BC Bloggers: The blogger's support world

I have been blogging for the past years. I was not part of any link exchange sites or blogs. But recently, I came across BC Bloggers.


What is BC Bloggers?

It is a support group for all bloggers out there. It is a link exchange project hosted by Mommy Diary.  Gone are the days that bloggers have to beg other bloggers for link exchange.

But this does not mean, that one should depend entirely on BC Bloggers. BC Blogger is only there as a support group, a blogger should still find the time and effort to reach out to other bloggers by posting interesting comments to their blogs.

I am expecting that BC Bloggers will not going to be just a link exchange group, I think it is also a medium to learn from the posts of the other bloggers, to meet and interact with other bloggers and  a way to make new friends. I am joining BC Bloggers for all these reasons!

If you also want to join, send your name and email through the form found at Mommy Diary.

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2 Responses to “BC Bloggers: The blogger's support world”

  1. Welcome to BC Bloggers! I've been a part of it since the first round of links :)

  2. I sent my entry too to be included sa new batch ng BC Bloggers.. I just hope matanggap din ako.. :)


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