it :( . . . Mechanics: a team member has to guess what Philips Avent item was in the photo. The first group won in just 14 seconds, their item was Miniblender. Our group, sad to say lost, the item was Teats. Last group got the Steamer/Blender.

Last game, was (which I forgot the name of the game) all participants have to choose the corect answer, A-B-C-D.

I was eliminatd on the 3rd question because I was not listening properly! Ha ha ha. When the question was repeated and there was in no way I can go to the correct answer, I had to silently tell myself "next time, be attentive!".

Winners and non-winners went home with a prize. Major prizes were sportster cup, decorative cups (I think!), toddler feeding set, and the Aranaz bag. Minor or consolation prize was a Sunnex Vaccum Flask, and I got one of this!  

Raffle: A party is never complete without a raffle. They gave away 3 sportster cups and one toddler feeding set. I don't  have any luck at all when it comes to raffle so I was surprised when I heard my name. I won a Philips Avent Magic Sportster cup ( 18+) for Jabe.

raffle winners

Best in Costume Prize: This has got to be the BEST prize to bring home from the party. The prize was Php 10,000 worth of Philips Avent products. I was so envious to a Mom friend who won this for his son. When the winner was announced, his husband almost shouted, he was really happy they had won, it was indeed a proud daddy moment. Their son was really dressed in a toy soldier costume, and he definitely looked cute and handsome in it. They really deserve the prize because of the effort they had put in to look for the perfect costume.

Loot Bag: Same with the previous events, they gave away loot bags to all participants. The items are in a pink eco bag and contains tons of products from LJS.
* Honey Tint Feeding Bottle - 9 oz. * Honey Tint Feeding Bottle - 4 oz. * Sunnex Stainless Steel Ceramic Mug * Via Cup * Goody Straightening Brush * Philips Avent "My Birth Diary" and bookmark * Philips Avent shirt * Philips Avent bib * Philips Avent and Aprica Memo Pads * Philips Avent disposable breast pads * Philips Avent nipple cream * Philips Avent Feeding Bottle Brush * Philips Avent Soother with chain * Aprica Product Catalog * Philips Avent Coloring Book * Philips Avent product leaflet

Number One: Philips Avent was voted to be The No. 1 product Recommended by Moms.

In the photo is their signage where all mom attendees get to post our messages for Philips Avent.

A simple gratitude message for Philips Avent for the wonderful products they have for moms, moms-to-be, and especially for the babies.

My simple message in my messy handwriting!

Highlight of the party: You must wondering, "aren't those stated above not the highlight of the party? are the games, prizes, giveaways, not enough?"

Well, the MAIN highlight of the party was being able to meet all the wonderful moms from the Discussion Board. Mommies who I have met online and whom I have somehow built a friendship with. Everyone are so friendly, nice, approachable. Everyone was great! It was the first time I have met some of them, but observing all the "chikahan", it seems like we have all been friends for a long time. I wish and hope that the friendship will continue forever.

And all of this, is because of the Philips Avent Facebook Page and Community.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to Philips Avent and to the LJS Group of Companies for their wonderful products and events they have provided for us all, and most especially for the friends I have gained. I wish your company more success in the coming years! And more events for us moms and our babies!  Rest assured that we will continue to patronize and recommend your products to other moms, dads, babies out there!

See you in your next events Philips Avent! And my family hope that we would be a part of it again!

Kudos to you!

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2 Responses to “Philips (Avent) & Aprica Philippines Exclusive Christmas Party”

  1. It looks like you had lots of fun!

    I am your newest follower via GFC and Networked Blogs, and I love your blog!!

    I hope you can stop by my blog sometime too, and follow back if you'd like.

    Have a great week!

    Sarah Kay

  2. Hey this looks like a great party! If you would like to add some puppets in your next party please feel free to contact us!



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