What are your Rights as a Breastfeeding Mom?

As a breastfeeding mom to my 5-month old Jabe, it got me thinking if there are any legal rights of breastfeeding moms like me. Fortunately, as an avid reader and follower of Ms Jenny's blog entitled Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, I have known that there are different legal rights of breastfeeding moms. She made a presentation about the relevant Laws and Legal Rights of Breastfeeding Moms which was presented during the graduation of the Batch 3 peer counselors training of LATCH . After viewing and reading her presentation, I am now aware of my rights and also of the different violations that are being disseminated through TV ads, store promotions and supermarket giveaways. 

With her permission and also sharing her hope to that more moms, like us, to be aware of our Legal Rights, here is her presentation:

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